More Thoughts on Mail-In Rebates

As a followup to last weeks post about why I hate mail-in rebates, I wanted to highlight an article that a reader named Sun shared in the comments. […]

Help a Reader: How to Protect Savings

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My husband and I both work full-time and make a good living.  I am an attorney at a large law firm and he is a real estate entrepreneur.  We have a new baby.  We’ve agreed to split our living expenses 50/50 and do whatever we want with what remains of our income after living expenses, which is a necessary compromise because we have opposite ide […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Simple Sentences Edition

One of the most enjoyable parts of parenting a toddler is watching words and then eventually phrases and sentences start to emerge out of a verbal muck of sounds and noises. One day, your toddler is making nonsense sounds. […]

10 Cash Back Credit Card Traps

For my own finances, I’ve been a fan of credit cards with cash back programs. Some financial experts advise avoiding credit cards completely, even those cards that offer rewards like cash back. I’ve never been a fan of this approach — again, for my own finances — because I see a credit cards as just another tool for personal finance. […]

Finding Your Flow: Spend Less and Do More

This article is from new staff writer Tim Sullivan. How can you get the most out of the dollars you spend on entertainment? […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish you and yours an early Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for visiting this past year, I hope you’ve learned as much from us as we’ve learned from you, and that you stay safe this weekend. If you observe Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day! To everyone else, you should join in the fantastic American celebration of gluttony on this fine day and eat something absolutely decadent. […]

4 Tips for Living Spontaneously on the Cheap

By nature, I am not a spontaneous person. I’m a worrier, a planner, and occasionally a make-sure-every-detail-is-just-so nutcase. But I have an airtight excuse for my lack of impulsivity — I don’t have enough money. […]

How to Throw a Fabulous (and Frugal!) Dinner Party

I’m excited to announce that we are fast approaching one of my favorite times of year. No, not Thanksgiving, or the holiday season, or even the New Year. No, it’s none of those things — it’s Dinner Party Season! I love dinner parties because they provide a fabulous excuse to dress up, decorate, and catch up. […]

Best Money Tips: Black Friday Myths

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on Black Friday myths, things to do before the new year, and ways to make money in college without a job. Top 5 Articles Black Friday Myths — Don't be fooled: Black Friday deals are not just offered on Black Friday. […]

Win a 2012 Money Planner Workbook!

Kimberly Palmer knows a few things about financial planning. As author of the book Generation Earn, a guide to finances for young professionals, and a personal finance columnist for U.S. News & World Report, Kimberly has an extensive understanding of how people can successfully achieve their financial goals. […]

Reader Profile: Jane

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]

A Black Friday special — on loans?!

I have to hand it to my credit union.  Their marketing is pretty good!  They advertised an unsecured loan special, good through today, at rates starting at 7.5% for up to 12 months for amounts between $500 and $2,500.  It ends today presumably so that people can have the money in hand to shop Black Friday.  The term is no more than 12 months so that it’s a sure thing that it will be paid off befor […]

Value Investing: How To Discover Bargain Stocks

Anybody who has some experience in the investing world has probably heard of the term “value investor”. It sounds like a great idea because all of us in our everyday lives are conditioned to operate with the idea that maximizing value in every area of our lives translates into a higher level of prosperity overall. […]

Ten Insurance Policies You Need To Own

The following is a guest post from Hank who writes about personal finance on Money Q&A. I wish I had more insurance coverage. How many times do you actually hear that or say that to yourself? Most people hate talking or even thinking about insurance. It isn’t a pleasant subject. […]

The Unemployment Plan

Craig writes in: I just found out that I’m being “downsized” at the end of the year. While I have a small emergency fund, I do have a mortgage and a bit of credit card debt. I also have three kids at home. My wife will continue to work, but she has only a part-time job with minimal benefits. […]

Real World Problems with a Flat Tax System

I read an interesting article in Forbes the other day and as a former public school teacher of 11 years, it really hit home for me. I was fortunate enough to teach in a school that was adequately funded but not well funded. I, like every teacher I knew, paid for certain expenses not always because the school wouldn’t pay for it but parting the red tape for a reimbursement wasn’t worth the hassle. […]

Kids & Money: Teaching Needs vs. Wants

One of the most difficult concepts to teach children is the difference between needs and wants. However, this is an important money lesson to learn. […]

Part Two: How to get married for $239.00

This article is part of a short (and sweet) wedding series. To start from the beginning, read Part One: How to get married for $239.00. Last day I covered our wedding costs for the flowers, invitations, venue, guests and of course my second-hand wedding dress. Find out our total costs and final wedding tab right here. 6. Cut the cake. Flour, sugar, eggs, and icing are cheap to buy. […]

Avoid Becoming a Holiday Crime Statistic

In the age of technology, nothing is sacred. The information you post online can be used against you. A new generation of thieves rely on your Facebook and Twitter posts as ammunition to break into your homes and steal your belongings while you’re away. With this being said, you can never be too cautious. […]

Small Business Saturday 2011

As you’re likely aware, this coming Friday is none other than “Black Friday.” And what happens the day after that? Small Business Saturday, of course. Small Business Saturday is a promo that was launched last year by American Express. The goal of this promotion is to get people to shop at small, locally-owned businesses – and to use their American Express cards when doing so. […]