Homemade Gift Series #4: Homemade Beer

I often brew homemade beer. It’s an enjoyable hobby that allows me to sometimes use items from my garden and gets me deeply in touch with the natural process of making a homecrafted beer. […]

Money and Dating, Meal Planning, and Mind Mapping

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that American Express launched a new community-focused website called Currency and that I would be participating as one of the writers. I’m proud to announce my first article was published yesterday. […]

Brad's Deals Giveaway (Chance to Win A $25 Amazon.com Gift Certificate)

Brad's Deals features promotions, discounts and coupons galore. Their philosophy matches Wise Bread's; you can live well without spending a fortune. From the Brad's Deals website: BradsDeals finds and publishes online shopping deals, online coupon codes and in-store printable coupons. […]

Making It All Work – The GTD Phenomenon

This is the second entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. […]

4 Amazing Life Lessons from Scrooge McDuck

ShareThisWhen I was a little boy, Donald Duck was my favorite comic series, and I used to read it every week. […]

The Ultimate List of Hangover Cures

We're only a few months away from the party season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are just a few of the many occasions that give you an excuse to drink a little more than you should. And then, the hangover is upon you. Are there really any good cures out there? […]

Depositing Checks With the PayPal iPhone App

Earlier this week, PayPal updated their iPhone app. While there were a number of minor improvements, there was one major change that really stood out. They added the ability to capture and deposit checks into your account. This sort of remote deposit has been around for awhile, though it’s been limited to a relatively small number of banks and credit unions. […]

Decision-Making Difficult for Ambivalent People

That title sounds a bit obvious. In college, a time that now seems long in my past, friends wanted me to take sides on a variety of issues. I didn’t see the need to feel passionately about issues which clearly had reasonable arguments on either side. I even took pride in my ability to see a situation from multiple points of view. […]

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Library Sale

ShareThisIf you're a book lover and a thrifty spender like myself, you're already familiar with library book sales. […]

Your Take: Double Dip Recession?

The Your Take question two weeks ago asked whether or not the Recession was over and the overwhelming opinion was that it wasn’t. With double digit unemployment and housing still underwater, it didn’t matter what economists said… we were still in a bad spot. […]

Welcome to Generation App

This is a guest post from Joseph D’Agnese who, with his wife Denise Kiernan, wrote The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed, which sets forth a personal finance system for people with not-so-regular jobs. You can follow them on Twitter: @The_Money_Book. Hey you! Yeah, you hunched over the smart phone. […]

$93 Turned into $100k

Here's a great story from Yahoo. The summary: Carolee Hazard was at the grocery store when she saw that Jenni Ware wasn't able to pay the bill because her wallet was missing. Hazard handed her over $207, the exact amount Ware needed for her groceries. […]

Carnivals for the Week of Oct 4

Do you like me? ;-) Here are some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week and my posts that were included: Festival of Frugality - Seven Things You Should Always Buy Generic The Wealth Builder Carnival - Toileting and Retirement, Should I Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance? […]

Yakezie do yes

There’s a new network of go-getter bloggers in town, and it’s called Yakezie. Since I have only a week left to be included in the current Yakezie Challenge, it’s time to make a decision. Allow me to paraphrase some dialog from a movie from my youth: Either you Yakezie do “yes” or Yakezie do “no.” You Yakezie do “guess so,”   — SQUISH! — just like grape. Yakezie do yes. […]

A Deeper Look at the “Percentage Budget”

One topic I’m frequently asked about by readers is the idea of the “percentage budget,” something that seems to largely come from Elizabeth Warren’s book All Your Worth, which I reviewed previously. In the book, Warren proposes a very simple budget for people to follow, based on percentages of their take-home income. […]

You Probably Don't Need an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles

The place that changes my car's oil regularly puts a sticker in the upper, driver's side window that reminds me when to get my oil changed. It's always 3,000 miles after the change they just performed for me. […]

Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Can Happen To Anyone

This makes me angry. How could this happen? I’ve known quite a number of people who’ve ended up with upside down mortgage loans and who’ve lost their homes to foreclosure. In some of these cases, we can blame mortgage fraud and subprime borrowing for these unfortunate events. […]

Updates on Schwab 2% Visa

Here are a couple useful comments left recently on my post titled All Ok with "Schwab" Visa? […]

Seeking Alpha Investing Apps Review

When you go to a stock ticker site, whether it’s something like Google Finance or TheStreet.com, the pages are pretty much static. The ticker page for Apple (AAPL) on Google Finance is pretty dull. You have basic information at the top, news on the left, some advertisements, important events, related companies, etc. […]