Dying American Stores

Yahoo lists eight once-great American store chains that are now dying as follows: 1. Sears2. Dillard's3. OfficeMax4. Office Depot5. The Home Depot6. Foot Locker7. The Gap8. J.C. Penney My take on these: Sears - Is it any wonder they are dying? […]

Guide to Safe Dumpster Diving

I heard about Freeganism about a year ago. I will admit, the idea of dumpster diving for food and home items when you aren’t starving grossed me out. I just don’t think I will ever be comfortable rooting around trash to find treasures. But when I wrote about that on my own site, I was surprised by how many people have been able to find some awesome stuff in other people’s trash. […]

Kids & Money: Back to School Perfect Chance to Teach Priorities

It’s back to school time. The summer seemed to fly by, and now it’s time for the kids to replenish their school supplies and prepare their back to school wardrobes. The budget can get a little out of control this time of year, especially if you let your kids dictate how much you spend. […]

Quicken Loans Review

For the time being, S&P’s downgrade on United States debt has yet to produce an increase in mortgage interest rates as some predicted. Borrowers can still find mortgage loans for such a low cost that if they qualify, low interest rates combined with lower house prices would make owning a house more affordable than ever. […]

Always Ask for a Raincheck

A few weeks ago Walgreen's had my favorite snack, Blue Diamond Almonds, on sale for $4.99 a bag. Since the almonds are usually $7.99 a bag, we regularly stock up when there's a sale (which Walgreen's has regularly, BTW). […]

Building and Using a Time Diary

During the month of May and the first half of June, I kept a time diary. […]

Credit Market Improving, Will Economy Follow?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York released their quarterly evaluation of the credit markets, and they are reporting some good news for consumers. Total consumer debt dropped $50 billion since last quarter, ending at $11.4 trillion on June 30. Mortgage balances and home equity credit balances declined, contributing to the overall decrease. […]

Aurora Bank Online Savings Account Review

These days you have a great deal of choices when it comes to parking your cash. It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago you basically had to rely on your local bank or the then one of the very new online savings account providers. This is great news for consumers because it keeps rates competitive and makes sure customer service remains top-notch. […]

Never Be Without an Emergency Fund

Squirrels do something funny in the fall, they collect up acorns and seeds for the winter. They know that the pickings will be slim come the snow and so they save up now to help them weather the leaner times. While we can’t time emergencies as well as squirrels can time winter, we have to know that emergencies lurk around every corner. […]

How to Get Cheap Drugs

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a personal finance column for MSN Money. She also writes about frugality, intentional living, and life in general at her own blog, Surviving And Thriving. Six of the highest-selling prescription medications in the United States will be “off-patent” before the end of 2012. […]

Ask The Readers: How Do You Buy Music?

For most people, music is a part of life they can't live without. Almost everyone has a list of favorite songs and artists. As a result, many people buy single tracks from iTunes or head out to their local music store to get their favorite artist's latest cd. […]

What if the Mortgage Interest Deduction Went Away?

Recently, the United States Congress raised the debt ceiling after a lengthy and ugly debate about spending cuts and tax increases. One of the issues discussed is eliminating or capping the mortgage interest deduction. This deduction is quite popular amongst the American people and is often heralded as the best tax deduction for the middle class. […]

How to Avoid (and Treat) Cold Sores

There it is — that horrible tingling sensation that lets you know a cold sore is about to erupt all over your face, ruining the next week and making you wish that burqas were suddenly in fashion for a short while. Is there anything more annoying than a cold sore? I got my first cold sore when I was 8 years old, right in the corner of my mouth. […]

Seven Ways to Slash Your Electric Bill

Ouch, that electric bill is gonna hurt this month! With temperatures soaring across the United States, power consumption has been soaring right along with it. Of course you’ve already turned up your thermostat and screwed in the CFLs, so here are some slightly different tips to trim the power bill. Get your hands wet. […]

Best Money Tips: Save on Your Next Road Trip

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to save on your next road trip, how to beat the summer heat, and how to donate a car. Top 5 Articles 6 Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip — To save money on your next road trip, research your gas options. […]

7 Business Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

When I started my own copywriting and creative consulting business two years ago, I wasn't prepared for all the stress that came with it. Naively, I thought I could name the business, create marketing materials (like a website and business cards), and start working. Not so much. There were several hurdles that I had to jump to get the business up and running, and I'm still encountering hurdles to […]

10 Things Your Parents Won't Tell You

Smart Money lists 10 things your parents won't tell you. Here are the ones that intrigued me the most: 1) "We're rich."Surprise inheritances aren't uncommon. In a recent U.S. Trust study, 52% of parents with assets of $3 million or more said they haven't told their children just how wealthy they are, and another 15% haven't even said told them that they're well off. Why are they withholding? […]

Keep your house from going up in flames — and reduce your electric bill

Our clothes dryer had been not doing its job for the past few months.  It would take a couple of cycles to get the clothes passably dry.  It wasn’t like this when we first bought the dryer. We checked the parts we could see first.  We were regularly cleaning out the lint trap.  The heat was definitely working; it was piping hot in the drying compartment.  The ducting was connected. After digging a […]

Warren Buffett Doesn’t Want to Be Coddled

Warren Buffett is staying in the news. I wrote recently about his desire to continue investing in stocks during market volatility, and today he published an opinion piece in the New York Times. He laid out the facts about how income is generally taxed. […]

Saving Pennies or Dollars? Unplugging the Microwave

Saving Pennies or Dollars is a new semi-regular series on The Simple Dollar, inspired by a great discussion on The Simple Dollar’s Facebook page concerning frugal tactics that might not really save that much money. […]