Questions About Retirement Savings, Distraction, Investments, Zumba and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. How Vanguard makes money 2. Unequal wage cuts 3. Saving for retirement at 50 4. Entrepreneurship ideas 5. Marriages and debt 6. Evicting a horrible tenant 7. Zumba teaching as side gig 8. Distracting websites 9. […]

10 Negotiation Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Deal

In any kind of bargaining situation, from million dollar property deals to purchases at a flea market, there are many pitfalls to avoid. What you say, and how you say it, can be the difference between walking away with a steal, or empty pockets. So before you make any more deals, make sure you... […]

Best Money Tips: Money-Saving Tips for April

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on ways to save money in April, bad habits that rob you blind, and budget-friendly ways to improve your health. Top 5 Articles How to Save Money in April — Keep an eye out for yard sales in your area. It's... […]

6 Moves to Make in Your First Month of Debt Repayment

So, it's time, is it? Time to get serious about paying off your debt? Congratulations! If you've made the decision to begin repaying your debt instead of generating more, that is huge! Repaying debt can feel so daunting that people avoid it, making minimum payments until their dying day. But... […]

8 Tax Tricks to Try if You're Stuck With Student Loans

When you're buried in student loan debt, it doesn't seem fair to be paying taxes. That's why it's important to get as much as you can back with your tax returns. Take advantage of deductions and credits, and if you're fortunate enough to be able to do so, use your returns to pay down a big chunk of... […]

6 Great Side Jobs for Book Lovers

Bookworms and knowledge seekers, rejoice! You can make money off your insatiable thirst for a good story. No matter your day job, there are lots of ways to earn a little extra side cash by capitalizing on the very things you like to do in your free time — namely, reading. Here are several... […]

My 5 Best Thrift Store Finds of All Time

I was raised by parents who loved antiques, amassed wild collections, and roamed auctions and thrift stores for sport. Destined for the same weird passion, I thrift-shopped across the Midwest for the first 22 years of my life, hunted honey holes in Chicago for a decade, and picked all over the... […]

Best Deals for Monday 04/04

Link for teaser title: Now 73% Off on Cook N Home 3-Piece Set with Non-Stick Coating, Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils Kit 100%... […]

25 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

Summer might be the perfect time for a vacation, but peak-season travel doesn’t come cheap. […]

Inspiration from Carl Sandburg, Cory Booker, Jean-Luc Picard and More

Once a month (or so), I share a dozen things that have inspired me to greater personal, professional, and financial success in my life. I hope they bring similar success to your life. 1. Carl Sandburg on the true currency of your life “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. […]

Best Credit Card Points to Redeem for Gift Cards

While it’s easy to assume credit card rewards are only lucrative if you like to travel, that’s not really true. In reality, a large number of rewards credit cards actually work better when you’re redeeming points for cash back or gift cards. And some even provide more value when you redeem your points for high-dollar gift cards instead of cash back. […]

Planning Ahead for a Summer of Inexpensive Family Adventures

During this coming summer, Sarah and I are planning on having a handful of short “adventures” with our family. […]

4 Reasons 'Frugal' Shouldn't be a Dirty Word

What does living frugally mean to you? Do you think of deprivation and doing without, people merely scraping through in a life barely lived? Or maybe you think of fanatics, evangelizing for their way of life while extreme couponing and haggling in Walmart? Frugal living has had quite the PR... […]

Flashback Friday: The 81 Best Tips for Saving Big at the Grocery Store

You go to the grocery store. You have a list in hand. Then, you stray from the list for just one item, and somehow you end up bringing home a bunch of food you didn't plan on buying, leaving your grocery budget completely obliterated. This happens to all of us, and it happens often. And no matter... […]

My 2016 Budget Challenge: Finding Food

[Editor's Note: This is the another episode in Max Wong's journey to find an extra $31,000 this year. Read the whole series here.] This year I am trying to make an additional $31,000 (here's the math that explains why). This means that in addition to taking on extra work, I am combing through our... […]

Best Money Tips: 20+ Ways to Save Big at Home Depot

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on ways to save big at Home Depot, habits of successful introverts, and toys from the ‘90s that are worth a ton today. Top 5 Articles 22 Easy Ways to Save Big at the Home Depot — If you need wood for a DIY... […]

Help, I Bought a Lemon — Now What Do I Do?

That shiny new (or new-to-you) car you just bought turned out to be a piece of junk. What recourse do you have? When you buy a car, you expect to be able to depend on that car. Most vehicles will break down or need repairs occasionally, but your car being out of service should be a rare event.... […]

The 11 Oddest Things America Has Ever Taxed

Taxes: No one really likes them. But they are something of a necessary evil if we want a functioning society. That said, there are some taxes that seem objectively bizarre, often because of the item or activity that is taxed, or the seemingly inconsistent way it is applied. From bagels with cream... […]

15 Smartest Ways to Save at Sephora

Sephora is the mecca of all things beauty. And while it may be the best place to find all of your beauty essentials, it can also be the easiest way to overspend and break your budget. Fortunately, we've found a number of ways for you to save money and get more from every Sephora trip. 1. Join the... […]