How to Select the Best Jeans for Your Money

By Dealnews on 8 February 2012 7 comments

It's awesome to score a pair of jeans for super cheap, but it's even more satisfying if you know that pair will last you for a long time. But how can you really know what the longevity of your jeans is before they actually get put into regular wardrobe rotation? The folks at Real Simple have some tips on how to choose the most valuable pair of jeans for your buck, and, to get you started, we've pulled some examples that aim for prolonged life while still spending as little as possible. (See also: 25 Things to Do With Old Jeans)

First, the site suggests sticking to darker denim, since "deeper shades are handled less, so they last twice as long." They also happen to be particularly flattering, as darker colors are slimmer and more versatile. For example, dark jeans can be paired with a button-down shirt and blazer more easily than light colors, and they look just as smart with a simple T-shirt and sneakers. These Levi's Men's 514 Slim Straight Atlantic Jeans fit the bill for color, and they feature a small zip compartment on the thigh that looks cool, even if it can't actually hold all that much before it starts to look like there's a growth on your leg. (That is to say, leave it empty.) Or, if you want to go really dark, try these Levi's Men's 501 Original Jeans in black instead.

Another way to choose denim that'll last is to pay attention to the materials. You likely wear jeans more than any other item of clothing, which means your denim is also taking a beating. According to Real Simple, opting for jeans that feature at least 2% spandex allows your trusted blues to stretch with you, instead of ripping after months of wear. Unfortunately, this appears to be a less popular material for men's jeans than it is for women's, but this of course makes sense; the tighter the jeans, the more likely they'll need the stretch. That said, we found these Gap Men's 1969 Super Skinny Fit Jeans with 2% spandex for the dudes, and the Express Women's Eva Boot Cut Curvy Fit Jeans for the ladies who want some stretch.

Obviously, we're no stranger to Real Simple's final tip, which is to look for deals and coupons online, then buy multiple pairs of a style that fits the above criteria. This is generally easier to do when you're already sure of the exact style that works for your body. For example, if the Levi's 514 is a perfect fit, you can set up a personalized email alert for Levi's coupons, and stock up whenever a discount comes around. Seeing as its the most-worn item in many people's wardrobe, you'll likely never regret having multiple pairs on hand.

Readers, what tips do you have for buying the best pair of jeans? Is there a particular brand or store that you've found to consistently offer high quality at inexpensive prices? Do you think spending more on denim translates into a longer life for your jeans? Sound off in the comment section below!

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I'm a big fan of the Lee Rider jeans sold at Walmart and K-Mart. I'm working on losing a few extra pounds, so don't want to spend a fortune on jeans. At Walmart, I found a pair of petite Lee jeans that fit terrific for $17. They had far more styles and sizes than I would have expected from Walmart, although some stores have better selection than others.

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Wow this is an amazing post! I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with my jeans. But they can be so expensive, and with today's economy a great pair that fits me, might not fit my budget! I try to make them last as long as possible, some of my jeans have lasted years. I'm definitely going to be looking for more jeans with spandex, not only is that the current style but I'm sick of ripping holes! Thanks so much for the post

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I definitely agree that dark jeans are more flattering and versatile, although they don't hold up as well to repeated washings. Unless they've got a stain to be washed out, they should be put in the freezer instead of the washer.

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I can't tell you how much this helps me. My daughter is at the age where she wants to spend much more than jeans are worth. You have been a big help.

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And be sure to buy American made jeans and clothing. Good quality and a fair price.

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I buy Nudies - they're great because they offer a lifetime repair warranty, so if you get a hole in your jeans, they store you got them from will send the jeans back to the factory to be repaired for free.
They are slightly exy at $200 for a pair, but in Australia that's what you pay for quality.

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Kirkland Signature Men's Jeans at Costco. $12.99 a pair. Every day.