The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Biographies Edition

Lately, I’ve been reading biographies by the pound. I’m particularly interested in biographies of people who were involved in creating the modern world: Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, and the like. I have this endless fascination for the first half of the twentieth century and the people who lived in that time. […]

Five Things to Look For When Buying Used Clothes

Kids go through clothes fast. This is particularly troubling when you have multiple children needing garb all at the same time. If this year’s hand-me-downs won’t do the trick, what’s a family to do? Go into debt buying school clothes? No, because that’s a temporary fix to a permanent problem. […]

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card $850 Bonus

Earlier this year, I wrote about Southwest Airlines and the credit card they have been offering to their frequent fliers. Although I’ve never been on a Southwest flight, this airline is always highly recommended by my friends and family. They just never seem to fly direct from where I am to where I need to go. […]

Netflix Increases Subscription Price for Some Customers

My Facebook feed exploded the other day with news that Netflix was changing its pricing scheme. For some customers, those who subscribe to unlimited streaming and DVD plans, the new price would be a 50% increase. I subscribe to Netflix. A few months ago I re-instated my account to take advantage of the streaming-only option after canceling my account due to my lack of DVD receiving and watching. […]

Are Bonds a Safe or Risky Investment?

You’ve probably heard of the 120 minus your age diversification rule: subtract your age from 120 and that’s how, as a percentage of your investments, much you should have invested in stocks. The rest should be in bonds. The idea behind that rule is that stocks are “risky” and bonds are “safe.” Are bonds really any safer than stocks? At it’s core, a bond is a simple instrument. […]

Can You Live on Dividends Alone?

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He also has a blog, Twittering thing, and other things that are supposed to be important but he often forgets about, such as hygiene. […]

15 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Old T-shirts

Everybody has that one T-shirt that they just can’t part with. Mine is somebody’s used blue soccer tee that I picked up at a thrift shop about 10 years ago. When I bought it, it was already broken in; after a decade in my possession, it’s literally falling apart at the seams. […]

Stupid Things to Put in Your Cover Letter

Crafting a compelling, convincing cover letter is not easy. The pressure to the capture the reader's attention without being annoying can be paralyzing. Concentrate on showing how you can contribute to the employer's success while avoiding these mistakes. […]

Moneydance as a Quicken Replacement?

On Monday I talked about my experiences moving from Quicken to iBank. In short, iBank is a solid option, but it’s not right for me. […]

Best Money Tips: Avoid Pesky Baggage Fees

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on avoiding pesky baggage fees, looking good on a budget, and surviving wedding season without going broke. Top 5 Articles How to Avoid Those Pesky Baggage Fees — Avoid baggage fees when you fly by filling your carry-on to the brim. […]

How to Prevent Plant Theft

As the weather heats up and your garden reaches the height of its beauty, have you considered how to prevent plant theft? Yes indeed, the theft of plants. […]

Great Savings Weapon: Storage Space

When we looked at our current home we noticed that it had an extra large pantry (roughly the size of a decent walk-in closet -- bigger than most half-bathrooms I've seen) full of floor-to-ceiling shelving. We wondered how we would ever use all that space. […]

Credit Karma Review: Know Your Credit Score, Free Credit Alerts

At some point, you may want to pick up a new line of credit or a loan for a home, vehicle, or for personal use. It’s a good idea to find out your credit score before you apply, so you can tackle any issues that arise. One source for a free credit score is Credit [...]Credit Karma Review: Know Your Credit Score, Free Credit Alerts Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Why Are Savings Account Rates So Low?

When I first started The Simple Dollar in late 2006, it was pretty easy to find a savings account that offered a 4% annual return on your deposits. Some banks, such as HSBC Direct, were offering introductory rates as high as 6% annually. […]

10 Ways to Waste Money on a Car

Yahoo lists 10 ways we all can waste money on a car as follows: 1. Changing oil every 3,000 miles. 2. Using premium fuel unnecessarily. 3. Failing to change your air filter. 4. Failing to check the brake pads. 5. Buying mileage-boosting additives and devices.6. Tune-ups for your engine or air conditioning. 7. Changing coolant. 8. Ignoring your check-engine light. 9. […]

Frugal Methods on Dealing with Garden Critters

My husband and I started a raised garden in April and our tomatoes are looking pretty good.  They are plump but are still very green and hard.  I was getting excited last week until I woke up one morning and something had taken big bites out of my best looking tomato!  It looked like gnaw marks, so our best bet is that a squirrel has been in our garden.  Here are a few frugal methods I have found […]

Kids and Money: Encouraging Your Teen to Help Pay for College

When it comes to kids and money, there are a number of opinions regarding how to best help them get ahead. You want your child to have the best financial start possible, but at the same time you don’t want to enable him or her to the point that he or she remains financially dependent upon you. […]

Look At Your Medical Bills Before Paying

My dentist’s office is changing billing procedure. I should note that my dentist is not part of an insurance network. It may be a cliché, but I have heard people who say that any dentist who aligns his office with insurance carriers is one you want to avoid. […]

Are You a GasBuddy?

Anyone here a member of GasBuddy? I joined about a couple months ago, soon after I got my new phone (they have an app) and gas went well over $4 per gallon here. […]

Tips for Buying Your First Condo

If your dream place to live is a popular travel destination, a crowded urban area, or any other location where real estate prices are escalating, you may be intimidated by the costs of single-family homes. […]