Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits for 2010

Other than the removal of the income limitation for Roth IRA conversions this year, 2010 is not much different than 2009 in terms of IRA maximums. Like 2009, the maximum you may contribute to your Traditional and Roth IRAs combined is $5,000. If you reach age 50 this year, you may contribute an extra $1,000 for a total of $6,000. […]

Welcome to 2010! Happy New Year from The Simple Dollar!

I’m spending the first day of this new year sleeping off a long New Year’s Eve night and spending some quality time with my kids and my wife before the spring semester gets rolling. I hope your 2010 gets off to a wonderful start! Tomorrow, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming! […]

Your Take: Your New Year’s Resolution?

Two days ago I wrote a post about how to set a New Year’s Resolution you can keep and today I want to know what your resolution for 2010 is going to be! Mine? I plan on taking half of our emergency fund and committing it to the stock market in individual company holdings. […]

5 Ways to Get Junk Gone

By Thursday Bram The beginning of the new year always seems like a good time to get rid of things that you've been meaning to. But sometimes, the reason you haven't gotten rid of a particular piece of junk that is cluttering up your home isn't because you want to hold on to it — or even that it's useful in any way. Sometimes it can just seem entirely impossible to get rid of a particular item. […]

Happy New Year

Here's wishing you all the best in 2010! May your net worth climb to the sky!!!! Happy New Year!! […]

Waiting for the $5 million ball to drop

The New Year’s ball that dropped in Times Square last year cost about $5 million.  Five million dollars: Throw off $50,000 per year, even at 1% interest Stretch over 484 miles in $1 bills laid end-to-end Is accrued on the US National Debt every two and a half minutes Would weigh over 17 tons in Lincoln cents Would put you in the top 0.1% of salary earners Was only five days worth of spending for […]

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2009 and Welcome 2010: It’s All Up From Here

Goodbye to 2009. Earlier, I had been hearing a lot of people grumble about how glad they are that this year will soon be over. It was a pretty tough year for a good lot of people (particularly the first half of the year) so I’m sure most of you are relieved that we’ll now be “starting afresh”. […]

2010 Resolution #4: Reduce My Entertainment and Hobby Spending by 50%

In an effort to talk about the power of goal-setting along with some methods of setting and achieving goals, I’m going to discuss my four resolutions for 2010 this week. In 2009, I really overspent on my hobbies. My board game collection expanded significantly. I picked up several new video games and computer games. […]

Uglify Your Stuff To Keep It Safe

By Paul Michael I don't know about you, but I buy things based on how they look as well as what they do. I was once told that you don't buy a power drill because it looks cool, you buy it because you need holes. Well, yes and no. As a designer and creative, the aesthetic also plays an important role. But what attracts you to objects also attracts thieves. […]

Consider Moving Your Money to Local Banks

This past weekend my wife and I went home to New York to visit my parents and my visiting relatives for the holidays. My parents recently moved within spitting distance of Port Jefferson, a cute little “village” that features a ferry and lots of restaurants and small boutique shops. My parents have been saying that the recession has really hurt the area and it’s most visible in the shops. […]

Best Deals for Thursday 12/31/09

Coldwater Creek coupon: 70% off sitewide World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade Expansion for Mac or PC $17.99 Computer & Accessories Year-End Deals: Over 1,000 items discounted 70% off at the Disney Store Buy an MP3 Album, Get One Free At Amazon […]

Flexo’s Goals and Resolutions for 2010

Although I’ve been tracking my finances publicly on Consumerism Commentary since 2003, this is only the fourth year I’ve outlined specific financial goals for the new year. The next year is a bit of a mystery for me. I feel like some changes are necessary, particularly in my day job. […]

The Other Side of the Frugality Fence

In a recent post at Get Rich Slowly, J.D. defined the “basic law of frugality” as this: “Decide what’s important to you. Give yourself permission to spend on these things. […]

Review Your State’s Gift Card Rules

It’s estimated that people purchased $87 billion in gift cards this holiday season, according to The Tower Group in a recent CNN Money article. Of all those cards, Marketing Workshop, another research firm, it’s estimated that 40% of recipients don’t use up all of their cards’ value, leaving an average of $2.30 on the card. […]

Get Rich Slowly’s Greatest Hits (2009 Edition)

This past year was one of transition at Get Rich Slowly. In January, I was shocked by the sudden death of one of my best friends. This loss forced me to re-examine my life priorities. For years, I’d made money my focus, and now I realized there were more important things to worry about, including my relationships and my health. […]

Financial Goals for 2010

Now is the time to outline your financial goals for 2010. In case you haven’t already done this, I’ve put together some ideas to get you started. While I’ve loosely prioritized the main themes, you’ll want to tailor things according to your individual situation. Reduce your debt Debt reduction should, in my opinion, always be numero uno. […]

Help a Reader: Spending or Debt Repayment?

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I’m currently between a rock and a hard place and could use some advice. A friend, is having a bachelor party THIS weekend. […]

I Went Christmas Shopping With Fake Money

By Carrie Kirby Of all the post-holiday letdowns, the one I hate the most isn't the scale or the January weather or the household clutter: It's getting that credit card bill and finding out what my Christmas gifts from my spouse cost us. In the spirit of avoiding that particular letdown, my husband and I made a new pledge this year: No use of the marital credit card to buy each other's presents. […]

New Year’s Eve on a Budget

This article is presented by Kelly Whalen, Consumerism Commentary staff writer. At midnight people around the world will be celebrating a new year with celebrations, parties, or a quiet evening at home. […]

Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits for 2010

With the New Year just around the corner, I thought it would be good to take look at IRA contribution limits for 2010. Contribution limits have been indexed to inflation since 2008, and can increase in $500 increments (as necessary). Because inflation has been so low, however, there’s not much new under the sun. […]