It's NATURAL for me to spend as I do!

By Andrea Karim on 24 January 2007 1 comment

Turns out that my brain, rather like the devil, MAKES ME DO IT. Spend too much, that is.

Via Consumerist:

It turns out that one's shopping habits have a lot to do with how active two centers of the brain are, the "nucleus accumbens, a region of the brain with dopamine receptors that are activated when you experience or anticipate something pleasant, like making money or drinking something tasty," and the insula, a "region of the brain activated when you smell something bad, see a disgusting picture or anticipate a painful shock."

The New York Times reports on the science behind spending.

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"This gives me hope for a technological cure for spendthriftness: a credit card that would remind you of your outstanding balance every time you started to buy something. It could flash the total in large numbers, or announce it in a voice (say, Simon Cowell’s) designed to arouse any insula."