Doing What You Love Versus Doing What Pays

Here's an interesting comment (published in part) left on my post titled The Ten Worst Money Mistakes Anyone Can Make: Yes, you missed something VERY vital. Under #2) Not working to maximize your career, you should have added: "Make sure you pick a career that pays a decent amount of money. […]

Legislation Mandates Improved 401(k) Transparency

You may have missed this heading into Memorial Day weekend, but on Friday the House approved legislation that includes a provision to improve 401(k) transparency. This provision was part of H.R. […]

Getting Things Done: A New Practice for a New Reality

This is the first entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings through July 16. The first question a lot of people are going to ask is why am I writing a fourteen part series on a time management book on a personal finance website. […]

Money Hack: When You Save Money, Actually Put It in Savings

As part of the publicity push for Your Money: The Missing Manual, I’ve been a guest on a couple dozen radio shows around the country. This morning, for example, I spent an hour chatting with Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio. I was nervous about these appearances at first — I’m a hesitant public speaker, as I’ve said — but after the first few, I got the hang of it. […]

More Fun Bank Failure Facts

I really enjoy trivia posts and had a lot of fun researching facts to include on my fifty fun facts about bank failures post, so I thought I’d bring it back. […]

The 10 Biggest Sources of Retirement Income

Yahoo gives us the ten biggest sources of retirement income as follows: Social Security Retirement Accounts Pensions Savings Accounts and CDs Stocks and Stock Mutual Funds Home Equity Part-Time Work Inheritance Annuities or Insurance Rent and Royalties Here's where I stand on each of these: Social Security - We've previously discussed whether Social Security is an insu […]

Some Thoughts on Hiring People

About once a day, I hear from someone who lists off a bunch of their investments, says that they don’t think their financial advisor is doing a good job with their money, and asks me what they should do. My first advice to them is usually to dump their advisor and handle their investing themselves. […]

Writing for On Demand Studios to Earn Some Extra Money

What’s So Great About Writing For Demand Studios? Demand Studios provides article and video content to websites like YouTube, LIVESTRONG.COM, eHow, GolfLink, Trails, and AOL.  The company hires freelance writers, copy editors, independent filmmakers, transcribers, and title proofers to complete tens of thousands of assignments for these clients.  Payment depends on the content cre […]

Dumpster-Diving 101: 6 Strategies for Success

The idea of dumpster-diving seems to push the limits of even the most frugal among us. Visions come to mind of foraging in muck, half-disguised out of fear being spotted by a neighbor, only to rush home for a shower worthy of Silkwood when it’s all over. […]

Managing and Maintaining a Home Office

One way people have coped with hard financial times is by developing an alternative stream of income. Whether you’re worried about layoffs or are looking to speed your debt reduction efforts, this can be a great way to get a leg up on things. Some people start out with something like consulting or programming from home for a few hours each day. Others do their freelance work outside their home. […]

Information Consumerism Commentary

In an earlier part of the century I was suffering from information overload. TV, radio, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, clones of Twitter and Facebook… and even with a feed reader, there were too many websites to keep up with. I was getting burned out, and I started having frequent daydreams about giving up and raising goats. […]

Do You Practice Math When You Leave a Tip?

Is it just me, or does everyone have their own special way of leaving a tip? I was taught to write a rounded dollar figure as the total, and cross out the tip line because the amount becomes trivial. But what if the servers end up having to make the calculation by hand every time a customer did this? […]

Five Jobs with Great Perks & Fringe Benefits

Jobs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are jobs that you take because it’s a stepping stone to something better. There are jobs that you take just for the paycheck. There are jobs that are fulfilling, beyond that paycheck, and get you up in the morning. […]

The 50-Percent Solution

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at When I started getting serious about frugal living, my husband dredged up one piece of juicy financial advice he recalled from his grad school days: Use half of what you normally would. He was talking about consumable goods like shampoo and dish soap. […]

Best of Money Carnival

It's my pleasure to host the first annual edition of the Best of Money Carnival, the blog carnival that recognizes the top 10 personal finance posts each week. Yep, we're celebrating one year of carnivals this week! Let's get right to the good stuff. […]

One of my favorite four-letter words

Earlier today I was walking around our subdivision with my family.  Once around is about 0.6 miles, so it’s at least a little bit of exercise for me. We had walked only a few houses down the first bend when we saw a gas grill and a patio furniture set lined up at the curb. With a cardboard sign duct-taped to the table that said “FREE.” Man, I love that word! The grill was in prett […]

6 Free Budget Software Choices for Everyone

This article on budgeting software is part of a financial planning series called How to Make a Budget. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. There are as many ways to make a budget as there are people. The budgeting basics are the same, but many of us like to manage our money with a known entity. […]

How To Cook Rice With Flair: Simple, Creative Ideas For Rice

I grew up on rice, and this is no surprise given where I’m originally from! I usually prefer rice as plain and white as they come, but let’s not forget that while it’s a staple product, it doesn’t always have to be used on its own. You can serve pretty much anything with rice, but it’s good to have some variety; you don’t have to serve plain white rice all the time. […]

How to Sell Off a Media Collection

Back in 2006, when I hit financial bottom and realized I had to do something, one of the first things I did was clean out my closets and shelves and sell off a large portion of my media collection. […]

Sun Screens Can Really Cost You – By the Ounce or By the Tumor

If you've been paying extra for sun products containing Vitamin A — often marketed as preventing your skin from aging — you might as well save your money. In fact, you may need it for future surgical bills. […]