How to Choose a Mortgage Lender

I recently received an e-mail from a reader who was wondering how to select a mortgage lender. More specifically, he wanted to know: “If bank A offers me a certain APR with roughly $3,000 in closing costs, while bank B offers me a lower APR with roughly $3,000 in closing costs, but bank B is a no name bank, which do I pick? In the end, a contract is a contract, right? […]

Money To-Do Calendar: January

The great personal finance book Grow Your Money!: 101 Easy Tips to Plan, Save, and Invest ends with a list of what financial steps we should take each month. They list the January steps as follows: Organize your tax records. Review the performance of your investments for the prior year. Rebalance your investments. […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Jan 4

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. And before I get to this week's roundup, I wanted to say that I have several giveaways going on right now. You can win access to Sound Mind Investing's website and a free copy of You Need a Budget. […]

10 Frugal Ways to get Fit this Winter

I did the unthinkable today. I willingly stood on a scale, knowing full well the number would make me squawk. And squawk I did. OK, I had a little fit too. If you’re anything like me, then you *might* just need a little nudge to remove that little extra holiday pudge. […]

Debt Solutions To Break Out Of The Debt Cycle

Many of us wish to become debt free. So what are some ways to break out of the debt cycle? If you know someone in debt, here are some ways to help them escape the rut. Let’s look at an interesting situation. So you may think that your kids are finally independent; they’ve graduated from [...]Debt Solutions To Break Out Of The Debt Cycle Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. […]

Five Ways to Save Big

A publisher sent me a copy of SAVE BIG: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands awhile ago. The book's philosophy is that it's not the "latte factor" (small amounts of) spending that kills people, but the big items. That's why they focus on the five BIG ways to save. […]

Trimming the Average Budget: Home Energy Costs

This is part of an ongoing series about how to trim the budget of the average American. As this series focuses on such broad-based tips, some will work for you and some will not. […]

Discover More Card Bonus Categories for 2010

Do you have a Discover More card? If so, you might be interested in learning more about the 5% cash back bonus categories for 2010. […]

Do You Twitter? Join Our First Tweetchat at 4:00 CST

By Linsey Knerl Join us today in our first ever Tweetchat, from 4:00 – 4:45 pm CST for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes!  We want to hear your money saving tips, how the new year has shaped your financial outlook, and any questions you have about the Wise Bread community. […]

Do I Need an Accountant or CPA? Knowing When to Outsource Your Taxes

Finding an Accountant Can Lead to Big Tax Savings If you’re like most Americans you probably have a good handle on completing your taxes on your own. […]

Packaging can cost an arm and a leg

OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, especially when I’m about to talk about ketchup. I went grocery shopping with my wife last night, and in the condiment section, shockingly, I found various brands of ketchup.  The store brand came in a number of sizes.  Here are two of them: 20 ounces for $1.79 24 ounces on sale for 10/$10.00, otherwise known as $1.00 Sure, the 24-ounce size was on sale […]

Life Insurance Benefits Aren’t Taxed (Usually)

I was poking around on the internet the other day when I saw one of those morbid life insurance policy ads. You’ve probably seen them before too. They usually have someone kneeling at a grave or a kid wearing all black at a funeral. […]

8 Swanky Sauces to Glamorize Dinner

By Marla Walters What I love about a great sauce is that it can transform an inexpensive dinner into something that looks and tastes pretty glamorous. think a lot of home cooks shy away from them, thinking that (1) they are hard to make or (2) are too expensive. My first money-saving trick is to use a sauce intended for one recipe on a cheaper cut of meat, poultry, or fish. […]

What We Got for Christmas

I thought it would be fun for me to share what my family got for Christmas (the main items) and have you all do the same. […]

Best Deals for Thursday 01/07/2010

Flash Diffuser Softbox for $6 + free shipping Clearance Hats for $5 FREE Everlast Energy Bar at GNC Save up to 30% off Coffee K-Cups from 50% off + FREE $10 Certificate w/code CHOW […]

New Stimulus Plan: The Fiscal Menace or The Economy Strikes Back?

(Or perhaps Episode IV: Obama’s New Hope.)In a few weeks the Senate will be debating another stimulus plan. This one is billed as a jobs creation package with a $154 billion price tag. […]

Principles Reinforced By Favorite Television Show – Holmes On Homes

I love Holmes on Homes.  If you haven’t seen the show, you really should check it out.  Originally produced for Canadian television, episodes now air on HGTV.  The show stars general contractor and renovation specialist Mike Holmes and his crew of workers. Holmes on Homes features families who have had unsatisfactory work done to their homes.  Mike and his crew come in, assess the situation – and […]

Watch All The Documentary Movies You Can Handle, Free Online - And Yes, It's Legal.

By Paul Michael My favorite genre of movies these days is the documentary. I seek them out like some bizarre addict, soaking up 90 minute chunks of knowledge and feeling good knowing that my time in front of the TV (or computer) has at least taught me something. I get many of these films from the library, free. But that does involve a wait and traveling to and from the library. […]

Save Then Buy vs. Buy Now, Pay Later

Today I want to suggest a New Year’s resolution that is guaranteed to improve your bottom line. It’s a simple concept really… Do not purchase a good or service until you have saved the money to pay for it. Period. So why is this so hard for us to grasp, adopt, and live by? It’s not complicated, it’s not unreasonable, and it makes perfect sense. So what’s the deal? […]

Are You Tracking the Key Financial Measures?

Are you tracking the key financial measures in your life? Or maybe you're wondering what the key financial measures even are. Either way, you'll want to check out my guest post titled Are You Tracking Your Budget, Cash Flow, and Net Worth? today over at Dumb Little Man. […]