Kids and Money: The Value of a Matching Contribution

One of the coolest ideas I heard recently deals with teaching children the benefits of maximizing their contributions. Many of us are familiar with the concept of the 401k match. At work, if your employer offers a match, you can get free money for your retirement account. […]

Shopping for a Cruise

I've written previously that I'm thinking of taking our family on a Caribbean cruise this winter to get out of the tundra the world calls "Michigan". I thought I'd give you all an update on my recent progress. […]

Dry Beans or Canned Beans: A Cost-Effective Comparison

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. I got enough great responses that I’m going to fill the entire month of July – one post per day – addressing these ideas. On Facebook, Meena asks about “Cost comparison between canned beans and cooking from dry – is it really worth the extra time?” We use a lot of beans in our cooking. […]

Five No-Cost Ways to Spend Your Birthday

With my birthday fast approaching, I thought it would be fitting to write about a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  That’s right, I’m talking about freebies and there sure are a lot of them available nowadays.  In the past, I wrote about how to get free stuff on your birthday where restaurants and retailers that gifted their customers with free meals, desserts, and presents.  This time aro […]

Debt Avalanche vs. Debt Snowball Calculator

One of the big debt reduction debates has always been math versus psychology. How much debt you have has more to do with human behavior and psychology than it does with mathematics. People are, for the most part, smart enough to realize the math behind debt. They know that if you charge more than you can pay off, you’ll be in debt. The same is true for repaying that debt. […]

More Thoughts on Frugal Beauty

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. Last week Sierra wrote about how to look good on a budget with some great tips for the frugal and the do-it-yourselfer. It was popular, too — as of Sunday, her article had a whopping 275 comments! […]

Ask The Readers: Do You Have Multiple Sources of Income?

Most people have one job that they rely on to cover their expenses. The idea of working more than one job or having more than one source of income might not cross their minds. However, there are people who have multiple sources of income to fall back on should they need some extra money or their primary source of income falls through. Do you have multiple sources of income?  Why or why not? […]

Netflix Pricing Changes: What Now?

I flinched when Netflix raised its monthly rate for DVD + Streaming from $8.99 to $9.99. Briefly I pondered whether I should discontinue one or the other; I decided to stick with the combination service. But when the company upped its prices for the same services to $16 (okay, $15.98) just months later, I was upset. […]

Dollars and Cents, Pesos and Sense

The tenets of a sound investment philosophy are well established. Good investors seek quality equities that are undervalued, but offer strong upsides. In so doing, they often disregard conventional wisdom, boldly going where others fear to tread. […]

How to Get Rid of Bees

Bees are very important to our food supply; cross-pollination is necessary for many plants to fertilize and grow. Still, the insects can be a major annoyance around the house. There's nothing worse than a bee sting, and many people have allergic reactions to them. The good news is that there are some specific things we can do to keep bees away and deal with them if they do pop up. […]

Best Money Tips: Credit Card Tips to Live By

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on credit card tips to live by, what to do if you hate your job, and road trip money saving tips. Top 5 Articles 10 Great Credit Card Tips To Live By — Limit the number of credit cards you have. One or two is enough. […]

Make All Your Money Work as Hard as Possible

Somehow I stumbled on Early Retirement Extreme's series of posts on how he became financially independent in five years (a very interesting read -- the gist is to live on 10% to 40% of what you make and save/invest the difference). […]

Cutting payments as late as possible: More trouble than it’s worth?

My grandfather was an extremely frugal person.  (As I suppose many people who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930s were.)  One of his frugal habits I remember was that he used to walk downtown to pay his bills in full by check, on the day they were due.  In this way, he got credit for paying the bill on time, and the money in his checking account was earning interest as long as possible […]

Choosing a 529 Plan

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. I got enough great responses that I’m going to fill the entire month of July – one post per day – addressing these ideas. On Facebook, Edita asks a simple question: “Among diffrent 529 plans.. which one to choose?” First of all, let’s talk about what a 529 plan is. […]

Another TV Show that Teaches Personal Finances

Here's another program to add to my list of TV shows that teach personal finance: Pawn Stars. Here are the details on the show: Shown on the History Channel. The basic premise: people bring their (theoretically) valuable items into a pawn store where the items are reviewed and then a price (usually for sale, not to be pawned) is negotiated if the store is interested. […]

Tips for Getting a Great Deal at a Car Dealership

I have been working with a car dealership software company for 6 years.  In that time, I have seen thousands of deals from a dealership’s point of view.  The only difference between making a good deal and a bad deal is what you know before you step onto a car lot.  Here are a few tricks I have figured out to get a great deal on a car if you will be buying from a dealership. Research The key to ge […]

Finances in 55 Seconds: Create an Alternative Income Plan

One of the ways that you can improve your finances is to come up with ways to earn more than you spend. While cutting back on your expenses can be helpful, it can also be a good idea to cultivate alternative income sources. That way, if you have an income drop from your primary revenue stream, you can supplement it. […]

Save Money On Books: Don’t Pay Full Price For Your Reading List

I am a self confessed book lover. If anyone ever asks me what I would like as a gift on a special occasion, the first thing that always comes to mind is a book. I’m a bookworm and I definitely enjoy reading. However, the one thing that I don’t quite enjoy is to pay full [...]Save Money On Books: Don’t Pay Full Price For Your Reading List Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Extreme Couponing Fuzzy Math

I’m a big fan of saving money on necessary spending. Grocery shopping is expensive, and food and household staples present an excellent opportunity to find coupons and save money with every visit. […]