Starting Out with an Insurmountable Debt Load

This morning, we talked about the burden of caring for parents and the “sandwich generation.” This afternoon, let’s look at the burdens of younger people.Yesterday evening, I heard a fascinating story on Marketplace about how millennials are likely to be in debt their entire lives, and take some debts to their grave.There are a pile of reasons for this, and poor decision making is just one of the […]

The Sandwich Generation and You

Recently, I read a fascinating study by the Pew Research Center indicating that somewhere around one in seven adults have simultaneously provided financial assistance to a parent aged 65 and older and to one of their own children of any age in the past year. […]

TurboTax vs. H&R Block: The Battle

As the I.R.S. is now accepting federal income tax returns, a war is intensifying. The war is between the major tax preparing companies. Intuit’s TurboTax, with its online and desktop software, and H&R Block, with its storefronts and online software, are the major opponents, and the battlefield is media, and the warriors are their advertising campaigns. […]

Your Take: Your Favorite Super Bowl 2013 Ad

By the time the next Your Take rolls around, Super Bowl ads will be a distant memory (I know it’ll only have been five days but we have short memories these days!), so we’re going to do something different. A lot of companies are now releasing their Super Bowl ads, or sneak peeks, early in an attempt to drum up buzz and anticipation. […]

Intro to 5 Super Safe Investments

We’re all looking for ways to maximize our money by earning a little interest. However, when we invest, we take on a certain amount of risk. The more risk we take on, the higher the potential return. If you want some returns, but aren’t interested in taking on a great deal of risk, there are some investments that are considered a little safer than others. […]

What to Buy, and Avoid Buying, in February

It's February, and in many parts of the country the weather is miserable. There's snow, ice, sleet, slick roads, and backed-up traffic for miles. It's not exactly ideal conditions to hunt for bargains. But if you know you need one of the items on the list below, you could get a real steal if you weather the storm. […]

Best Money Tips: Businesses You Can Start Online

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on businesses you can start online, saving money at the drug store, and principles for growing wealth. Top 5 Articles 6 Businesses You Can Start Online — Want to start a business online? Consider being an internet researcher. […]

Ask the Readers: What will you give up this month to save $250?

Welcome to February! In early January, we asked people what are their savings goals this year. But reading El Nerdo’s post on Tuesday made me think about how focusing on a short-term goal could help us achieve a long-term goal. So we’ve come up a series of challenges to help us achieve some goals this year. […]

6 Reasons Cutting Your Landline Is a Bad Deal

It's a perennial item on save-money lists — cancel the landline and rely on cell phones for communications. It's also a sacrifice that I will never make if I can help it, because the security and quality I get from my landline is more than worth the small monthly fee. First, let's put the cost of a landline in perspective. Our household spends approximately $25 per month on a plan with unlimited c […]

Second-Act Career: Pet Care Services

The following excerpt is reprinted with permission from Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement by Nancy Collamer, MS, copyright © 2013. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group. This book is a great resource for those looking to earn a second income, potentially in a new field, during retirement or early semi-retirement. […]

Deeply Downsized Domiciles

I wasn’t exactly born yesterday. But among the misty watercolor memories clouding my brain pan, I retain a clear memory of the kind of homes that many middle-class people lived in way back in my 1960s-era childhood. They often were very small. […]

Working On Our Taxes

I spent an hour last night working on our taxes. I have entered information about our income, child care costs, and various deductions. I am still waiting on a couple of tax-related documents, so for a trial-run, I estimated.  It looks like we will be receiving a small refund from the federal government and owe a small amount to our state government. I can remember the first time I filed taxes.  I […]

The Story Others Tell About You

Recently, I read a fascinating interview of the film director Steven Soderberg on why he’s giving up on directing as a career path (thanks to kottke for the link). One particular piece stood out at me, though (my emphasis in bold):On the few occasions where I’ve talked to film students, one of the things I stress, in addition to learning your craft, is how you behave as a person. […]

Reader Mailbag: Reader Emails

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. When bills exceed income 2. Super Bowl party planning 3. Lessons from piano 4. Thoughts on 2012 5. Handling a pay raise 6. Shipping a package 7. Deferred compensation 8. Celebrity fandom 9. Buying a home impatiently? 10. […]

The Wrong Reason To Become An Entrepreneur

I don’t have the statistics pertaining to this, but I have a strong impression that many people dream about starting their own business, and many who do have this particular daydream are inspired to consider what this life would be like because they don’t like their boss. Or maybe they don’t like working for someone else in general. […]

Side Gig Thursdays: Krystal Barber, Amazon Mechanical Turk

I remember a few years ago with Amazon Mechanical Turk first appeared. The basic idea was that you created individual tasks, called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), put them in the system, and people would go and do these tasks for you. A lot of HITs would be information gathering and you can see them by searching the site. […]

25 Painless Ways to Save $50 This Year

Is this the year to review and revamp your savings strategy? If so, consider making some small but tactical changes that can add up to big savings. Here are 25 painless ways to save $50 (or more) this year. (See also: 25 Ways to Save $5 This Week) 1. Frequent Your Local Library Skip the downloads and bookstores; the library is still free. […]

Market Clones: How to Pay Drastically Less for Pricey Products

A recent question posted to “AskMeFi” — the popular crowd sourced question and answer subsite of — asked users to suggest products that were priced differently, depending on market and intended use. […]

Workplace gratitude: A simple way to boost your ‘income-producing ability’

I watch a lot of  “House Hunters.” It’s mostly mindless TV, but I have learned a few things. One of those things is that, in Japan, renters pay their landlords something called “key money.” Key money is, in essence, money you pay your landlord for providing you with a place to stay. […]