12 Things People Buy They Could Get Free

Here are 12 ways to enjoy the free things in life – and more great examples of the ways you can save by substituting imagination and resourcefulness for money. Is there anything you can add to this list? […]

What It Takes To Really Succeed

While half-watching the Primetime Emmy Awards last night, I considered what it must take to be the best in an industry. From what I could glean from the broadcast, and from what I’ve seen in my own life, winners share intense focus, hard work including sleepless nights, strong talent, moral support, and no tolerance of mediocrity. […]

Action Not Words: The Difference Between Talkers and Doers

It’s Sunday morning and I should be editing articles in advance of my upcoming vacation. Instead, I just got done playing another game of Starcraft II. Since the game was released on July 27th, I’ve played many games of Starcraft II. In fact, I’ve played at least 150 games of Starcraft II. (I know this because the game keeps track of your record. […]

Withdrawing Money During Retirement

The following is an excerpt from Personal Investing: The Missing Manual. After you spend decades living off a paycheck and saving money for retirement, selling investments so you have spending money can be downright unsettling—it's the exact opposite of what you've done your entire life. In addition, you worry about having to sell investments during a down market and hurting your portfolio. […]

Review: 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. One of the most interesting parts of being a popular internet writer that reviews a lot of books is that, over time, I’ve wound up on the mailing lists of various publishing companies. […]

Podcast 71: Debt-Free U, Zac Bissonnette

On today’s episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Tom Dziubek talks to Zac Bissonnette, writer at the Huffington Post and DailyFinance and also author of the book Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching off My Parents.Tom and Zac discuss how Zac was able to go to college without going into debt, the most cost-effective way to ge […]

Sun Protection Through Your Food

ShareThisDuring the warm summer months, people tend to spend their days outside in the sun. […]

Reader Story: Patience and Persistence Pay Off

This guest post from Alissa is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes. I like all of the reader stories I publish, but for some reason I particularly like this one. […]

The First and Last Times that Money is Mentioned in the Bible

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Ok, I'm on a Bible quirk kick. Lately I've been finding interesting tidbits about the Bible and Money (such as last Sunday's post on the cost of Roman citizenship). Today, I'm going to share something else I found interesting along these lines. A couple years ago I bought a new Bible. […]

Cultivating Domain Knowledge and Hobbies for Fun and Profit

When I was sixteen, I bought a cigar box full of 1960s baseball cards for $5 from someone who was cleaning out their mother’s attic. I sold one single card in the box – a 1965 Topps Mickey Mantle in excellent condition – for $200. Several years ago, I was at a yard sale. […]

4 Ways Reading the Newspaper Will Make You Rich and Famous

Last year, everyone proclaimed that print newspapers were dying. It turns out that fewer newspapers have gone under than some had predicted, but I don't think anyone is announcing that newspapers are thriving. I'd like to see print newspapers make a comeback. I think that local and national newspapers play a crucial role in our society. […]

I’m Not THAT J.D. Roth!

Normally, I wouldn’t post something like this at Get Rich Slowly — this is why I have a personal blog — but I’m getting a lot of tweets and e-mail from folks about a piece of ephemera that has surfaced on the internet. It seems that somebody’s stumbled upon a list of the folks who were in the running for the various parts on Star Trek: The Next Generation. […]

I Can’t Find a Job in This Economy!

I get a lot of emails from people with the above statement, usually followed by some sort of plea for help. I have a lot of sympathy for their situation. […]

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: August 28, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week. […]

Different Types of Real Estate Agents and What They Do

The following is an excerpt from Buying a Home: The Missing Manual. At the end I've included two sidebars (in red) on related topics. In your quest for a new home, the person you'll interact with most is your real estate agent. She's a lot more than a smiling face in the classifieds, hovering over pictures of homes for sale. […]

How A Second Income Stream Can Give You Some Financial Security

Create multiple income streams to diversify your cash flow. It’s a great way to supplement and cushion your job income or to earn a living as an entrepreneur. This guest post is written by Kevin of 20smoney.com. Financial security is something that most of us pursue, but many are failing to find these days. […]

Claim Your Credit Card Rewards

Here’s some homework for this weekend… Log into your credit card accounts and claim whatever rewards you might have accrued. While some reward credit cards (such as Amex Blue Cash) automatically credit your cash to your account, others (such as Chase Freedom) don’t. When I logged into our Chase Freedom account the other night, I found that we had a bit over 25k points waiting to be redeemed. […]

Summer Meal Series #13: Ratatouille

This summer, I’m going to be posting a series of fifteen low-cost, tasty, and easy-to-prepare meals that are literally straight from my own kitchen. First, right off the bat, I apologize for the strong green color of the meal in this post. […]

ZYNC℠ from American Express 10,000 Bonus Points

American Express is best known for their charge cards. In June, Tom Dziubek spoke with an American Express representative about a new addition to their charge card family, anew card geared towards young professionals. […]