Fall in love with your Personal Savings Rate

Looking for a little summer romance? Have a summer fling with saving money and you won’t have the heartache of breaking up after Labor Day. Smile. I don’t fall in love often. The last time I succumbed to Cupid’s danged arrow was in 2001, when I met ‘The Carl’. Oh gush. Anyways. […]

Finances in 55 Seconds: Quick Car Maintenance

With gas prices still quite high, it is important to do what you can to increase the fuel efficiency of your car. While doing one thing with your car, such as changing the air filter, probably won’t make much difference in the way your car uses gas, consistent maintenance over time can help your car run better — and save you money. […]

Investor Performance Won’t Match Advertised Returns

Mutual funds use annual returns as advertisements to attract investors. Investors are customers for managed mutual funds, and the better the annual returns, the more likely the fund will be to attract investors. Track the actual investor performance for someone who invests in a mutual fund, it often diverges greatly from the advertised performance. […]

Six Ways to Save Money on Your Garden

This is a guest post from Ed Avis. When most people plant a garden, visions of cornucopia overflowing with luscious vegetables fill their heads. They imagine feeding nutritious, delicious meals straight from the garden to their eager families. Skip the produce department at the supermarket, Honey, this summer we’re eating homegrown! Yeah, right. […]

7 Life Lessons from the Very Wealthy

The Washington Post lists seven life lessons from the very wealthy as follows: 1. Having money is better than not having money. Money may not buy you happiness, but it buys many other important things. Like financial security, excellent health care, education, travel and a comfortable retirement. In a word: freedom.2. Don’t become “cash rich” and “time poor.”3. […]

Best of Money Carnival

The Best of Money Carnival is now up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, How I Delivered Away My Debt. Enjoy! […]

5 Reasons to Not Borrow From 401k

You won’t believe what I’ve been hearing at work lately.  Fellow employees are taking out loans against their 401k accounts and borrowing money!  I don’t know if there are people out there giving advice to do this, but it’s probably one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of. […]

A Collection of Useful Resources for Learning about Investing

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. I got enough great responses that I’m going to fill the entire month of July – one post per day – addressing these ideas. On Facebook, Shannon asked “What book/blog/resource do you recommend as a dummys guide to learning about investments? […]

Save Money While in College

Higher education has its benefits, both financial and not. A bachelor’s degree helps ensure lifetime earnings will be greater than someone with just a high school diploma. Aside from the financial benefit, the cognitive skills used in tackling tough academics are useful inside and outside of a career. Nevertheless, college students often start careers at a financial disadvantage. […]

Buy A Brand New Car

One of the longest held tenets of buying a car is that you shouldn’t buy a brand new car. As I once gracefully put it, “Buy used and let some other sucker pay the new car premium.” The tenet is true, buying a good used car will save you money over buying a brand new car. […]

Every Purchase Is a Trade-Off

While I was digging out of debt, I cut back on my comic book habit. I’d been spending a mind-boggling $250 every month on comics — most of which I bought in the form of hard-bound compilations — but for a few of years, I slashed that to less than $50 a month. I also cut my book spending from $100 per month to $50 per month. In other words, I made trade-offs. […]

Ask The Readers: Do You Pay For A Gym Membership?

Staying healthy and being in shape is something most people strive to do. For many people, this means paying for a gym membership. However, some people opt to work out outside the gym to avoid paying a monthly membership fee. Do you pay for a gym membership?  Or do you prefer to exercise outside of a gym environment? […]

How Much?! A Breakdown of Concert Ticket Prices

If you buy concert tickets on a regular basis, like me and many of my friends, then you know one topic of conversation that often rears its ugly head — what's the deal with the pricing?! You start off with a ticket for $35, by the time you're done it's closer to $50. What's with all the service fees and other add-ons? […]

Best Money Tips: Ways to Save Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to save money in the second half of the year, financial realities of being in a relationship, and steps to achieve financial independence. Top 5 Articles 6 Ways to Save Money in the Second Half of the Year — Save money in the second half of the year by re-evaluating your budget. […]

Shop Like a Ninja on eBay

In June, I wrote an article for current and would-be eBay sellers, entitled How I Still Make Money with eBay. Well, fair is fair, and it’s time to explore a few strategies for scoring the best deals as a buyer. […]

Three Hours in the Financial Hotseat

How would you like to have your finances reviewed by eight wealthy men? They'd look over all your statements, investments, etc., then ask you some questions and offer their advice. It would probably be something you'd appreciate, right?Well, yes and no. "Yes" because it's great to have someone who knows something about money offer their thoughts on how you could do better. […]

Automatic Investing In A Dividend Paying Stock (PepsiCo Example)

When you’re not day trading, it’s easy to ignore the stock price and continue investing. Sure, most investors love to peek at the leader board as they continue to focus on the task at hand. You should do the same. Recall that by consistently making stock purchases, you will even out your actual costs. […]

The Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit, August 2011

For consumers with a poor credit history, the options for new lines of credit are limited. Far too often, lenders take advantage of people with poor credit by charging high interest rates and fees. Rather than improve their credit, the added debt only makes things worse. The world can be a much uglier place when your credit score is below 650. […]

Citigroup Accused in Death of Customer

Three months ago, a healthy 49-year-old business man walked into a Citibank office in Jakarta, Indonesia to discuss the matter of a $5,500 debt on his Citi Platinum credit card. The events that followed are unclear, but four hours later, the man left Citi offices in a wheelchair. […]