Free Ice Cream Day Is Tomorrow!

By Carrie Kirby on 28 April 2008 2 comments
Photo: Carrie Kirby

April 29 is that day we've all been waiting for, the day when Ben & Jerry rain their delicious ice cream cones down upon the public for free. Or at least their teen-age employees dish it out to those of us without day jobs who have time to wait and wait and wait in line for the chance to save a buck or two. 

You can go here to find an emporium participating in the free mass brain freeze -- just check the box for "participate in Free Conde Day" before searching.

Thanks for the heads up from my source for just-about-everything in home economics these days, Money Saving Mom.

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for ice cream. thanks for the heads up!

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Also on April 30th you can get a scoop of ice cream for 31 cents at Baskin Robbins from 5PM to 10 PM. For details go to:
The money goes to honor firefighters.