Unemployed Lawyers Sue Their Law Schools

A group of fresh, unemployed lawyers have banded together to sue law schools. 73 alumni have filed at least fifteen class-action lawsuits, alleging the schools inflated employment figures and salary data to attract students and increase rankings. […]

Practice Good Gas Conservation Habits (37/365)

One of the fun things about my wife’s car is that it has a constant readout of the miles per gallon on the dashboard. It lets you know what your miles per gallon over the last five minutes is, the mpg of your entire trip, as well as your estimated miles per gallon right at that moment. The data it produces is really accurate. […]

Help Out with a Study on Finances

The other day I received an email from Utpal Dholakia from Rice University. It is as follows: I am a management professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I conduct research on financial decision making and specifically, how to get individuals to make good financial decisions. […]

Why Your Portfolio Needs Bond ETFs

Exchange traded funds or ETFs are to the investment market what the IPhone may be to the cell phone market. It’s one of the fastest growing, game changing products to hit the investment markets since the 401(k). There is an ETF for just about everything and what makes them so popular is their relative low cost. […]

Rebalance your Couch Potato Portfolio with these free tools

Use the Couch Potato strategy to build a low-cost and well diversified portfolio, and then download these free tools to rebalance your stock and bond holdings back to the perfect mix. At the beginning of every month I contribute some saved cash to my Couch Potato and rebalance my mix of stocks, bonds, cash, and other assets. It’s a habit I’ve stuck to over the years to build my savings. […]

Citibank to Issue Credit Cards in China

Here’s an interesting development in the world of finance… Citibank has apparently gained approval to issue a credit card in China. This makes Citi the first non-Asian bank to enter the market. Citi has actually had a co-branded credit card in China since 2004, but those cardholders are technically customers of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. […]

How to Have a Memorable Valentine’s Day Without Spending Any Money

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of spending money you don’t have on things that you don’t need. If you’re looking for ways to make your loved ones feel special this February 14th but don’t want to go broke doing so, you’ve come to the right place. Consider this your guide to a fun and free Valentine’s Day. […]

Kids & Money: When to Look for Scholarships

If you plan on sending your child to college, you know that it’s expensive. The cost of an education rises each year. And, while you are hopefully saving up for college with the help of a savings account or a 529 plan, it doesn’t hurt to look for other ways of paying for school. Scholarships can provide a way for your child to get free money for college. […]

Debt Collections: Do You Have To Pay?

People who borrow money generally understand that they will eventually need to pay borrowed money back to the lender. This understanding, whether codified in a contract or not in any particular case, makes lending and borrowing money work as an economic mechanism. It’s interesting that regardless of what’s written in a contract, most debt can be legally ignored. […]

Profitable and Unprofitable Grad Degrees

We've talked a lot about the value of a college degree, but lately I'm been focusing on posts and articles that try to ascertain the "profitability" of a degree -- basically the increased income from the degree less the cost of it (including lost income while studying.) This article is a perfect addition to the conversation since it summarizes an analysis of Census data from Georgetown University' […]

Heartstrings and Pursestrings

Consider Valentine’s Day. Is there any holiday known to man and woman that brings into greater conflict the heartstrings and purse strings? You want to express your inner most feelings for your sweetie in the gift you choose, but doing so may require you break the bank. And that could be counter-productive. […]

Following the Time Trail and Downgrading Subscriptions

In the past few months, we’ve ended our subscription to GameFly, reduced our subscription to Netflix to streaming-only, stopped receiving four magazines, and given away or sold a bunch of items around our household. At first glance, one might think we were going through some sort of economic crisis. […]

8 Questions to Help You Save More

This is a guest post by Fiona Lippey. Fiona is the author of the bestselling book The $21 Challenge and founder of Australia’s largest frugal website, SimpleSavings.net. If you want to save money, and I mean really save money, then you’re going to have to stop buying Stuff. You have reduce the amount you consume. […]

Why Certificates of Deposit Suck & Dividends Rock

Take a quick peek at the best CD rates and you’ll know that they’re abysmal right now. 1% for a 1 year CD? No more than 2% for a 5 year CD? Those are terrible yields. Consider this – you can buy shares of blue chip companies with yields greater than 1-2%. […]

Ask the Readers: How Often Do You Review Your Credit Report?

Having a good credit score is an important part of your financial health. It is necessary to review your credit report from time to time to check on your credit health and make sure you have no discrepancies with your report. Some people review their credit report once a year while others do it more regularly. How often do you review your credit report? Yearly? Monthly? […]

How to Find the Right Accountant for You

Finding the right accountant can make a world of difference when it comes to managing your money, but it can be easier said than done. There are a few ways that you can make the process go much easier, though. Why Do You Need an Accountant? The first question you need to think about when looking for an accountant is why do you need help with your finances — and what sort of help do you need? […]

Best Money Tips: Frugal Ways to Hire a Babysitter

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on frugal ways to hire a babysitter, how to spend a tax refund, and ways to get money fast. Top 5 Articles Frugal Ways to Hire a Babysitter — Save money on childcare expenses by bartering. [Saving Money Today] How to Spend a Tax Refund — This year, spend 5% of your tax refund on something nice! […]

Using Credit Cards to Save Money

We talk a lot about using credit cards (specifically cash back credit cards) to MAKE some extra money over the course of a year, but does anyone ever get a credit card because it will SAVE them money? Recently I've gotten two cards just for this purpose and I'm wondering if any of you have as well.The first card I got was the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express. […]

Update on Our Shopping List, February 2012

It's been awhile since I've given an update on our shopping list, so I thought I'd bring you all up to speed in this post. Here's what we've accomplished in the past several months as well as our plans for the next few months: Vacations -- We completed our Caribbean cruise in January (details coming soon). It wasn't the most frugal trip, but it was a blast. […]

Minimize Your Load (36/365)

Depending on the specific model, your car loses 1-2% fuel efficiency for every 100 pounds of extra weight in the car. That’s a surprising amount that can really add up. For example, let’s say you’re matching the extra weight that a friend of mine (who we’ll call Cathy) carries in her car. […]