Condo For Sale: Playboy Mansion

You read the title right… you can buy a condo in the Playboy Mansion if you have a cool $2.9 million sitting around in a bank account (or you can get a mortgage loan for that amount). Unfortunately, it’s probably not the Playboy Mansion you’re thinking about, the one located in Los Angeles, CA. […]

Comcast Update

Here's an update from yesterday's post: My contact just called. Said he's adjusted the bill so all I need to pay is my $19. Said he should have been more proactive and done this in advance. (Duh! That's why I asked him about it two weeks ago!) He said he'll be more proactive in the future and catch it in advance. Yeah, right. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Eat Healthy on a Budget? (Chance to win $25!)

*** Congrats to our winners! **** Emily - #10 It's actually less expensive to eat healthily than not... a shopping basket filled to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables costs considerably less than one filled with ready-made meals, processed foods, etc.! Like many others, we... […]

What is the Average Middle Class?

I’m a sucker for statistics, probably why I enjoy looking at numbers like the average retirement savings or the average tax refund, but I never gave the term “middle class” much thought until recently. Fortunately for us, U.S. […]

Help a Reader: Paying Back College Loans

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I am a graduating senior in college and have a lot of student loan debt coming with me.  I have a couple ideas for how to set myself up to repay these loans and am looking for some feedback on which choices are best. […]

GMAC Changes Name to Ally Financial

A year ago, GMAC Bank, or its brand, ceased to exist. In order to distance itself from its parents, General Motors and GMAC Financial Services, the bank changed its name to Ally Bank. With government funding, Ally Bank went on to become a competitive online bank, offering interest rates high enough to draw the ire of the American Banking Association and a warning from FDIC. […]

Sallie Mae Online Savings Account Offers Best Rate and 10% Upromise Bonus Match

We talk a lot about online savings accounts because they usually offer better rates than you can find at your local bank, but with interest rates at historic lows for the past few years it has been hard to find attractive savings account yields. […]

What Is an Education Really Worth?

Recently, I was browsing through some data from the U.S. Census when I stumbled upon a great table in the 2007 census data. […]

Should You Invest in Goldman Sachs (GS)?

Goldman Sachs is not in a good place right now: The American people are angry at Goldman Investors are wary about their stock (it's down about 13% after the SEC news broke) The SEC thinks they may have broken the law They are taking the fall for the mortgage crisis and the recession They are "the bad guy" right now Whether you believe Gol […]

Become a Star Employee by Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

ShareThisIf you’re wondering if there’s a way to really make a job recession-proof, there is. Yes, a large part of it depends on your industry and whether or not it’s expanding or shedding jobs. […]

Customer Service: Politeness vs. Demands

The prevailing wisdom when dealing with customer service representatives is to just keep repeating, “Let me speak to your supervisor,” until you eventually get what you want. Every time I read this, though, I get defensive and annoyed. I can’t forget that year I spent answering the phones for Bank of America, and the myriad of emotions I’d go through in a given day. […]

How to Save Money Every Month

Trying to find a way to save money every month is a lot like playing Whack a Mole. In April you might save some money by brown bagging your lunch to work. In May you might try some hypermiling driving tips, like easing up on the brakes or driving closer to the speed limit. By June, you’ll probably have stopped brown bagging lunch as often but you’ll try going out to bars less after work. […]

Don’t Wait for a Discount — Ask for One

This post is short and sweet and to the point. Folks, I cannot stress how important it is to check all of your accounts for possible savings at least once a year. This includes your bank accounts, your credit accounts, your utility accounts, and more. Basically, you should review every account that involves a financial relationship at least yearly. It’s easy to do this. […]

Tracking and Managing Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is a product of the relationship between your income and your expenses. There are many people out there who are earning healthy salaries, but whose expenses eat much of that up. […]

What to Do If Your Boss Is the Problem

The Wall Street Journal gives some advice on what to do if you have a difficult boss who is making your life miserable. A few of their suggestions: Cool down. If you've had a disagreement, sit on it for a couple of days. Go to the source. Employment experts say talking with your boss is usually the best way to solve a problem. Find allies. […]

Teach Your Children About Money Management by Playing Shopkeeper

This is a post from Jeff Bogle, one of our first contributing blogger here at StopBuyingCrap. Back in 2008, Jeff left his steady corporate job at Vanguard to be a stay-at-home dad. Jeff writes regularly at Out With The Kids, a daddy blog, and you may also find his work on iVillage, Time Out New York Kids, and Curious Parents Magazine. Surprise! […]

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and Your Investments

I’m bringing this article to the forefront because of the latest events that are unfolding in Europe. Greece has proceeded with their elections as a first step in determining how to begin managing their economic woes. The political party that supports a bailout narrowly won the vote. […]

Do You Hate Performance Reviews?

Looks like I'm not the only one who hates performance reviews. Fortunately I now work in a small company where performance reviews are basic and simple, but I sometimes have flashbacks from my past lives at big companies. Getting and giving reviews that HAD to be done and HAD to fit into specific, unrealistic boxes was a time drain and generally not productive for anyone. […]

So, What Free Software Do You Use?

On Sunday, I reviewed the worthwhile book Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas C. Merrill, during which I mentioned that most of the productivity software I use for my work is free. A few people emailed me and asked about them, including this one (which made me smile) from Dot: As much writing as you do I can’t believe you don’t use lots of expensive software! Good for you! […]

13 Cool Tips for Lower Energy Bills

Don't spend a fortune keeping cool this summer when you don't have to. Here are a few tips to put a chill in your summer energy bill. […]