Jar of Nothing: the perfect present for the picky prick in your life

By Will Chen on 31 December 2006 (Updated 10 June 2007) comments

Jar of nothing.  That's right, I said nothing.

We all know someone who is incredibly hard to shop for. You know the type. They get that disappointed look on their face even before they open your gift, a look that says, "we both know I'll hate it why do we even go through this charade?"

Now you have the perfect gift for them: The Jar of Nothing!

I first saw this on the website Craftbits--a great place to find craft ideas and instructions on how to do them on the cheap. Of course, you don't really need instructions on how to make this. But the guest comments on the website are worth a read, as they confirm that people do get away with giving this "gift":

my bff was having a birthday party when i asked her what she wanted she said nothing. so i gave her the jar of nothing. she craked up and now it ontop of her tv for the next time i say nothing. now i tell her something. LOL

cute, and when i make it, to add insult to injury (lol) im gonna wrap it with about 30 layers of wrapping paper...i did something like this,but i wrapped a box filled with school papers like 10 times,and gave it as a gift to my bff for her birthday...:) josie

Of course, the best comment comes from a lazy poster who asked: "Just wish they had included a printer ready label. But I love it enough to work it out."

If anyone here do have the label, contact us and we will post it here. We might award you with a bag of glass or something.

If you are truly lazy, this jar is on auction at eBay for the bargain price of $7.88. (via Unique Daily)


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