Working On My Taxes

I’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on my taxes.  Because my wife and I recently made our first new home purchase, we will be receiving the first-time homebuyer tax credit.  Instead of e-filing our return as we have for the past several years, the credit necessitates that we print out and mail in this years return.  From the IRS First-Time Homebuyer Credit website - […]

Frugal Gluten-Free Living: Flour Tortillas that Taste Great!

By Sonja Stewart This recipe is a fantastic substitute for regular flour tortillas. If you're sick of using the rough texture, (and small size) of corn tortillas, try this out. The texture of these are bendable, foldable, and so delicious, they'll be gone before you know it. […]

Reader Mailbag: Time

The more of life I experience, the more I realize that the most valuable thing a person has in their life is time. The cost of a book is trivial compared to the value of the time spent reading it. […]

How to Negotiate Remote Work With An Employer

Working Remotely is the Holy Grail for Many Workers Travel is liberating.  It allows us to experience places and cultural happenings beyond our wildest imaginations.  It puts things in perspective and gives us countless stories to recant to friends and family members who want to know what it feels like to dip their toes in the ocean, live out of a backpack or suitcase, and visit o […]

Sallie Mae Bank Review

Sallie Mae, normally known for their federal and private student loans, is entering the savings account area with a high yield savings account currently offering 1.35% APY with no monthly fees and no minimums. It’s your standard online bank offering with a pretty standard savings account rates. […]

Resisting the Time Suck

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. I usually have an idea of what I want to accomplish once I get home from work. It goes something like this: Practice yoga. Get some writing done. Make a fabulous, healthy dinner. Work on my business. Read something thought-provoking. But I never seemed to accomplish all I set out to do. Sometimes I’d accomplish none of it. […]

How and Why to Diversify Your Income

Time and again we hear that investment diversification is a must, and rightly so. Diversifying investments – by investing in a variety of different types of index funds and/or ETFs, for example – is a wise strategy for reducing risk. In contrast, how many of us maintain a similar diversification perspective with respect to our income? […]

Five Things You Need to Know about Social Security

Kiplinger lists five things you need to know about Social Security as follows: 1. Patience pays off. The longer you wait, the bigger the check. 2. Marriage has its perks. Couples have the most flexibility. 3. But you can collect if you decouple. You may be able to collect on your former spouse's benefits, as long as you were married for at least ten years and are 62 or older. […]

Join Our Tweetchat at 4:00 CST For a Chance to Win Prizes

By Lynn Truong Join our Tweetchat today from 4:00 – 4:45 pm CST for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! In celebration of our upcoming SXSW session, we're talking about product reviews. Do you trust them? What makes the good ones stand out? How do you find the most reliable ones? […]

Four budgets you absolutely have to make

A couple of days ago I went to a one-day financial planning class.  I got a few nuggets out of the class and I’ll share one with you here. The instructor spent a few minutes on creating a working budget.  This part was pretty standard.  If you don’t have Quicken fired up, then Take a standard list of common spending categories, Gather up a month’s bank statements and pay stubs, and Categorize the […]

The Total Compensation Package: Valuing Vacation Pay, Job Benefits

While many people in the workforce tend to emphasize their base pay, I believe it’s also important to factor in benefits like vacation pay. The amount of vacation time you take can contribute to your well being. […]

Help a Reader: How to Leave a Job

Here's an email I received from a reader earlier today: I am getting a job offer letter in the mail this week.  The new employer told me that they actually prefer me to start May 1st (instead of April 5th that I originally offered to them).  My dilemma is that I have a quarter end coming in my current company.  I'll be busy the whole month of April in my current job if I don't leave before Apri […]

Children and Excess

My two children are extremely blessed in many ways. Perhaps their greatest blessing is that they’ve surrounded by a family that loves them dearly and truly cares about their future in a deep, fundamental way – and I’m not merely talking about myself. I’m talking about their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, even some of their cousins. […]

How To Check Your Federal IRS Tax Refund Status

For years, I loved to get a tax refund. In fact, it seemed the only way I could save was by having extra withheld from my paycheck so that I’d get a big refund at the end of the year. Using this method, I was able to buy a new computer, a new bike, and all sorts of other toys. […]

Warning: TurboTax Missing Minnesota Tax Info (Updated With TurboTax Response)

By Elizabeth Sanberg [Editor's note: See TurboTax's response.] Rarely do I get to a point where I’m so frustrated I could cry. But that’s where I sit right now. I have spent 120 minutes trying to help a company I like (TurboTax) fix a glitch in their system. But, after these two hours I failed at helping them understand the problem and was even hung up after waiting on hold for 45 minutes. […]

Best Places to Invest for Retirement

A reader named KC recently wrote in with a question about investing for retirement: I’m 28 years old with a wife and a six month old baby. We’ve always been money-conscious, but would really like to focus our efforts. We both have Roth IRAs, but are not satisfied with them. They are heavily loaded, and we weren’t that familiar with them when we were advised to set them up. […]

Best of Personal Finance: How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we give you stunning detail into how to make your own coconut milk kefir, some tips for saving money when you move, and 3 easy ways to create a greener kitchen! Top 5 Articles How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir — If you wanted to know about Coconut milk kefir, this is the article to read. […]

American Express Purchase Protection Perk

Did you know that if you buy something with an American Express card and it’s lost, damaged, or stolen within the first 90 days, American Express will replace the item or reimburse you up to the amount of the purchase price? My friend Michelle just came back from a skiing trip with her family in which she managed to get an oil stain on her brand new ski jacket. […]

Earn $200k More by Waiting to Take Social Security Benefits

CBS MoneyWatch weighs in on when to take Social Security benefits. Here's a summary of their thoughts: Today, most people who qualify for Social Security are eager to get their hands on a check as soon as possible. A full 70 percent of recipients sign up for Social Security between age 62 and the normal full retirement age, which is between 65 and 67, depending on the year you were born. […]