Saving Pennies or Dollars? Used Books

Saving Pennies or Dollars is a new semi-regular series on The Simple Dollar, inspired by a great discussion on The Simple Dollar’s Facebook page concerning frugal tactics that might not really save that much money. […]

Your Take: Any Good Black Friday Loot?

You know I skipped Black Friday (and I stuck to my guns for another year – nothing enticed me anyway) but that doesn’t mean you can’t brag about some loot you scored because you were the early bird. Did you get anything particularly good this year that you want to brag about? […]

The Best Credit Cards for Budget Hotels

Using points to find free award nights at hotels is just as important as redeeming miles for airline travel, since lodging expenses can represent a large portion of your vacation budget. Therefore, those who prefer to travel on rewards earned from their credit cards are sure to carry around at least one card co-branded with a hotel chain. […]

10 Cheap, Handmade, and Green Wrapping Ideas

I’ve noticed that people spend a fortune on wrapping and embellishing holiday gifts. And for what? Football fields full of shiny bows and acres of that gorgeous paper just get wadded up and tossed in the trash (unless you’re my grandmother, and then the bows get saved for next year). […]

Best Money Tips: Holiday Savings Tips

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on holiday savings tips, cash back credit card traps, and why it's still a good idea to get your bachelor's degree. Top 5 Articles 8 Holiday Savings Tips — Save money this holiday season by reading product ratings before you make your purchases. […]

Defensive Laundry: 9 Ways to Help Your Clothes Last Longer

As an avid thrift shopper, I see first-hand the wreckage that bad laundry habits cause. The extra large virgin wool sweater that barely survives the dryer as size 3T, the nice white cotton shirt that met an early death from a red wine stain — these are all preventable tragedies. […]

How Much are You Planning to Spend on Yourself This Holiday Season?

I think we are all aware that the more you're out shopping the more you're likely to spend. This includes holiday shopping, of course. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Nov 21

Here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile and some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week. We'll start with links from sites who contributed to my FMF $20k Red Kettle Challenge (please consider giving if you haven't already): Faithful with a Few offers thoughts on why we often fail to push ourselves to meet goals. […]

Cash Flow Solutions for Your Bottom Line

Link: […]


Thirty thousand what? Dollars, pies, dried beans, weddings, or Diva Cups? None of the above. How about 30,000 regular readers, ’cause that’s what my counter tool thingy registered this week. Somehow, for whatever reason, over 30,000 people have signed up to receive my frugal living Squawks via email or through an RSS reader. […]

Giving Thanks for Small Businesses

This post is from staff writer Sarah Gilbert. I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family near the Oregon coast this past weekend, and spent nearly the whole day Saturday in blissful cooking mode. It was lovely, but it’s a remote area where the only nearby business is a gas station/convenience store on a highway between Portland and the coast. […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Simple Dollar!

Today is a day set aside for reflecting on the things most important to us. Many of us (including me) are sharing today with our familes and closest friends. Here’s hoping that your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one. The Simple Dollar will return to its regularly scheduled programming tomorrow morning. […]

Boost Your Human Capital: Start Early

Your human capital is just as important as your financial capital. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider your human capital, your potential to become financially independent over time, more important than your net worth at any one particular time. […]

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

Students, teenagers, and first-time drivers typically pay a premium price for auto insurance because car insurance companies put these drivers under the “high risk” category. Shopping around for the best price usually isn’t enough to get the lowest rates. […]

Say Cheese: How to Look Great in Photos

Before the invention of the digital camera, we had to deal with whatever picture developed. […]

Best Money Tips: Hidden Costs of Buying a House

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on the hidden costs of buying a house, vacations to take when your budget is low, and alternatives to traditional gift-wrapping. Top 5 Articles The Hidden Costs of Buying a House — One of the hidden costs of buying a house you might overlook are the closing costs. […]

8 Terrible Business Predictions (and 1 Valuable Lesson)

Link: ShareThisIt's scary how often ideas or concepts are rejected. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish you and your family a blessed and very happy Thanksgiving. May we all take a break from talking about money and focus on the things that really make us thankful. Here's my list -- still the same after five years (except maybe the KFC part.) ;-)Have a great, relaxing, joyful, thankful day! […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thu 11/24, 12pm Pacific for a Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Learn about Thanksgiving traditions, frugal decorations, and saving money on Thanksgiving dinner. […]

Is My House an Investment?

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. Just because something costs a lot doesn't mean it is an investment. An investment is something that pays you money.For most families the largest purchase they make will be their house. […]