Free breast implants...what next!

By Paul Michael on 12 April 2007 25 comments

Boob art

I'm a loyal Wisebread writer. I trawl the web looking for deals for you all, day and night. And then I came across this one and I initially had no idea what to make of it. But now, well, I think i do actually. Read on.

The site is called and at first glance, to me anyway, it looks like one of those sites you really shouldn't be looking at. Know what I mean? But I took a look at the "how it works" section and it seems to be "legit", albeit with loads of caveats.

So, there are a TON of catches, and I'd like to announce right now that I am not endorsing this product in any way. In fact, think of this article as more of a warning than anything else. I certainly hope you'll find other ways on this site to save the money you need if you really do want silicone.

But here's the deal ladies, and if you really are strapped for the several thousand dollars you need to get your dream chest, you may think it's worth it.

First, there are a ton of guys out there just begging to start conversations with ladies. I suspect they are all very upstanding members of the community, not a perverted bone between them. These guys are willing to 'donate' their money in the form of buying credits to see 'pictures' of the ladies who actually want the implants. And not just pictures. Clothing. Web cam shows. You name it.

The site states the girls wanting the donations never have to pose naked or do anything they don't want to do. If you just want to send nice messages back and forth, that's your call. I somehow have the feeling though that the men making the donations will make bigger donations if they see more.

Do you see why this is a warning?

I suspect the site itself makes a ton of cash from those credits, and it will probably take the ladies a long time to earn their stripes (or in this case, boobs). But, I've known of several girls who put themselves through law school on a stripper's pole, so it takes all sorts.

Feel free to do with this information as you will, but you can't say Wisebread doesn't bring you a full range of freebies. I thank you.

Wonderful photo by Jungleboy.

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Andrea Karim's picture

Must wash.... eyes.... burning... dirty... why, Paul? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

P.S. - I wonder which method is better - pay and deduct ala Chesty Love, or have someone else pay by whoring out pictures of yourself.

Paul Michael's picture

The pic is an art installation. I thought it more tasteful than showing real implants. I will find a better one and replace it.

Guest's picture
Mabel Sue

Hmmm.....whroe myself out for free boobs without evere having to touch a single male...where do I sighn up?;)

Guest's picture

i really liked ur article and after reading it u gave me a great idea... iv just joined it! haha! im gonna buy cheap knickers from primark nd c how much i can sell them 4 lol great eh! hahaha al get bk 2 u so u no how av got on! xx

Guest's picture
Pap Drew

Sounds more like the writer is trying to create controversy. Let people do what they want. Girls want it, guys want it, they work it out. Give me real dangers dude.

Guest's picture

I'm one of the girls on this website, and I can tell you,we do not whore ourselves out.
Do the girls at Mardi Gras whore themselves out when they show their titts for beeds?
Most of us are either in collage, married, have boyfriends, and or have kids.
Please don't put us down for something we believe in.

Ps. If any of you guys read this you can sign up at

Guest's picture
Concerned citizen

First, yes. A whore is a whore no matter what forum she chooses. And tits has only one "t", beads has an "a". College however doesn't have an "a". If you do in fact attend college, Heavens!! Spell check, ladies. Otherwise, please enjoy your free boobs, I have no problem with it.

Guest's picture

If you're in college or have kids, or if you really are a contributing member of society, there are probably better uses of your time than "earning" a fake chest. And can't you find something better to "believe in" than implants? Pathetic....

Paul Michael's picture

I believe that was from another comment. But I did point out in the article that you only have to go as far as you want to. I also stated, which I believe to be true, that it will take you longer to get your implants if you'll do less than other girls. With the nature of men, and the society we live in today, that surely is a true statement. If your experiences on this site help you get something you really want, that's cool. If you have the support of your family, that's also cool. But I think comparing harmless fun at Mardi Gras for beads, to showing naked pictures of yourself for money is not exactly apples to apples.

Andrea Karim's picture

Ah, it was a commentor who used the whore term. OK, I get it.

