Last Minute Gift Ideas: Books about Money, Honey!

Deck the halls with savvy savings, fa la la la la, la la la la financial books! ‘Tis the season for spending smartly, giving gifts generously, and thinking a little bit about the budget. Yes, the budget. Sigh. Buying a smart book is a pretty inexpensive gift though, and there’s still lots of time to hit the bookstores or to order online. […]

Best Christmas Presents

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management.  Many people spend more during the holiday season than they can afford. Guilt or shame drives them to put too many big-ticket items under the tree. But the satisfaction is both short-lived and shortsighted. Understanding the economics of gift giving may help you decide when and what to buy for Christmas. […]

15 Uses for Incredibly Inexpensive White Vinegar

One of the best bargains in your local grocery store is plain old white vinegar. You can get a 32 ounce jug of it (half a gallon) for about $1.50 and it has a multitude of uses beyond the edible ones (like pickles and salad dressings). Here are fifteen uses for white vinegar, most of which I use myself. Toilet cleaner Got a toilet bowl that’s difficult to clean? […]

Moose Tracks for the Holidays?

As many of you know, Moose Tracks ice cream has been a sponsor of Free Money Finance from day one. And since you're likely a week or so away from some sort of feasting, I thought I'd suggest you consider some for your upcoming holiday celebration. Or perhaps to ring in the new year! […]

Is YMax magicJack a Scam?

In a recent issue of the Retirement Millionaire, a retirement newsletter I’ve been checking out, they mentioned some frugal VOIP option I hadn’t heard of before. MagicJack is a USB based device that lets you make phone calls using your PC’s internet connection for $19.95 a year, or $1.66 a month. […]

Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 5 More Ways to Screw Your Credit Card Company

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. In this article, we’ll look at 5 legal ways to get your way with your credit card companies, the 5 grammatical errors that make you look dumb, and 5 ways texting can make your life easier. (Do we have a thing for lists of five? […]

Four Things I Like About Quicken

I've mentioned several times that I use Quicken to manage my personal finances and have done so for years. […]

Best Deals for Wednesday 12/16/09

"That's What She Said" T-Shirt $6 + $2 s/h App Store Freebies: bitFlip, Plane Sight, Money Tracker, 7 Cities Royal Copenhagen 2009 Christmas Bell $10 70% off code: SNOW Kohl's: 50-60% Off Selected Outerwear for the Family […]

How to Live a Rich Life Without Spending a Fortune in Today’s Economy

Does the present state of the economy have you hoping for a better future?  Have you considered how detrimental it would be to your lifestyle if you were to lose your job today?  Is there anything left in your budget to cut back on or are you stretched so thin that you are not sure how you will buy groceries in the upcoming weeks?  Are you hoping for better luck financially next year? You don’t ne […]

Attention Financial Bloggers: Free Promotion for Your Top Posts and $500 Given to the Charity of Your Choice

Update: Please submit posts with the four pieces of information noted below (in past years, a good percentage has left off the charity). If you do not include everything, you won't be in the competition. I'm already receiving submissions without all the information. […]

Hold That resume! 5 Red Flags in Online Job Listings

By Chris Illuminati Unemployment is at an all time high. Oddly enough so are online job listings. According to the The Conference Board, online job demand was up 106,500 in November and job demand has averaged an increase of 32,000 per month since an April 2009 low. That doesn't mean every online job posting is a winner. Anyone can post jobs on Monster or Craigslist. […]

Sixteen Books About Money

The Vanguard Group recently published a list of books about money that would make great Christmas presents. There are nine books about investing, and seven books about financial planning. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: The Santa Question Edition

Several readers have asked me whether or not my children believe in Santa Claus. The answer is simple: yes, they do, but without active encouragement from me. When children are young, their imaginations are in hyperdrive. They believe things to be real that aren’t real. My son, for example, had two imaginary friends for a while that didn’t have names. […]

Way to Save #151: Free Or Discounted Pet Services

Odds are you’re already paying taxes to subsidize some basic pet health services. Call your local Humane society or county facility and ask about discounted inoculations or other services. […]

Is MagicJack a Scam?

By WC Porter How much would you pay for unlimited local and long distance on your land line? Verizon's Freedom essentials offers all that and caller ID, voicemail, and call waiting for $54.99. AT&T offers a similar deal for around $34. I say "around" because their site is very confusing to get a quote from unless you're willing to actually order service from them. […]

Are Values-Based and Socially-Responsible Investments Worthwhile?

Yesterday, FaithShares added two new exchange-traded funds to their lineup, already consisting of funds called “Catholic Values,” “Christian Values,” and “Methodist Values.” These and the two new funds, “Baptist Values” and “Lutheran Values,” focus on investing in only those companies that live up to the values encouraged by each of these communities. […]

Beware Wine Expert Ratings & Rankings

Since we’ve been doing a lot of “cooking as entertainment,” my wife and I have started drinking a bit of wine to help make cooking more entertaining. Always price conscious, we set out to buy wines that we enjoyed but didn’t bust the bank. As twenty-somethings, we really don’t need our palates reaching beyond our pocketbooks, if I may be so bold in my use of alliteration. […]

How I Cut my Comcast Cable Bill by 33% (Without Losing Any Service)

Last week, I wrote that you can negotiate anything. This guest post by G.E. Miller gives a real-life example of using negotiation to save money. […]

Net Worth for the US House of Representatives

Check this out -- it's a list of the net worth of every US House Representative. Quite interesting indeed!!! Two things to note as you look at the list: There's wiggle room. When members of the House file their financial disclosure, they are only required to report approximately how much they have/owe in each account. […]

The 12 Days of Christmas Price Index Reflects Consumer Prices

Around this time of year, the media likes to get into the holiday spirit by tracking the “12 Days of Christmas Price Index” as a way to look at the real CPI (consumer price index) through whimsical glasses. […]