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By Will Chen on 26 December 2006 (Updated 18 August 2011) 5 comments checkout is currently offering $25 dining certificates for $10. Apply the bonus code CHEERS during checkout and get another 70% off the $10. (Coupon code expires 12/29/2006.)

That's $3 for a $25 meal!

I personally tested this out an hour ago and it works! Here are a few tips on getting the most out of this deal:

  • Beware of special conditions: Some certificates come with special conditions, such as "dine in only" or "with purchase of two entrees." The conditions are clearly listed during checkout, so they won't come as a surprise. Generally this is what has kept me away from in the past. But for $3, I'm willing to jump through the hoops. . . this time.
  • Be patient: Due to the popularity of this deal, the server at is running really, really slowly. So be patient while it marinates your order. Let's just hope your actual server at the restaurant is more responsive.
  • Don't feel obligated to buy something: has a decent selection of restaurants, but it is far from being comprehensive. I had to look for a long time before I found a good place I recognized. (New York Deli, here I come!) I know $3 for $25 is a great deal, but if you don't see any restaurants you like there's no shame in passing up this deal. restrictions for coupon




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/end private joke.

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can i buy more than 1 gift cert?

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I don't know if the 70% off covers more than one purchase. I think it is a general coupon so I don't see why it shouldn't. I only bought one certificate though, so I can't be sure.