Guest's picture

I am also one of the girls on there. We don't whore ourselves out(well at least I haven't. don't know about anybody else on there)

Guest's picture

you say you and we dont whore yourselves out for your free boobs. then how did you get them, by just giving them a picture of yourself? please as if a guy is going to give you something so expensive and you are not going to give them anything. just curious how long did it take for your free boobs to be done, months a year? please respond, i am not having a go at you although it might appear that way. i might be interested if it is true what you say, about not having to do much, and also how long did it take for you to get the credits up for them to be done . i would really appreciate ypur help, your comments stuck out to me, that is why i would really appreciate some help so i am not taken advantage of. thank you for reading this, hope to hear from you soon.

Paul Michael's picture

Ladies, I'm genuinely interested in what you have both had to do for this service. I think it would help our Wisebread readers to make a more informed decision if you can explain what exactly you do to get credits for your free implants. When I looked at the site, I definitely saw a seedy element to it, but if you've managed to avoid that part more power to you both. So please, enlighten us all if you can. Thanks so much.

Andrea Karim's picture

Look, I've got nothing against porn, or even prostitution. I think both should be legal and government monitored. I think sex workers deserve to be treated like full-fledged employees with health benefits and a 401K.

However, let's call a spade a spade. You sell naked or half naked pictures of yourself online - it's a form of prostitution. No one is passing judgement on you (at least, I'm not, and I'm sure Paul isn't) but the argument your making, which isn't really an argument and is really more of a thinly-veiled attempt at self-promotion, is just semantics. Call it what you will, it's still sex work.

Just as an FYI - your links just take us back to the home page of the site. So the self-promotion thing isn't really working out in this case.

Guest's picture

I know this comment was a while ago. But notice the numbers at the end of the links are different? That is the girls' ID on the website. They are rewarded for bringing new activity through the site.

So when you click on the link, they are really being promoted as the site will sometimes donate to the girls themselves. There is also a list on the site with the "Top Promoters" so the more traffic they generate, the higher they appear on the list and increase their chance of being noticed.

Had to put my 50c in :)

Guest's picture

Ok i just been reading, what you guys have been saying about this fab website that is a god send to us flatter chested girls, its up to the individual, what photos we chose to send to guys my names tina , im the number one top promotor of the site at present, the guys who run this site are the nicest people who ive ever met, i thing they are a genius for setting this site up, message to all you people who look at this site and make a mock of us all on there, all i can say to you is we are not doing any of you any harm so back of and leave us girls to acheive, our dreams, please go pick on the adult sites that are more explitit then us thanks tina

Guest's picture

how dare people call us whores im also on the free breast implants site.. i think its great.. some people dont have money like others and they generally do hate there if it makes us happy why should you get involved in what we do if you dont like it dont look at it... anyway any guys out there come join our website its fun and honest... MAKE MINE A DD...

Guest's picture

Goodness, you send messages? People pay to have badly written, imbecilic messages sent to them? That's so sad. But I guess if you've got no brains and no boobs, and you can't buy a brain, well, boobs it is.

Guest's picture

My goodness, Tina, no one wants to make a mock of you. We will back of. I'm going to go find an explitit site to make a mock of.

Guest's picture

tristen, this is destiny. it was your comments that wanted me to know more, as you have had it done and i am also interested to find out about it, why not if it is free and not to out there! would appreciate any help thanks

