Defining What Financial Success Means to You

There is an old story about a young boy who is asked by an adult what he wants to be when he grows up. Not one to waste time as a fireman or an astronaut, the young boy gets right to the point and announces that when he grows up, he wants to be rich. (See also: Do You Really Want to Be Rich?) The boy’s ambition is one you likely share. […]

Best Money Tips: Free Fun for Families This Summer

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on free fun for families this summer, ways to save big on rent, and splurging frugally. Top 5 Articles Free (and Almost Free) Fun for Families This Summer — This summer, take the family to an outdoor concert for some free fun! […]

How Much Car Can You Afford?

If you are interested in buying a car and you are set on leasing, it is very important that you maintain a good balance between the type of ride you desire and your ability to finance it. Remember that even though you may qualify for a car loan, burdening yourself with one that is beyond your payment ability can easily destabilize your financial status. […]

The 52 Best Money Saving Tips, Ideas #30 through #26

If you want to find more money in your budget, change some of your behaviors and start saving money. So far, my list of the 52 best money saving tips have offered you the chance to save thousands of dollars – each and every year. […]

Check Out the Library – Not Just for Books (175/365)

The public library is my single favorite “free” resource in my community. In fact, I value it so much that I actually posted a visual tour of the local library I use the most on this site a few years ago. (It’s worth noting that libraries aren’t truly free. […]

Podcast 165: Credit Scoring and Management

Today on the Consumerism Commentary Podcast, Jay talks with John Ulzheimer about credit scores and managing your credit history. They also discuss the deceptive marketing of pre-paid debit cards, how a FICO score is built and the unfortunate history of credit repair firms. Consumerism Commentary Podcast Credit Scoring and Management: S07E09 / 165 jQuery […]

How Much Are Family-Friendly Benefits Worth?

If your employer came to you and said, “In exchange for a 20% pay cut, you can work from home,” would you do it? If your employer suggested that, for an 18% cut in pay, you only had to be in the office one day a week and could work your other 32 hours a week at your convenience, would you do it? If your employer said that you could have six weeks of vacation a year, no questions asked, in exchange […]

Reader Story: My Son Manages My Finances

This guest post from Rita is part of the “reader stories” feature at Get Rich Slowly. Some stories contain general advice; others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success or failure. These stories feature folks with all levels of financial maturity and income. Want submit your own reader story? Here’s how. My son Danny has been doing all my finances since he was eleven. […]

Using Wealth to Honor God

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. I'm starting a new practice here at FMF on Sundays. On some posts I will simply pick out a money-related verse/verses from the Bible and post it. […]

Stop By Your Town’s Visitor’s Center (174/365)

A few summers ago, my family and I were on a driving vacation when our vehicle broke down in a pretty small town in Minnesota. I was able to find a repairman who could fix it, but we were going to be there most of the day. The town didn’t look too promising from what I had seen of it to that point, so I had resigned myself to a pretty boring day just watching the kids playing at a park. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #79

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Friendship during a disaster I can’t tell you how much I enjoy going through The Commons, which is a warehouse of public domain pictures on Flickr. […]

Staff Writer Auditions from Past GRS Contributors

As the audition process for GRS staff writers continues, I’m looking for ways to streamline things a bit. Today, for instance, I’m going to share three candidates in one post. All three of these writers have shared articles at Get Rich Slowly in the past. All three asked me to reprint their past articles as audition pieces. But doing so has prompted some readers to complain. […]

The 52 Best Money Saving Tips, Ideas #35 through #31

Here's the latest post in my list of the 52 best money saving tips in countdown order. The intent of this series is that these ideas can be applied throughout the year, a week at a time, to help you improve your financial situation and maximize your savings. So far this series has shown you how to save almost $1,500 a year -- and we're not even half way through! […]

Lending Club High vs. Low Risk Loan Experiment Complete

A little over three years ago, I initiated an experiment with Lending Club. I took $1000 and split it into two auto-selected loan portfolios. With the first $500, I cranked the risk slider all the way down to the lowest level. With the other $500, I cranked it all the way up to the highest level. The end results was two portfolios of 20 x $25 notes each. […]

Read the Local Newspaper (173/365)

One of my routines when I visit the grocery store is to stop by the entrance where there are a bunch of free newspapers available for anyone who wants to take them. I usually wind up taking one of each. These newspapers cover the Des Moines area as well a a lot of the rural communities around Des Moines. […]

Roundup: Catch a Golf Ball with a Sports Car

Formula 1 legend David Coulthard, driving a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster, tries to catch a golf ball hit by Jake Shepherd with his driver. […]

How Many Savings Accounts Do You Need?

Over the past year, I’ve been simplifying my finances. I’ve collected a number of savings accounts and checking accounts, mostly as a way of auditioning and reviewing various banks for the benefit of Consumerism Commentary readers. […]

Revisiting The Longest Night

“It’s kind of funny…the moments on which life hinges. I think growing up you always imagine your life–your success–depends on your family and how much money they have, where you go to college, what sort of job you can pin down, starting salary…But it doesn’t, you know. You wouldn’t believe this, but life hinges on a couple of seconds you never see coming. […]

Your Take: Is College Worth It?

After our recent series of interviews with college savings expert, I started to wonder about the value of college. It’s an issue we’ve discussed in the past (verdict was yes… depending on what you studied of course! But we also had a Devil’s Advocate post explaining why college isn’t worth it.) but with college costs rising to nearly astronomical rates, it’s no longer automatic. […]

How Saving Money Cost Me Money

For the next week (or two), we’ll be sharing “audition” pieces from folks interested in being new staff writers at Get Rich Slowly. Your job is to let us know what you think of each of these writers. Pay attention, give feedback, and after a couple of weeks we’ll ask which writers you prefer. This article is from Kristin Wong, who also writes at The Heart Beat blog for MSN Living. […]