Shop at Consignment Shops and Outlet Stores (87/365)

While thrift stores and secondhand stores are my first line of defense when it comes to new clothes, I don’t always find what I need there. I’m very tall with a long upper torso, which means that a lot of shirts just don’t fit me well. […]

Million Dollar Home Foreclosures

CNN Money has a piece on a $2 million home that's going into foreclosure, something they say will be more common in the future (high-priced homes being defaulted on.) A summary: For years, homeowners at the high end of the housing market were able to postpone the foreclosure process, but now multi-million dollar homes are becoming more commonplace in America's foreclosure pipeline. […]

How to Save Money on a Rental Car

Sometimes we’re just plain clueless when it comes to certain expenses. We don’t purchase air conditioners, automobiles, or furniture enough to consider ourselves expert consumers in those areas and often, that causes us to feel at the mercy of the salespeople. For many, travel expenses fall under that category. […]

Should You Charge Your Child Interest on Loans?

Not too long ago, my son wanted to buy a book. He only had about half the money he needed, since he had recently made a larger purchase. For the first time ever, he asked me if he could borrow the money, and then pay me back. […]

Five Professional Habits to Adopt

Ask Men lists five professional habits to adopt as follows: Create and follow daily task lists Show up 10 minutes early Read one industry article a week Keep your desktop organized Organize your e-mail daily Here's my take on these: Early in my career I worked for a Fortune 500 company (a company that was in the top 30 or so, really). […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Shorts Transition Edition

I’m one of those people that you’ll typically find wearing full-length pants on the hottest day of the year. I’m not much of a fan of shorts for some reason. Everyone else in my house, however, seems to have already made the leap into shorts. […]

Be Aware of Exchange Rates When Traveling

As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight, I wanted to share a tip for international travelers… A few weeks ago, I talked about the best credit cards for international travel. Today, I want to talk about currency exchange. For starters, I’ll just say that credit cards are a great way to get a good foreign exchange rate — especially if you can find one without a foreign exchange fee. […]

Millennials Want to Be Rich More Than Anything

Since 1966, the Higher Education Research Institute has been conducting a study of first-year college students to determine personal goals and values. This collection of data has offered research a chance to see how priorities change over the years, and there are striking generational differences in the results. […]

Prepare for the Tax Preparer to Save Money

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. Tax Day falls on my birthday. This year, I’m giving myself the gift of a tax preparer. Last year, in the days leading up to The Big Day, I locked myself in the home office. I emerged bleary-eyed from staring at a computer screen and mentally exhausted from climbing my way through an avalanche of paperwork and receipts. […]

Beware the Monthly Math Trap

Marketers are very very clever. Ever notice that banks advertise their loans in APR (annual percentage rate) while they advertise their CDs in APY (annual percentage yield)? […]

25 Things to Never Pay Full Price For

What’s so great about this frugal renaissance that we’re experiencing is that there are more ways to save on everyday purchases than ever before. In fact, there’s money waiting to be saved on almost every purchase we make. […]

Pay Yourself First: What It Means, and How to Do It

If you have ever read a retirement planning brochure or any website about investing, there’s a good chance you have read the phrase “pay yourself first.” Some financial experts refer to this as the Golden Rule of Personal Finance! But what does it mean to pay yourself first, and how exactly do you do it? […]

Best Money Tips: Secrets to Paying for College

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on secrets to paying for college, working from home do's and don'ts, and savings for every day of the week. Top 5 Articles Secrets to paying for college — Cut tuition costs by graduating in under four years. […]

Why "Spend Less Than You Earn" is Money Rule #1

In the book 7 Money Rules for Life®: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future, author Mary Hunt talks about the reason she lists "spend less than you earn" as her first and most important rule. Her thoughts: Until you spend less than you earn, you can forget the other six [rules]. […]

Hit Thrift Shops and Secondhand Shops in Upscale Neighborhoods (86/365)

One of my best resources for finding new clothes comes from going to the nicest neighborhoods in a metro area (in my case, usually Des Moines) and finding the nearest Goodwill or other secondhand clothing shop. That’s where I begin almost all of my clothes shopping. Why do it this way? […]

Macy's is Bogard

FYI, "bogard" is my kids' new favorite slang term. It means "bogus" (at least to us -- the urban dictionary has many different potential uses for the term and ours is #5. […]

Should You Invest in Foreign “Dim Sum” Bonds?

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of a Dim Sum Bond. This is a bond that is denominated in the Chinese Yuan (their currency) but issued in Hong Kong. […]

FMF March Money Madness, Round 3, Posts 5-8

Here we go with the third round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (to follow all the action click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed each "game" (one post versus another) in segments along with the wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. […]

Don’t Buy Non-FICO Credit Scores

By now, many people are well-aware that the credit score is an important factor in finances. Your credit score can have a bearing on the interest rate you receive (possibly saving or costing you hundreds of dollars). […]

Help a Reader: Trading Up Homes

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: We bought our house for $227,000. It was recently appraised for $230,000 so it's important to note, we are not "underwater" as they say. We currently owe $212,000.We are in no rush to move, but we always keep an eye out. […]