Go topless this summer with strapless flip-flops.

By Paul Michael on 6 July 2007 16 comments

topless flip flop

They've been around for some time, but I've yet to see anyone wearing them. Maybe that’s because they haven’t caught on here, or they feel funky on your feet. But whatever the reason, I can’t wait to see them gain popularity. I’m talking, of course, about topless flip-flops.

The idea is sheer simplicity. Take a regular flip-flop, remove all of the straps and place a sticky substance on the sole. In effect, you’re walking around barefoot (which is very cool for folks annoyed by the infamous flip-flop tan lines). Below, a video from one of the many websites now offering "nude" flip-flops explains it all.

How long do they stay sticky for?

I did some digging on this. Various sites offering the sandals have various answers. Most say that the sandals stay sticky until they get too dirty, then you simply wash them with some soapy water and the sticky surface is refreshed. And after 1 year, you'll probably have to replace them. But at $12.99 a pair, no big deal.

What are the main advantages?

No tan lines. That's the biggie (not for me, I'm as white as an albino ghost). Another huge advantage is the rubbing you don't get between your toes. With regular flip-flops, many people suffer from blisters and irritation from the strap. No more. Also, they don't fall off! I have this problem with my current flip-flops, but with topless sandals the sole is stuck to your foot. And when you're done, you peel it off.

Where do I get a pair?

Just do a google search for "topless sandals" or "topless flip-flops" and you'll be taken to a plethora of stores. Personally, I like Amazon.com.

Topless Sandals (Womens)Topless Sandals (Mens)

They're as trustworthy as online stores get. But if you find them cheaper somewhere else, it's your call. Now, let's get naked everyone. Summer isn't around for much longer.

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Those are cool! I think I'll get a pair.

But man, couldn't that guy have given himself a pedicure before showing his gnarly toes? Yeegh.

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I wonder how sticky your feet would be if you wanted to take them off, and what about dust when you put them away?

Interesting though, but I'm not sure if I'd get em. I stick to my Reefs.

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Rob O.

Somewhat off-topic, but there's another funcky footwear option worth considering...

My wife bought me a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes earlier this year and I just love 'em!

Linsey Knerl's picture

hmmm I wonder if these would eliminate the pain I get in my feet from trying to "grip" the sandal with my toes.  I love the idea of no straps, though.  I don't like any sandal that comes between my toes.. great find!


Linsey Knerl

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Bill Knauss

So what happens when you take these things to the beach, the surface gets sandy, and you have to go home barefoot?

Paul Michael's picture

If you keep them on, your feet are in constant contact with the sticky surface so no worries. If you take them off, you can wash them in the water to regain stickiness and put them back on.  As far as I can see, there's not an obvious flaw at all. Considering flip-flops are designed as beach wear, I'm sure this question bubbled-up at the concept stage.

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Andre van der Elsen

The sandals look great. I want a pair. But how should I purchase them since I live in the Netherlands (Europe). I can use amazon of course but I only see female versions at amazon, not male. Any ideas?

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What's this have to do with living on a budget? They run out of sticky so they don't last long.

Paul Michael's picture

First off, it's living large on a small budget. And I think getting a pair of $12.99 sandals that leave no tan lines are a pretty good way to do that. THey are reusable for at leat 1 year, and they're way comfortable. THey are also cheaper than many sandals on the market. So, there you have it.

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these are very big in Australia! these guys have them heaps cheap on sale too. My bf and i got a pair each!
they're fun!

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Thongs without a thong, ehe!

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Why not just go barefoot?

Guest's picture

Why not just go barefoot?

Guest's picture

I had a pair. It kind of hurt to take them off. But they do protect the bottoms of your feet from hot pavement and pebbles.

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The BEST place I found to purchase the Topless Sandals is at the Original Supplier: http://www.StickySandals.com or (800) 955-0461

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These are the coolest shoes. Great to wear on those blazing hot sunny days. They keep your toes safely off the hot pavement and bonus...no flip flop tan lines. I took a pair of mine on a 4 mile round trip walk to the mall. They stayed on well all the way there. I got lots of people doing a double take, thinking I'm barefoot, then the inevitable question...how do they stay on? The stick did finally start to give out when I was ready to walk home so I just peeled them off...no sticky at all left on my feet...and enjoyed the walk home on my bare feet. I love squishing my toes into the hot tar in the pavement joints anyway...feels cool. Got a great tan while on my sticky sandals. Once I washed them, the stick came back quite nicely...although the sandals themselves got squashed quite thin under my toes and balls of my feet.