7 Easy Photoshop Fixes for Your Family Photos

This Small Business Series is brought to you by Veer.com. If you are the proud owner of a digital camera, chances are that you’ve got hundreds (if not thousands) of photos on your hard drive. […]

Making It All Work – Getting Perspective at Fifty Thousand Feet: Purpose and Principles

This is the seventeenth entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings through December 10. Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? How do I achieve that purpose? At first glance, these seem like rather vague questions. […]

How to Make Money Tweeting

Do you use Twitter? Are you popular? Like, really popular? Do you have a whole bunch of followers? Well, if you’re nodding rapidly to all of these questions, you could make money some extra money by tweeting. It’s called sponsored tweeting, or pay per tweet. Paid endorsements are nothing new. […]

5 Fun Family Friendly Games for Your Holiday Party

During the holiday season most of us will attend gatherings with friends and family. If you have a big family like mine, then you know that the kids must be entertained after they finish the food. […]

15 Fitness Gifts for $15 or Less

Looking for inexpensive gifts or Christmas stocking stuffers for someone who’s into fitness? Stop by your local cycling, running, or swim shop to find sport-specific gifts. […]

Tax Planning: 5 Things to Do Before the End of the Year

It’s that time of year again: Leaves are falling, the holidays are here, and people are doing their tax planning. If you’re not sure exactly what “tax planning” entails, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Being savvy about your taxes, however, is not as complicated as it seems. […]

Citi’s Student 2010 Holiday Promotion

Citi is starting a limited time promotional offer of a $50 statement credit after $50 in purchases on three of their student credit cards – the Citi mtvU Platinum Select Card, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card, and the Citi Forward Card. This is a $50 statement credit on top of the features the cards already offer. […]

How Many Personal Items on Your Desk Are Too Many?

As I mentioned a few days ago, Consumerism Commentary is matching your charitable contributions. Please take this opportunity to give to your favorite charity. […]

Do You Know How Your Mortgage Lender Applies Additional Principal?

Each month I make my regular monthly mortgage payment – the fixed payment amount found on my monthly statement.  I use billpay from my bank. My lender requires that a full, monthly mortgage payment be made.  In other words, I cannot split my payment into two payments, sending half on the first day of the month and the other half on the fifteenth.  I have to send the full, fixed payment amount, by […]

Index Funds: The Investment Answer?

Yesterday, GRS reader Mike Robertson sent me a New York Times article about Gordon Murray, the author of a new book called The Investment Answer. […]

Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Value Averaging

No one wants to lose money, especially money that they’ve worked hard to earn and save. At the same time, just about everyone is trying to increase their portfolio’s value and make as much money as they can. Some people subscribe to investment newsletters to learn the ’secrets’ of investing, while others are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in the stock market. […]

How My Income Stacks Up

A month or so ago I told you all about how my net worth stacked up against people at the same age and income as me. […]

The power of OGI

Michael Masterson, author of Automatic Wealth, Seven Years to Seven Figures, and most recently The Pledge, is very rich.  (Selling books is only part of why he’s very rich.) In his latest book he writes about reading effectively for maximum return on investment.  In each piece of reading, it pays to hunt for one good idea that will either make the time reading well spent, or will […]

MicroVentures: MicroFinancing For Business Startups

How would you fund your business or finance a start up for optimal growth? In today’s economy, getting a loan is tough. Fewer banks than ever before are loaning money for things like cars, houses, or other personal expenses. And small start-up businesses are even less likely to find capital. […]

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

As I mentioned a few days ago, Consumerism Commentary is matching your charitable contributions. Please take this opportunity to give to your favorite charity. Here’s how to make your charity count twice. The four-day weekend has seen consumers spend $45 billion, up from $41.2 billion last year. […]

Help a Reader: Advanced Financial Information

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My question is, what resources are available to help someone after they’ve mastered the basics of personal finance? A little background, I’m mid-30’s, no home, no debt, ~$300k in my 401(k) and another ~$200k in taxable accounts, income of $150k per year and obviously living well below my means. […]

The Egg Nog Dilemma

This past week, we spent quite a bit of time visiting Sarah’s parents. Her mother kindly bought several items that I would be able to eat or drink throughout the week in advance of our visit (yes, I actually like my mother in law!). One of the things she picked up for me was a quart of soy egg nog. On my first day there, I tried it… and I liked it! […]

What are Bank Stress Tests?

During the financial crisis, government officials often talked about performing “stress tests” on the financial institutions to see how they would fare if the financial crisis worsened. I didn’t really understand what they meant by “stress tests” because I didn’t see how you could do traditional stress testing, as you would on like a chair, on a bank. […]

How To Lose $10 Million Fast

On Thanksgiving, the New York Times published a story about a man who had a check for $14 million ten years ago — $10 million after taxes — and who now has little to his name (Nick Martin). It’s not the sort of uplifting, family-focused feature article you usually see around the holidays, but people do seem to enjoy reading about the misfortune (quite literally, in this case) of others. […]

Online Shopping Gone Horribly Wrong

Over the weekend, I ran across a fascinating – and somewhat disturbing – account of a new approach to e-commerce. You can read the full article from the NY Times. […]