Changing Dreams

Claymont Mansion, near Charles Town, WV. Photo courtesy of Troy Tolley. The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus When I was younger, I spent a lot of time visiting my aunt and uncle, who lived within walking distance of our house. My aunt was always a barrel of fun. […]

Your Take: How Much Income to Feel “Rich”?

A recent Gallup poll asked, among other things, respondents how much income they would need to earn a year in order to feel rich. 70% of the respondents that gave a number (10% didn’t give a number) said they would need to earn $100,000 or more with the median number being $150,000. 4% said over a million dollars and 11% said a million dollars. […]

Chase Freedom Visa Review: $200 Cash Back Bonus

I have been a Chase Freedom credit card holder since 2007. I use the Chase Freedom card for my day-to-day spending and always pay it off in full each month. Based on these six years as a cardholder, here are my thoughts on the card — including The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Bottom Line. […]

When all is Said and Done, it is the Done that Counts

When all is said and done, it is the done that counts. Lots of folks spend their time talking about their problems, especially their financial problems.  Only a select few ever commit to the task of fixing those problems.  The talking is important, but only if it actually leads to real changes.  Decisions must be made, goals must be created, and plans must be implemented.  Real progress demands re […]

How to Improve Your Memory (and Even Get a Little Smarter)

My mother forgets things. Not everything of course, but a lot. She can still recall the names of her friends from high school for example, and she remembers every embarrassing thing we did as kids... but ask her what we talked about five minutes ago, and you're out of luck. What's really crazy is that I can't tell you when it happened. In fact, from my perspective, it was almost overnight. […]

Ask the Readers: How Much Should I Save (and What Should I Save For)?

Many of the reader questions I get here at Get Rich Slowly follow a familiar formula. The person sends me a breakdown of her income and expenses, also sharing how she’s allocating her savings. From these figures, my correspondent wants to know if I’d make changes to her budget. Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to answer questions as specific as these. […]

Voluntary Slavery

When you think of slavery, you probably think of the brutal and violent sort of slavery, such as existed in the United States until the Civil War. But voluntary (or semi-voluntary) slavery has existed since ancient times. (See also: Wage Slave, Debt Slave) In the minds of most people, slavery is defined by violence. Slaves were taken by force, held by force and compelled to work by force. […]

Reader Profile: SR

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Jan 9

Here are some pieces I found especially worthwhile and some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week: EDITOR'S CHOICE! Carnival of Personal Finance Festival of Frugality Totally Money Blog Carnival BripBlap covers the budget challenged. My Dollar Plan lists free finance apps. Money Smart Life covers 2012 goals. The Digerati Life talks taxes. […]

Suze Orman's Approved Card Gets Mixed Reviews and Controversy

On Monday, personal finance expert Suze Orman launched her prepaid debit card, The Approved Card From Suze Orman. Suze is putting all her credibility behind this product launch. "I didn't just approve this card," said Suze. […]

Best Money Tips: Fit Fitness Into Your Schedule

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on fitting fitness into your schedule, talking your way to a better raise, and getting your finances in order for 2012. Top 5 Articles Too Busy to Exercise? How to Fit Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule — Make sure you fit working out in your schedule by making fitness appointments with yourself. […]

Why Suze Orman’s Approved Prepaid Debit Card is Terrible

The Kardashians trying to make a quick buck by offering a debit card to their adoring fans makes sense. Even Gene Simmons offering an old school rock and roll signature debit card isn’t much of a story but when somebody like Suze Orman does it, that turns heads. And it has. Some would say that Suze Orman is the queen of the personal finance gurus. […]

Do the Research (11/365)

A friend of mine told me that for every $100 he spends on buying an item, he devotes an hour of research to the purchase before making a move. That seems like a good rule of thumb. In fact, I’d go even further: for every $100 I spend on an item over the item’s lifetime, I try to devote an hour to researching the purchase before making a move. What do I mean by that? Take a car, for example. […]

9 Facts about the Santorum Tax Plan

Mitt Romney may have the eyes of the Republican party right now but there’s no doubt that the race is far from over. […]

The High Cost of Convenience

The other night while on my way home from work, I was reminded of the high cost of convenience. We were in the mood for margaritas, so I stopped by the liquor store to pick up some tequila and mix. As it turns out, they were out of the mix I was after, but I made a mental note of the price. I then stopped off at the grocery store (a bit out of my way, but not too far) to grab the mix there. […]

Refresh Your Finances for a New Year

A new year offers the chance for new beginnings. While it’s true that you can improve all year, and start new projects in any month you desire, we humans tend to want to have a time that we can designate as “the beginning.” The start of a brand new, unspoiled, year is often such a time. As a result, the new year is a perfect time to refresh your finances. […]

Beware of shrinking products with increasing price tags

Back in the 80s I had a strange fascination with Shrinky Dinks — the toy, not ‘the deflating disappointment’. Sigh. […]

Eight Ways to Save Money When Eating at a Restaurant

Eating out is fun, relaxing, tasty…and darn expensive! The current tough economic times have forced a lot of people to trim their dining budgets, but it’s a hard thing to give up altogether. […]

The Gap Between New Car and Used Car Costs Shrinks

Personally, I prefer to buy new cars (then keep them for years.) The numbers argue for a different option -- to buy used instead because you'll save a TON of money. That said, the gap of what you'll save by buying used versus new is shrinking. […]