Bots, Chips, and Selfies: How Safe Are the New Ways to Pay?

In 2016, more than half of all purchases in the U.S. were made online instead of at a brick-and-mortar store. From selfie-payments to Facebook Messenger bots, there is now a long list of unusual ways that you can pay the water bill or complete your grocery run for the week. But how safe are these... […]

Star Money Articles for the Week of February 13

Welcome to this week's edition of Star Money Articles. Retire by 40 prefers DIY retirement planning. Mustard Seed Money budgets for a vacation. Lauren Greutman lists the five best ways to spend a tax refund.  Debt Roundup says to stop trying to take the easy road. A Wealth of Common Sense covers consistency and self-delusion. Finally, my book of the week is The Millionaire Next Door: The Sur […]

Best Money Tips: Money Lessons We Can Learn From Beyoncé

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on money lessons we can learn from Beyoncé, tips for solo travel, and how to get the most out of your doctor appointments. Top 5 Articles Make lemonade: 5 Money Rules You Can Learn From Beyoncé — Beyoncé — as a... […]

The 7 Most Common Tax Questions for Beginners, Answered

It's tax season: That joyous time when you look back on what you earned last year and figure out whether you gave enough of it to Uncle Sam. Think of it as Christmas for the government. If you're new to filing a tax return, the process can seem daunting. The forms have cryptic names. Making a... […]

Get More Free Travel With These Credit Cards

Link for teaser title: You can travel for free if you use the right travel rewards credit... […]

Best Deals for Friday 02/17

Link for teaser title: 'Turquoise Burst' Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace, Get yours at 72% OFF, and more... Don't miss this... […]

Rebuilding Your Savings After An Emergency Expense

Few of us are strangers to unexpected expenses. A financial emergency can occur at any given time, no matter how diligent and prepared you think you’ve been. […]

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 27): Handling a Crisis

“31 Days to Financial Independence” is an ongoing series that appears every Thursday on The Simple Dollar. You might want to start this series from the beginning! Last time, we examined insurance options along with some strategies for maximizing the value one gets out of their insurance. […]

How to Help Your Kid Build Their First Budget

Teenagers need guidance to build their first budget. But with sporting events, extracurriculars, and homework to worry about, it can be easy for parents to let budgeting skills fall through the cracks. And if you were never taught how to budget by your own parents, you might not know how to teach... […]

Best Money Tips: How to Make Friends

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on how to make friends, trendy workouts that you can do for less, and ways to improve your morning. Top 5 Articles How to Make Friends — Put out a positive energy. People want to be around others who are excited about... […]

Don't Make These 6 Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus Mistakes

There are few things as rewarding as a generous sign-up bonus. Credit card issuers offering you hundreds of dollars worth of points, miles, or just plain cash back can seem irresistible. But at the same time, earning these bonuses may not be as easy as it appears. There's plenty of room for error... […]

7 Tools and Gadgets Your Smartphone Can Replace

Cameras, phones, GPS devices — we all know about those. But did you know that your smartphone can replace a wide range of esoteric tools and devices? From the scientific calculator to the credit card reader to the remote control, here is a list of tools and gadgets you can replace with your... […]

The 5 Best Diapers

Diapers are an absolute necessity for any new baby. They are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable at all times of the day and night. As your baby grows, you will need to change diaper sizes so that they can still enjoy a secure, comfortable fit. What Is a Diaper? A diaper is a disposable... […]

7 Reasons You Should Always Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Yes, you're going to buy those Girl Scout cookies. No, you don't need to feel guilty about it. In fact, depending on how you look at it, they can actually be a really smart buy. Here are various reasons why you really should buy those cookies… right now. 1. You're Helping to Fund Tomorrow's... […]

Three Tax Traps for Freelancers (and Three Perks, Too)

There are many benefits to freelancing, but it’s sometimes hard to remember that when tax time rolls around. That’s because, unlike regular employees who pay taxes through deductions from their paychecks, freelancers are responsible for setting aside their own state, local, and federal taxes. […]

Best Deals for Thursday 02/16

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Join Our Tweetchat on Thursday 2/16, 12pm Pacific for a Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win one of two $10 Amazon GCs! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: Saving on Dining Out! Learn about finding awesome deals, the best coupon sites to save, utilizing social media to cut... […]

Five Strategies for Avoiding (or Talking Yourself Out of) Hasty Purchases

The biggest personal finance mistake I make on any sort of a regular basis is to visit a store of any kind where I know I’m going to be personally tempted, and to do so with money in my pocket. […]

5 Smart Places to Stash Your Kid's College Savings

If you're hoping to save the tens of thousands of dollars needed to send your children to college, you'll need to do more than stash money in a savings account. To accumulate enough cash to stave off future student loan debt, you'll probably need to invest, and do so over a long enough time... […]

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Home Warranty

If you have ever bought a home with a real estate agent, chances are they told you they convinced the seller to include a home warranty in the deal. Unfortunately, those home warranties often turn out to be difficult to use. I have a friend in Florida whose central air system failed twice while... […]