Guest's picture

I was on MFI and got all my money for surgery in three months. I had my surgery on July 18th. I went from an A cup to a D cup. You bet I am happy I did it. Without MFI I never would have been able to afford breast augmentation. WHORE myself out with naked pictures!! I'm not really sure what other girls do or have done. But I can tell you this, I have been told by many benefactors that the girls who do the "whoring" as you call it never make it to their goal amount. Almost HALF of my money came from message credits!!! Do you realize how many messages that is??? Okay---now you can get the idea about this site being a "social" site. I made many many many friends. Most of them are not in the United States. All of them knew I was married and had a family and NONE of them asked for nude pictures of me!!! I got donations all the time out of the blue by these sweet men who I talked to every day. I would send them pictures---and YES they were SEXY pictures---as a thank-you for the donation. None EVER expected it...and some asked me not to send them pictures because it made them feel like I thought they expected it. Most of the guys I met were like this. YES-I did meet a couple that was JUST there for SEX and came right out from the beginning and asked for Nude pictures. I never talked to them again. I WAS in control. I am not ashamed of my MFI time. However, this I STILL ended up recently deleting my profile because of all the bad press this website is getting. People who are not actually on the site will think what they will so I couldn't be associated with it anymore. It made me sick to my stomach though deleting it. It made me feel like I was saying "yes--we are a bunch of whores and the site IS a terrible thing". This is not the way I feel about the site at all. I have made a handful of friends who I will talk to for the rest of my life. I hate that people think that the girls sell themselves. Leave us alone and quit being so critical of others. We do not feel bad about the things we have done. The doctors who performed our surgeries did not care one bit where their money came from. Oh--and by the way we pick our own surgeons. If you ask my husband how he felt about me on the site. He'd say that he trusted me the entire time. The whole experience was to improve my body--so he knew that I couldn't leave my body out of it. Giving the sexy pictures to my friends was the only thing I could come up with to show them my gratitude. My goodness, its just a body--we all have one--why not let someone look at it if it turns them on --so be it!! MFI is a GOOD thing--it helps them women (with boobs) and the men (with friendship)---believe me--the men on there are NOT there primarily for pictures--the friendships are what keeps them there.

Guest's picture

If anyone hears of or or similar.. I'm signing up. There's nothing wrong with socializing, flirting or sending pictures. Its about everyone's comfort zone. Don't do anything that you're uncomfortable with and you are not selling yourself out. The problems come when you do something that you really don't want to do. Heck that's in all aspects of life. So we shouldn't judge anyone who's doing what he/she feels like and is not hurting anyone.

I want a tummytuck... hopefully they'll come up with that program next.

Guest's picture

I phoned a few plastic surgeons whom told me the MFI site was not legit but, seeing as you say they actually payed for your implants maybe it is.

Guest's picture

I think the site is a wonderful idea. some woman will see it as a chance or opportunity. others will see it as something horrible. the way i see it is: if woman want bigger breasts and they are brave enough to go under the knife also being open enough to find new friends that help them out in their dreams than why would anyone else care. it is their body not yours. it is their choice. they will do as they please because it is their right. to the woman that do not believe in this, that is fine, that is your right. but don't bash on someone because they beleive differently thats not right. everyone has their own ideas let them be. if i had the guts to do something like this i would. but i have a fear of going under the knife. plus i am far to shy and modest.

Guest's picture


Thanks for writing this article. I stumbled upon it as I now am hoping to someday "restore" my breasts...I have always been small chested (34A) up until recently, when I had kids. (I'm 26, so still young...) After my first son I was very happy with my body, as it turned out better than when I began, but after my 2nd son, I no longer have flat "perfect" abs and just before I stopped nursing my youngest, my boobs suddenly disappeared and what I'm left with now is devastating to me. I've never been hung up on my breasts, and was happy with a modest and decently-shaped 34B, but now they are destroyed after nursing 2 children for over 2 yrs combined. My husband still loves me and finds me sexy but I can't seem to accept the way they look now. It's a very difficult thing, the way our breasts seem to define us as women in this society - or even in general. I'm trying to reason with myself that my desire is not one of narcissism or superficiality, and makes logical sense. I really do hope this is a true system, this site, though the idea does creep me out a bit (think stalkers and the like). I know I cannot afford them unless I become so depressed that some therapist is able to deem it medically necessary for my health. Until then, I'm actually contemplating giving this a shot. If anyone can offer me personal testimony or additional info, I'd love it. I know that the size of my breasts do not determine how good of a woman, wife, or mother that I am, but go through what I have physically and try to rationalize that one for yourself!!
PS While I was nursing, I LOVED my breasts, and now, I want my "porn star boobs" back. However, I am not sure I am ready or willing to participate in such an unconventional and uncomfortable method in order to obtain them.