Love Travel, But Hate Airline Miles? Try AmEx's Blue Sky Preferred

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Sometimes, the best way to earn a free flight with a reward credit card is to avoid frequent flier miles altogether. Cards that offer cash back and other benefits are often more valuable than frequent flier miles, as these rewards can be used for any flight at any time. In addition, those who make advanced reservations and those who travel shorter distances rarely see as much value from their airline reward card spending as they would from a good cash back card.

American Express offers its Blue Sky Preferred card that returns 1x points on purchases and 2x points at US restaurants, hotel rooms purchased directly from hotels, and with car rentals purchased directly with select car rental companies. In addition, it offers some additional features and benefits not found on most airline reward cards.

Why We Like This Card

  • Respectable rewards program
  • $100 annual airline fee credit

How This Card Works

Most purchases then earn one point per dollar spent, while transactions at U.S. restaurants, hotels, and car rentals earn two points per dollar spent. Once 7,500 points are accumulated, cardholders can redeem the points for a $100 statement credit towards travel expenses such as airfare, hotel rooms, and rental cars.

Other Benefits

Blue Sky Preferred offers more than just rewards for spending; it also provides a broad slate of benefits such as:

Annual airline allowance. Cardholders will receive a statement credit up to $100 for airline incidental fees such as checked baggage charges, in-flight food, and entertainment.

Return protection. If a retailer will not accept a returned item within 90 days of purchase, American Express will reimburse cardholders for up to $300 per eligible item, with a limit of $1,000 annually.

Extended warranty coverage. This policy will extend a manufacturer's warranty coverage for up to one year.

Travel accident insurance. This policy provides a benefit for death or dismemberment resulting from an accident on any plane, train, boat, bus, or other common carrier transport.


  • $75 Annual Fee
  • 2.7% Foreign Transaction Fee


Respectable rewards program. This card offers a respectable 1x points on most spending and a very competitive 2x points on US restaurant, hotel, and rental car spending.

Travel reinbursement. I like how travelers can purchase tickets the way they normally would, and then get reimbursed by this credit card rewards program. In this way, travelers earn points and miles for their travel and are eligible for upgrades.

$100 annual airline fee credit. In addition, the $100 annual airline fee credit takes a bite out of the myriad of airline fees while nicely offsetting this card's $75 annual fee. And finally, the purchase protection and travel insurance policies are a welcome addition to this feature filled card.


Foreign transaction fees. I strongly dislike foreign transaction fees, especially in a credit card aimed at frequent travelers. These fees are pure profit for card issuers while offering no benefit to cardholders. Many credit cards are now dropping this fee, while American Express continues to impose it on almost all their products.

Complex rewards distribution. While the rewards program is generous, it is unnecessarily complex. I don't see the logic in creating a new point system that results in statement credits when a cash back program would be much simpler.

Better rewards offered elsewhere. But most importantly, this card's rewards simply don't add up to those offered by the similar Capital One Venture Rewards card. Capital One offers two "miles" per dollar spent in a similar program where each mile is worth one cent each as a statement credit towards travel related expenses, and no foreign transaction fees. Therefore, the Capital One card comes out ahead everywhere but domestic charges at restaurants, hotels, and car rental agencies.

Who This Card Is Best For

This is the ideal card for domestic travelers who have had enough of frequent flier miles that are hard to redeem. And although other similar cards may offer more valuable rewards for most purchases, the airline fee credit and other benefits may make this card a winner for those who plan on utilizing them. By offering competitive rewards and valuable benefits, American Express's Blue Sky Preferred may be some people's easiest path to travel rewards.

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