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My parents are first generation immigrants. That means frugality wasn't anything special growing up — it was simply the norm.

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Why I Love Using Skype to Keep in Touch With Family and Coworkers

If you're not using Skype you're wasting a fortune on calls. Learn why I've been using Skype for years and how you can start saving today.

9 Cool Things You Didn't Know Skype Can Do

Skype offers screen sharing, file sending, Wi-Fi, searchable chat rooms, SMS, phone numbers, low rates for calling mobiles and landlines and more!

How to Start Saving Money With Skype: A Beginner's Guide

I use Skype daily to make free online calls. It's so simple even my parents are doing it!

4 Inspiring Stories of Normal People Building a Thriving Online Store

How four normal, non-technical people have built successful mom-and-pop online stores.

Healthy Gums: How to Prevent and Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is when the tissue surrounding our teeth is damaged by plaque and tartar build up. [more]

31 Small Business Tax Deductions

Since deducting expenses from your top-line revenues reduces your tax burden, it's easy to be too aggressive in claiming them. However, not deducting all that you are allowed leaves money on table. [more]

Where to Shop Your Goods: Survey of Online Marketplaces

Selling online is the same as brick & mortar sales in that where you showcase your products is as important as how much you price them, how you deal with customers, and other parts of your retail operations. Here are the top online marketplaces t [more]

8 Financial Considerations of Ecommerce

Online retailing involves the same principles as offline (or "brick & mortar") retailing, but the tactics and mechanics are different. Here's a look at 8 facets of

How Employee Benefits Provide Better ROI Than Cash

A dollar on a paycheck is worth a dollar to the employee. And it costs you a dollar. But benefits aren't like that. Employee benefits can be worth 10x their cash equivalent. [more]

80 Small Business Twitterers You Should Be Following

Twitter is one of the best places to network and discover new business insights. The only problem is that finding worthwhile Twitterers can be challenging, especially in the small business space. [more]

Forget the Phonebook: 3 Local Marketing Initiatives With Higher ROIs

The phonebook is so 1998. Few people use it anymore, and yet in an ironic twist, advertising in the phonebook has become more expensive as telcos try to boost revenues. [more]

6 Ways to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Career

This article is Wise Bread's contribution to Life Scoop, where ordinary people learn how to make surprising things happen with technology. The Internet is a boon for doing all kinds of things -- including getting a better job and/or getting paid more [more]

3 Ways Technology Makes Personal Finances Easier

This article is Wise Bread's contribution to Life Scoop, where ordinary people learn how to make surprising things happen with technology. From saving money to staying on budget, technology has made it easier than ever to stay on top of my personal f [more]

17 Resources to Improve Your Small Business

Improving your business is critical to staying afloat and growing. [more]

101 Small Business Mistakes (and What You Can Learn From Them)

(This article was written in collaboration with Glen Stansberry, who writes about personal productivity at LifeDev and tweets from @glenstansberry.) Let's be honest: running a small business is not an easy task. Especially in an economic downturn. [more]

101 Tips From Top 50 Small Business Bloggers

It's quite easy for small business owners to become distracted by their day-to-day responsibilities. [more]

9 Tips for Working With a Virtual Assistant

Last week, we talked about how to go about finding, vetting and hiring a virtual assistant. Today, we'll talk about what to do once you've hired a virtual assistant. When people say "virtual assistant," they might mean different things. [more]

How to Find and Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Small Business

If you've read Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Work Week or any number of productivity blogs, you'll get a sense of the excitement small business owners have for hiring Indian virtual assistants. [more]

French Press Coffee: Step-by-Step Guide to Handcrafted Coffee

If you want to add a little jolt to your caffeine-enjoyment, check out the French press. It's fairly cheap, produces rich and delicious coffee, and it's not that complicated.

13 Awesome Money Saving Sites We Love at Wise Bread

While scouring the web for our list of the best money saving resources, there were a few sites that made us say "wow!" and stood ou

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