Small Business Saturday

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new shopping holiday nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s called “Small Business Saturday,” and it’s the brainchild of American Express OPEN – the small business unit of Amex. Beyond simply encouraging you to go out at shop at small, locally-owned businesses, Amex is offering you $25 to do so. […]

How to Get Your Spouse Involved in Managing Your Finances

If you’re the one managing the finances, tracking the expenses and mapping out your family’s financial plan, you deserve a lot of credit. But I’m sure there are times when you wish your spouse was more involved. First, because it takes time to steer the money ship and it’s only fair to share that burden. […]

Making It All Work – Getting Perspective at Forty Thousand Feet: Vision

This is the sixteenth entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings through December 10. “What would long term success look, sound, and feel like?” Again, Allen opens the chapter with a provocative question. […]

The Low-Flow Shower Head: Get 640% ROI in One Year

Bold statement alert: The best money saving device that you may ever purchase in terms of return-on-investment is a low-flow shower head.  Why Use a Low-Flow Shower Head? One 10-minute shower with an inefficient showerhead uses 55 gallons of water (5.5 gallons per minute, or gpm) on average, while an Energy Star model uses less than half t […]

How to Remodel Your Kitchen for Less Than $5,000

Everybody has a dream kitchen — with a matching nightmare price tag. But if you set realistic expectations and get creative, you can come up with a beautiful remodel for less than five grand. […]

How to Avoid Getting Fleeced at Hotels

As individual and corporate travelers watch their budgets more carefully, hotels are getting more creative in their quests to maintain profits. A thorough fleecing at your favorite hotel chain is enough to ruin an otherwise great trip and take your travel budget from black to red. […]

Thinking of Giving

While much of the US today is thinking about shopping, I'd like to change course and ask FMF readers to consider thinking about giving. We all know it's been a rough couple of years for many people financially, and whatever you can do this holiday season to help others will certainly make a difference for them. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Nov 22

Let's start off with a reminder: FMF is on Facebook. Every weekday I post a couple pieces that usually aren't on FMF. […]

Black Friday Deals From Retailers: Limited Time Coupons

We’ve updated our Black Friday deals on this page. If you’re looking for some online holiday sales and discounts, then we invite you to check out a few of our favorite retailers below. […]

Ways to Earn More If You're a Chase Freedom User

I just received an email notice from a company I do business with of the following: For 5 days only, Chase Freedom cardholders can earn 8% bonus cash back for every dollar spent when shopping at the following select merchants: Apple Online Store, Gap, Toys "R" Us, Barnes & Noble, Dick's Sporting Goods, Sears and Macy's. This promotion is valid from November 26th (Black Friday) through November […]

“It Is Still a Beautiful World”: Happy Thanksgiving 2010

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and that means a quiet respite from our discussions of money. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; I’m grateful that we set aside a day each year to be remember for the good things we have. As usual, I have much to be thankful for this year. I’m fortunate to have a good life, a fine wife, and four soft and furry cats. […]

Consumerism Commentary Matching Charitable Donations for Thanksgiving

Last year, Consumerism Commentary matched $3,584 in readers’ charitable contributions. For every dollar that readers donated and informed us, we made a matching donation to the World Food Programme (through the American arm of the organization, the Friends of the World Food Program). […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of our readers in (or from) the United States… Happy Thanksgiving! I’m not sure about you, but my day will be spent going on a hike with the kids, watching football, and eating a wonderful dinner. […]

Ten Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s a great day to step back and reflect on the positive things that have happened in our life over the past year and the things that bring joy into your life. […]

6 Ways to Spend Black Friday at Home

I am not a Black Friday shopper. My dislike of large crowds generally trumps my love of good deals, unfortunately. […]

Black Friday Tips From Money-Saving Experts

I recently had the chance to hear top money-saving bloggers Miriam Kamin of, Cassie and Alex Michael of TheThriftyCouple, and Tiffany Ivanovsky of MyLitter (so called because the lady has seven kids). […]

Happy Turkey Day!

Today, all across America, families will be sitting down to enjoy their annual Thanksgiving feast of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all the other yummy goodness that is our more gluttonous holiday. While you might think the focus is on the food, in reality it’s on the company. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish you and your family a blessed and very happy Thanksgiving. May we all take a break from talking about money and focus on the things that really make us thankful. Here's my list -- still the same after two years (except maybe the KFC part.) ;-) Have a great, relaxing, joyful, thankful day! […]