Reader Mailbag: Starting Over

I had forgotten the rewards and challenges of having a newborn. In some ways, both the challenges and the rewards are amplified by also having a four year old and a two year old at home. My son is 20, and is a straight A student at college but doesn’t feel that he knows what he really wants to do. Everything, academically, comes easy to him. (I know he doesn’t like manual labor. […]

7 Ways My Clunker Is Smarter than a Hybrid

ShareThisI’ve always been slightly amazed how the new car market is so readily embraced. I know it takes all those new car buyers to allow us used-car shoppers the luxury of so much inventory. […]

Poll: How Much Do You Spend on Phone Service?

Most of us can’t do without a phone. It’s a connected world and having a phone in your pocket everywhere you go is just the way it is these days. Unfortunately, connectivity costs money. If you have a phone that does more than make calls there’s a good chance you’re spending more money on added data plans, text messages, and more. […]

The Second-Best Way to Make your Household More Secure

You already know the best way to make your household finances more secure: emergency fund, insurance, diversified investment portfolio, marketable skills. […]

Money, Happiness, and (Extreme) Giving

We’ve previously talked about the relationship between money and happiness (here and here), and we’ve also tackled the issue of “how much is enough.” With those discussions as a backdrop… I recently ran across an interesting article about an Austrian millionaire that’s giving away his entire fortune. He’s selling his homes, cars, the business that made his fortune, etc. […]

Continental Airlines to Merge With United Airlines

Yesterday, the boards of directors for Continental Airlines and United Airlines agreed to merge the two companies, creating the largest airline carrier. The new company will bear the United name and the Continental brand will cease to exist. […]

Low Interest Credit Cards

While I’ve never carried a balance on my credit card before, making sure the card offered a low interest rate was always important to me. While I never intend to carry a credit card balance, I’m also a realist. I recognize that sometimes you can’t control what you can or cannot do. Things get out of your control and during those times it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared. […]

The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to the Farmers’ Market

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. Shopping at a farmers’ market is a great way to eat healthier and support local agriculture, but if you’ve ever been to one, you know that the food isn’t cheap. When you’re used to fairly inexpensive tomatoes from the supermarket, the price of locally-grown, heirloom tomatoes can be a bit of a shock, leading some consumers to wonder what makes the m […]

Secrets to Saving On Mother’s Day Flowers

What's the present mom likes best? One you make yourself! And, as it happens, that's also the kind of mother's day gift that will save you the most! What's the easiest, best and least expensive way to mom's heart? […]

The Capital to Income Ratio

The following is an excerpt from Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security. The concept of moving from laborer to capitalist sounds like a nice theory, but what you probably want to know most of all about retirement is this: “How much savings (capital) will I need to retire?” A good estimate is that you will need to accumulate capital worth about 12 times your income. […]

Thesis Theme For WordPress Rocks! New Website Design Launched

Well, I’m sure you’ve already noticed what I was alluding to a few days ago when I mentioned that I had a surprise in store. Beyond the free restaurant gift certificates giveaway, I wanted to unveil our new look. Wish I could give away something bigger to celebrate, but would you also settle for a theme change at least? […]

Cyber Crime: Can You Afford to Ignore It?

Link: ShareThis federated_media_section = "gold"; Are you worried that hackers in China might put you out of business? Do you have a business continuity plan? […]

Review: Getting Organized in the Google Era

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or other book of interest. I’m pretty passionate about organization – after all, I named David Allen’s book Getting Things Done as one of the ten books that changed my life. […]

Podcast 54: Improving Gas Usage and Saving Money

Our guest on today’s episode of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast is Schwark Satyavolu, president and co-founder of BillShrink. Our podcast producer and host, Tom Dziubek, speaks with Schwark about trends and tips for saving money on travel this coming summer.This episode contains a number of suggestions that will help travelers and commuters consume less gas and save money this summer. […]

Homebrewed Beer: The Results

When I left off, our beer was sitting in a carboy. In total, it spent 14 days there. The first several days were fascinating to me — I liked hearing and watching the yeast do its work. The color of the beer changed and the bubbles gradually stopped. After the beer had done its time in the carboy, it was time to bottle. […]

Dressed for Success, the Frugal Way

Anne writes in: After searching for most of a year after getting my degree, I finally found a great job which I’m starting just after Memorial Day. The problem is that I don’t know what to wear. I don’t want to stand out as being poorly dressed but I don’t want to dump thousands into a work wardrobe. […]

Reader Story: I’m Done with Debt

This guest post from Andrew J. is part of the “reader stories” feature here at Get Rich Slowly. Some reader stories contain general “how I did X” advice, and others are examples of how a GRS reader achieved financial success — or failure. […]

Channeled Tithing

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. The following is an excerpt from Faith & FINANCES: In God We Trust, A Journey to Financial Dependence. “… and of all that you give me I will give you a tenth.” Genesis 28:22 Does God ever have fun? […]

Snowflaking and Goals

One of my favorite personal finance tactics is “snowflaking.” For those unaware, “snowflaking” refers to the idea that if you make little frugal steps throughout the month, you simply add the amount you saved with that method and include the total as an extra payment at the end of the month. […]

20 Important Lessons I Learned From My Marketing Mentor

Link: ShareThisMost of us remember the first person who opened our eyes to a new way of thinking with regard to marketing. […]