March Roundup

By Lynn Truong on 1 April 2008 0 comments
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March was ALL about shopping tips and money habits. Read up on our 10 reader favorites!

Get the heads up from the one site you must visit before buying anything online. is THE place to check in on to find coupon codes for whatever you're about to buy.

Wanna buy stuff that lasts forever? Who doesn't? Check out this cool list of things that last nearly forever.

Do you know when it's better to buy new than used? What stands the test of time from owner to owner, and what is worth investing in while it's still shiny and new? For starters, here's a list of stuff never to buy new.

Ever get stuck looking for something to buy because your item costs $23.99 but you need $25 minimum order to qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping? Here are three filler strategies for Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping.

Ever wonder how your money habits may have been influenced by your culture? Maybe your preference to cash gifts and knee jerk haggling are due to learning Chinese Money Habits.

Did you know you can save money you are spending without sacrificing anything? Instead of getting a big tax refund each year, lower your witholding from your paycheck. You get the money earlier (in smaller chunks) and you can invest it a year in advance! 10 more cool tips are included!

Don't get fooled into spending more money at the grocery store over gimmicks and tricky packaging terms. Read up on these 5 sleek marketing ploys aimed at getting more of your grocery money.

Want to work at home but tired of running into scams designed just to take your money and run? Here are some great tips for finding legitimate work at home opportunities.

We all want to save money and get a good deal on the things we buy. But there are some situations that may make you wonder, are your frugal ways hurting us all?

Gas prices are skyrocketing, but a cost comparison of 40 common household liquids might make you reconsider which is more expensive.



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