Is It Better to Specialize or Generalize?

By Nora Dunn I’ve formerly written about the virtues of specializing within the confines of running a business and seeking clients. And as an entrepreneurial tool, specialization is quite a valuable skill to have. But what about those of us who are employees, not entrepreneurs? Are we more employable — and ultimately happy — if we become proficient at lots of things (i.e. […]

ING Direct Offering $121 Bonus for New Checking Accounts

Here’s a Black Friday sale I can appreciate. ING Direct is offering a $121 bonus for opening an Electronic Orange checking account today, Friday, November 27, 2009. This is a one-day only sale. According to ING Direct, consumers pay $121 in overdraft fees, on average, each year. Rather than charging overdraft fees, the Electric Orange includes an overdraft line of credit. […]

2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets

With just over a month left in 2009, it’s time to start thinking about your finances in 2010. Back in late October, the IRS released details regarding income tax changes for 2010, including (very slightly) modified income tax brackets. Here’s a quick rundown. 2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets Here’s a quick rundown of Federal income tax brackets for 2010. […]

Way to Save #132: FAFSA First

FAFSA stands for “free application for federal student aid,” and it’s basically a standardized form that will help you find out what kind and how much aid will be available to your student. Colleges and universities use it as a basis for the tuition packages they offer, and nearly every scholarship, work-study and other dispenser [...] […]

Spending on Your Passion

Recently, I picked up two Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart French ovens on a special deal. I’ve been slowly upgrading our kitchen implements and I’ve wanted to upgrade our cracked ceramic casseroles with enameled cast iron that can be used over a burner and also thrown in an oven for baking purposes. They were expensive, far more than the ceramic items we originally purchased for casseroles. […]

Cinderella Wine: Gary Vaynerchuk's Nightly Deals Mean More Wine for Less Money

By Adam Baker Let's face it...many of us enjoy wine, but don't always have the room in our budget to branch out and try new varieties. But there is good news. Freshly launched website, Cinderella Wine, makes saving money on wine incredibly simple. […]

Are You Affluent?

Here are some interesting thoughts from Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire on how to determine whether or not your net worth is as high as it should be: Simply stated, your net worth [augmented -- assets minus liabilities] should equal 10 percent of your age times your annual realized household income (0.10 x age x income = expected net worth.) If your actual net wort […]

Star Money Articles and Carnivals for the Week of Nov 23

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

What money smells do you need to work on?

I do software development at work.  A term that gets thrown around a bit is code smell.  It’s a catch-all for any number of programming practices that indicate more serious underlying problems, or that indicate that quick fixes were made that will be more costly to maintain down the road. Basically, the code smells a little bit.  There’s nothing really wrong with it, but it’s getting close to its […]

10 Terrific Turkey Leftover Recipes

Let’s talk turkey leftovers! Yum! There’s nothing more frugal than taking your turkey leftovers and spinning them into a second (or third) delicious dinner. To get the most from your lovely leftovers, I’ve put together a few simple, fast, and terrific turkey leftover recipes for some frugal dining fun. Most of the ingredients can already be found in your refrigerator. Yay! […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States — my favorite holiday. I like that we set aside a day each year to be grateful for the things we have. I have much to be thankful for this year — I’ve been very fortunate. A lot of this is because of this site, and because of my interaction with you, the readers. […]

Why We Avoid Black Friday Like the Black Death

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday from all the writers here at FiveCentNickel. […]

5 Easy Ways to Save Some Green This Holiday Season

By Jeff Yeager Given that Christmas has become a $400 billion annual spending spree here in the U.S., sometimes I think Scrooge had a point during his "bah humbug" period. Certainly a little spending moderation can't hurt this holiday season, and it might even put us back in touch with the true spirit and ideals of the season. […]

Consumerism Commentary Matching Charitable Donations for Thanksgiving

On behalf of myself, Smithee, and Tom Dziubek, to all those who celebrate today, have a happy Thanksgiving. I will be spending the day with my girlfriend’s family in New York. Although there’s nothing that makes one day of the calendar inherently more special than any other day, Thanksgiving is a good opportunity to think about all the good things in our lives. […]

Happy Turkey Day!

To those who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope you and yours have a festive Thanksgiving day and weekend. I hope you celebrate the merriment and cheer that is Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with loved ones, and stuff yourself full of food prepared with loving care. To those who aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving, eat something decadent. […]

Way to Save #131: Get Money For Nothing

Billions of dollars of grants, scholarships, work-study programs and low cost loans are available every year. Don’t pay a company to find them for you, because there are places you can search for free. The Internet is a great resource for this. Websites to check out include and, but there are many others. [...] […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Simple Dollar

Today, I’m spending the day with my family, enjoying some turkey, taking a nap, playing a few games, and kibbitzing with people I love. Wherever you are today (whether you’re in the United States or not), take a moment to look at the good things in your life and ask yourself what you can do the rest of the year to help and preserve those things. […]

Giving Thanks For The Dollar

By Sasha A. Rae Today I woke up with the question, “What can I get for $1 today in the U.S.?” It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s so much more than many people have right now. Like the man down the street who sits on the corner every weekday with a sign that says, “Need Food.” The sign has changed over the past six months. When I first spotted him, his sign said, “Out of Work. […]

A Turkey Pops Dessert To Cap Your Thanksgiving Dinner

I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! There’s a lot to be thankful for, despite the financial challenges of recent years. We have our health, our family and friends and we’re getting used to the new “normal”. I feel that there’s always hope for (even) better days ahead. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish you and your family a blessed and very happy Thanksgiving. May we all take a break from talking about money and focus on the things that really make us thankful. Here's my list -- still the same after two years (except maybe the KFC part.) ;-) The site will have a couple (at most) posts tomorrow (at least that's how I'm planning it) and one each day this weekend. […]