How to Get Yourself Into Debt

By Ashley Jacobs on 9 September 2010 13 comments

There are hundreds of articles out there about debt: How to get out of debt, how to stay out of debt, how to prevent yourself from going into debt, and so on and so forth. But rarely will you stumble across an article that actually tells you the best ways to get into debt. It's time to end the discrimination and give people who want to get into debt a list of tips and tricks to ensure they successfully achieve their financial goal! Let's face it, frivolous spending and breaking all the traditional, stay-out-of-debt rules can be fun and the stress associated with being in debt can be exhilarating for many people.

For those of you who get excited at the thought of ensuring you are in debt OR for those of you who are giddy at the idea of being frivolous and using your money to have as much fun as humanly possible, here are the five best ways to make sure you are flat out, 100% broke.

Get a credit card (or two or three or ten) and don't pay them off

Credit cards are quite simply the best things ever created for people who want to achieve the status of "in debt." Think about it: All you have to do is max out your credit cards and not pay them off! Then you can watch the amount you owe grow year after year because of a great little thing called interest. How fun is that? So go ahead and charge away! Buy that hideous rooster umbrella holder! Buy that infomercial product that you know won't work! Buy that super expensive gadget that you will never use! Buy everything you want to buy! Max out your credit cards and see how in debt you can get!

Never save money

Saving is SO overrated. Hasn't anyone heard the saying, "Tomorrow is not guaranteed"? Go ahead and apply this saying to your money. Sure, you could live to be 100, but hey, you could die tomorrow! Do you really want to risk having a bunch of money sitting around unused if you were to kick the bucket? Of course not! So forget about retirement, forget about having an emergency fund, just forget about savings in general! As soon as you get your paychecks, be sure to go out and live it up by spending every last penny.

Ignore your budget (or better yet, don't make a budget)

Just about everyone has a budget that they try to follow as closely as possible. But budgets are restricting and not fun at all! If you want to ensure you are totally broke, do not stick to your budget. This way, you will spend way more on traditional budget items (as well as fun extras) than you should, resulting in a status of totally broke. Yay! If you want to take this tip to the next level and haven't created a budget yet, don't even bother making one! That way, you never really know how much you should be spending on necessities, allowing you the freedom to spend however much you want on whatever you want, whenever you want!

Be lazy

Why on earth would you ever want to make your own food, wash your own car, clean your own house, or water your own plants? It is completely baffling why anyone would do these things when there are people out there who will do these things for you! The best part is that these people will charge you three times as much as it would have cost you to just do the task yourself, ensuring that not only do you get to be lazy, but you also get to make sure you are moving towards being completely broke! Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn't it?

Try to win big

What better way to throw away your money than by trying to win more money? Whether you love playing the lottery or gambling at the casino, this is by far one of the most fun and exciting ways to blow all your money! Why is it so exciting? Because you have an infinitesimal chance to win more money! You could be that one in a million who actually hits it big and walks away with more money in your pocket than you originally had! And hey, if you don't win, at least you tried and had a blast watching your money disappear. Who cares if you are in debt as long as you have a good time getting there?

There it is, your foolproof guide to ensure you get yourself into debt. Enjoy your debt journey!

(And a brief side note for those of you who would rather not be in debt: Do the exact opposite of what has been recommended here, and you will be good to go!)

This is a guest post by Ashley Jacobs. Ashley is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara and currently works as the Editor of Cash Flow Sherpas.

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Guest's picture

A fun read Ashley - who doesn't love a little sarcasm?
Plus, sometimes a different way of communicating a message is ten times as effective.
Your what NOT to do approach makes your points hit home!

Guest's picture

Thank you Kasey! I'm glad you enjoyed my article! :-)

Guest's picture

Clever! Good job Ashley. Refreshing take on frequent topic.

Guest's picture

Thank you Katrina!

Guest's picture

I like the idea here! I really do. Maybe now that we know "how to get into debt" maybe that will help us better understand "how not to get into debt." Another thought on the Trying to win big part...I know as an entrepreneur that I spend alot of extra funds on business projects "trying to win big" rather than saving/investing/getting out of debt. So while gambling or the lottery is not an issue for me, small business projects are.

Guest's picture

Thanks Chase! I'm glad you liked my article! And that's a really good point about small business projects. I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for sharing!

Guest's picture

Let's not forget alcohol. I love drinking. Nothing fulfills me as a human quite as much as enriching my local bar or club owner. I need something to do with my hands while I'm socializing anyway, but why would I spend a couple of bucks on a Coke when I can enjoy multiple $10 mixed drinks and $12 glasses of wine? It's all part of being an adult, right?

Guest's picture

Great tip Greg! I love this! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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Jaime Candlish

Well written Ash - Congrats!

Guest's picture

Thank you Jaime! :)

Guest's picture

Hopefully your clever and funny post will help some individuals who have been struggling with their finances.
Sometimes a different perspective can be a catalyst for change.

Guest's picture

Thanks! I do hope this article helps people with their finances. :)

Guest's picture

So, for those folks who want to rack up as much debt as possible before they die I guess credit cards are the way to go?