Life Insurance as an Investment

The following is a guest post from Clarifinancial. Is investing in life insurance right for me? The popular media has a problem using life insurance as an investment because they say “buy term invest the difference.” But to a well-trained financial advisor or life insurance agent, that argument might not go far enough. What are the risks and dangers of using life insurance as an investment? […]

Where Your Money Goes: An Interactive Tax Calculator

Last August, in the midst of a growing debate about taxes in the United States, I decided I’d had enough. I was sick and tired of the histrionics from both sides of the political fence, and I wanted to find the facts. I spent twelve hours researching the federal budget and the U.S. […]

Pay Off Debt or Invest? Think About Your Rate of Return

Andrew writes in: My girlfriend and I bought a home last year and qualify for the First Time Homebuyer Credit. When you include my share of this, I will be getting back around $4500 in my tax refund. This is a lot of money to me and I’m trying to decide what to do with it. […]

The 10-Step Staircase to a Comfortable Retirement

By Steve Klingaman The secret to saving enough for retirement is simple. Start early and increase the amount you save over time. For many people the hardest step on the journey is that first one. Think of saving for retirement as climbing a staircase. Step One is to save enough money each year to receive the full employer match available to you under your company 401k plan. […]

Best Deals for Thursday 02/04/2010

40% off Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzles: Prices Start at $9 Old Navy Khaki Craze Sale: Up to 50% off + extra 15% off 60% to 80% off Oakley sunglasses, apparel: Deals from $6 + $7 s&h Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for Xbox 360 for $79 + free shipping Free Download of Assemble for iPhone / iPod touch […]

Insider’s Look at Drug & Vitamin Expiration Dates

After my last post on drugs, vitamins and expiration dates, I received an anonymous email from someone who claims to work in the pharmaceutical industry. They wanted to share some insider knowledge on how drug and vitamin expiration dates really work. […]

Online Tax Payment and Filing for Small Businesses

By Thursday Bram The IRS wants businesses to pay their taxes online, as well as file their taxes online. It's faster, eliminates the need for the IRS to have people open envelopes and process paperwork and has been running for more than a decade. The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (or EFTPS) offers taxpayers the technology to make payments online. […]

Tax Filing Stats

TurboTax offers up this "infographic" about filing your taxes online that has some rather interesting numbers in it. […]

Which Should You Pay First: Credit Cards or Mortgage?

Imagine your income were sliced in half while your debts remained the same. How would you prioritize your payments? […]

What to do When You Have a Bad Financial Advisor, Planner, or Broker That Isn’t Working in Your Best Interest

Where to Turn When Your Adviser Does You Wrong While I’m not a big fan of how many people quickly jump on the litigation bandwagon for almost anything these days, there are legitimate situations where you may have a case against a bad broker or advisor. Even so, keep in mind that you can’t sue just because you lose money on an investment they have recommended. […]

What Would It Take For You to Relocate for a Job?

By Xin Lu Last year was a challenging year for American job seekers as corporations cut millions of jobs amidst the recession. This is why I was surprised to read that according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, only 7.3 percent of job seekers chose to relocate to a new town for a job in the last quarter of 2009. […]

Starting a Carpool

Jenny writes in: I work at an office park about forty five minutes from where I live. I live in a highly populated suburban neighborhood. In order to save some money on gas and wear and tear on my car, I want to start a carpool, but I don’t know anyone who lives near me who works in the office park. […]

Is Just Leaving Some Slack Better Than a Plan?

By Philip Brewer Are you as tired as I am of personal finance sites saying that you've got to have a plan? If you're a planner, it's unnecessary advice, because you've got a plan. If you're not a planner it's pointless advice, because you're not going to make a plan anyway. […]

Fitness: Physical or Fiscal?

This article is presented by Kelly Whalen, Consumerism Commentary staff writer.The costs of health care rose dramatically in the past year for many Americans. […]

Imprisoned by Debt – 5 Escape Plans

This reader has $40,000 of credit card debt and having trouble making payments. If you're in a similar situation or know someone who is, take a look at the 5 options to deal with debt. Warning: None are painless, and all will result in varying degrees of hassle and heartache. […]

Thousands of “Insider” Tips from Reddit

If you have a few (dozen) hours to kill and want to learn some pretty insightful things, I have to recommend this fantastic thread on Reddit where users share all sorts of tips. […]

Reader Tip: Pay Your Bills as They Arrive

Andy sent me a tip by e-mail the other day. This isn’t long enough to be a reader story, but I think it’ll be useful advice for some GRS readers. Andy says he’s learned that if he pays his bills as they arrive, he feels a lot less stressed than if he puts them off to the end of the month. When he got his first credit card, Andy made a habit of paying his bills when he got them in the mail. […]

Determining Your Financial Priorities

If my time as a personal finance blogger has taught me but one thing, it would be that personal finances are like snowflakes… Seemingly similar, yet utterly unique. […]

Top Six Mindless Money Wasters

Yahoo lists the top six mindless money wasters as follows: 1. Convenience Stores2. Cell Phone Plans3. Soft Drinks 4. Unnecessary Bank Fees5. Magazines6. Annual Credit Card Fees I guess I must be doing pretty well -- I don't spend money on any of these. At least not much money. here's where I stack up on the list: 1. […]

Why yes, I DID save some money on my auto insurance!

We’re (hopefully) in the final stretch for purchasing a new house, and part of the paperwork for this was setting up homeowner’s insurance for the new house. We called the same company that sold us our current house’s homeowner’s policy, as well as our current auto insurance policy.  The agent was able to get us quite a good deal on the homeowner’s policy, and almost as an afterthought, she offere […]