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By Linsey Knerl on 10 May 2009 (Updated 30 June 2009) 12 comments
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You already know all about us.  You know Julie just celebrated her 24th wedding anniversary, that Philip got featured by his hometown paper, and that WC Porter is conquering his copy of Fallout 3

Now we would love to know a little about you!  Knowing what you like to see on Wise Bread helps us provide better content, giveaways, and promotions.  If you want more cowbell, you'll get more cowbell!  (Though you should probably ask for more iPhone giveaways.)  The survey is completely confidential and anonymous.  Your contact information will NOT be shared with any advertisers. 

Your opinion is very important to us.  Please help us out by completing this nifty survey.

Fill Out Survey For Chance to Win A Flip Camcorder

We're giving a Flip Mino Series Camcorder to one randomly-selected reader who fills out a survey by May 24th, 2009.

Fill out this survey by May 24th and you'll automatically be entered to win! Giveaway is open to U.S. residents, age 18+ at the time of entry.  Entries will be accepted until May 24 th, 2009 at 11:59 pm EST.  Winners will be announced here on May 25th the first week of June.

Please note that at the end of the survey you'll see a message about winning a free Wise Bread book.  That promotion has ended.  The Flip Cam is the new prize now!

Why We Need Your Help

Wise Bread has been affected by the economy like everyone else.  It's no secret that advertising dollars have dried up across the board.  While bigger websites like MSN Money can afford to hire a dedicated sales team, we prefer to stick to writing and sharing tips.

That's why we're teaming up with Federated Media, a super cool company that represents other great sites like The Simple Dollar, Boing Boing, Craft Zine, Digg and Dooce.  Federated Media will take care of all the advertising work, so we can focus on providing you with great posts.

With this new partnership comes a fantastic opportunity to keep the ads you see on Wise Bread tasteful, relevant, and open to serving you.  The best way to do this is for you to give us your unfettered feedback on who you are and why you read Wise Bread. 

While there will be no options for choosing cheeseburgers, glow sticks, or unicorns on this survey (all things that I know I want in a fantastic website), we’re pretty confident you’ll find it to be quick, painless, and completely on target.  Remember, by being honest and thorough, you equip us to give you what you really want (sans the horned ponies, of course.) 

Here’s the link to get started: 

Thanks in advance, and please – keep the tips and comments coming.  We love what you have to say!

Additional photo credit: Lisa Brewster
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Question number 36 asks a responder to "check all that apply", but the choices are listed with radio buttons that only allow a person to choose one response (instead of check boxes).

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I just saw this too, I would have checked them all though and made a note of it in 40.

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Every time I click the link, I get:

You've already taken this survey

We only need one response per person, thanks!

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I am getting the same error message as Gilbert..

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I completed this survey last week and suggested that you try to be a little less US-centric as you have readers from around the world.

I specifically commented it would be nice if your giveaways featured prizes that could be sent anywhere!

Lynn Truong's picture

Jo and Gilbert -- does it help if you clear your cookies?



Lynn Truong's picture

Sorry about #36 everyone.  It was an error that was caught too late and we can't edit it now.  But if you could put your preferences in the comments section, we'd still love to know!

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Allow More Personal Stories And Guest Bloggers. Also, Consider Adding Other Languages To Your Interface.

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Sherry Abrams

Add promotional merchandise and shipping codes for online buys for really Wise Buys!

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i am getting same error message as gilbert and go.

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You've already taken this survey

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Aside from the local currency issues, most people around the developed world still have the same issues as those people in the USA when it comes to debt, saving money, frugal living, etc so it would be good to hear more international news and views.