How to Solve the Financial Literacy Problem

Opinions are generally clear about why such a large percentage of the American population winds up in financial jeopardy. There’s no formalized way to learn how to use money properly and with the best results; most people learn by experience. […]

92 Failed Banks in 2011

According to the FDIC, ninety-two banks failed in 2011. Not a bad number considering a hundred and fifty seven banks failed in 2010 and one hundred and forty banks failed in 2009 (“only” twenty five failed in 2008). All in all, it’s nice to see the trend reversing. […]

A Place of My Own

Two months ago today, I asked my wife for a divorce. I won’t be writing about the personal aspects of the divorce at Get Rich Slowly. In fact, other than some brief background at my personal site, I don’t intend to write it about it on the web at all. […]

6 Credit Card Services You Don’t (Usually) Need

Everyone who has opened up a credit card in the last five years has been pitched on various supplementary “services” from the company in question. […]

How to Find Free (or Cheap) Health Resources

Free (or cheap) health resources are available if you know where to look. So don't ignore a nagging problem or skip a screening just because you think it's unaffordable. Even if you feel great and have plenty of spending money, you can access many of these online and community-based, face-to-face sources of healthcare and advice. […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Save at the Vet

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to save at the vet, saving for your child's college education, and negotiating your medical bills. Top 5 Articles 8 Simple Ways to Save at the Vet — To save money at the vet, make sure you feed your pet a healthy diet. […]

Resolutions 2012 – 4 Steps to Saving More

Still haven't made a New Year's resolution? Well, the Chinese New Year is Jan. 23 - good enough. But instead of the Year of the Dragon, make it the Year of Savings. […]

12 Things That Will Be Less Expensive in 2012

Does the sagging economy, national debt, and our previous list of the 11 things that will be more expensive in 2012 have ya feeling down? Well, here's something to look forward to — to help counteract some of that 2012 gloom, we've gathered 12 items we predict will cost less in the coming year. […]

Beautiful Secret: Buy Oats But Don’t Eat Them

Skip the beauty aisle at the grocery store and make your own cost-efficient beauty treatments at home – using a simple food. […]

Three Tips to Make the Most of LinkedIn

Money Magazine had an insert in the December issue (I bought it while traveling to read in the airport) which listed some career-related tips. […]

Reusing paper towels?! Hmmmm …

We don’t watch a whole lot of TV — and we only have basic cable anyway — so I’m not a regular watcher of Extreme Cheapskates on TLC.  The first time I had heard of the show was through a video on This particular one-minute clip features four extreme cheapskate tactics: Cutting open toothpaste tubes to get at the last bit of toothpaste Sharpening the blades from disposable razors on the s […]

Being Frugal Around The Clock By Saving All Week Long

I’ve seen the term “everyday” savings used quite a bit. These are the types of savings you make on ordinary “everyday” things such as your groceries, daily living expenses and such. […]

Consider Last Year’s Models (14/365)

A few weeks ago, I found myself at a local department store looking at microwave ovens. While I was browsing the ovens on sale there, I couldn’t help but notice a few things. For starters, there were quite a few display models of microwave ovens right there at eye level. […]

Podcast 143: Tax Law Changes in 2012

Today on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Bryan J Busch talks to Kathy Pickering, Executive Director of H&R Block’s Tax Institute. They discuss the difference between smart investments vs. […]

Review: Brandwashed

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance or other book of interest. Also available is a complete list of the hundreds of book reviews that have appeared on The Simple Dollar over the years. One element of personal finance that has always fascinated me is the psychology of why we buy things. […]

Giving 101: A Crash Course on Biblical Giving, Part 2

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. The following is an excerpt from The Secret of Generosity, an excellent book on what the Bible says about the power of generosity. […]

Reader Story: Turning a Side Hustle into Self Employment

This guest post from Crystal is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks from all levels of financial maturity and with all sorts of incomes. […]

Look for the EnergyStar Logo (13/365)

When you’re trying to determine which product to buy, one valuable calculation to make is the total cost of ownership of the item. For example, if you’re buying a washing machine, it’s worthwhile to also include in the calculation the total cost of the energy you’ll use during the lifespan of the washing machine (as well as the water used). Why is this important? […]

Weekend Reading

Here are a few articles I’ve spotted recently. Are you superstitious? Superstitions can extend into your finances; the belief that the stock market’s performance on January 1 signals the performance for the entire year can be classified as a superstition. Frugal Zeitgeist offers a compilations of several superstitions and their origins. I’m a customer of’s Prime service. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #55

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action How do you inspire others to take action in their own lives? […]