Best Money Tips: 5 Golden Rules for Getting Out of Debt

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the golden rules of getting out of debt, habits of considerate people, and where to find extra income. Top 5 Articles The 5 Golden Rules of Getting Out of Debt — It isn't enough to have a monthly budget... […]

The Best 529 Plans in America

You don’t have to live or attend school in Virginia to take advantage of one of the nation’s best 529 college savings plans. Photo: University of Virginia via Facebook Saving for college is overwhelming for even the most meticulous financial planners, but the best 529 plans can help you reach your goals. […]

How to Save $100s on Your Next Move

Whether it's across the country or across the street, moving can be difficult. It can also be expensive, costing you thousands of dollars, particularly for long distance treks. If you'd like to save time and money on your next move, then there are a few simple tips that can help get you started. 1.... […]

Here's What to Do If You Can't Pay Your Bills On Time

Not having enough money to pay the bills is an issue we may face from time to time. Life is full of financial ups-and-downs, and after all, we're all human. Don't beat yourself about the situation or get discouraged. Vow to take action. If you don't make changes, things will stay the same. If... […]

The Rich Man, the Average Budget, and You

It doesn’t matter how much money you make: If you spend money like the average American — using 17% of your income on transportation, for instance, whether that adds up to a used Buick or a Ferrari — you’re going to struggle. Photo: Keith Williams One of the biggest struggles I had during my teen and early adult years was feeling jealous of people who had extreme amounts of wealth. One particular […]

5 Clever Tax Shelters Anyone Can Use

For the middle-class, building wealth for your family can be like constructing a house — the biggest challenge is setting the foundation. And it starts with keeping your taxes as low as possible. This can sometimes result in relocating to an area where the cost of living and taxes are more... […]

6 Ways to Avoid Sneaky Online Price Changes

It's called "dynamic pricing," and it's when online retailers change the price of a product depending on factors like your browsing or purchase history, operating system, and even your zip code. For example, if you shop regularly at, a retailer could jump to the... […]

Meal plans and delivery programs — costly or cost-effective?

This article is by staff writer Honey Smith. The three biggest items in most people’s budgets are usually housing, transportation, and food. That’s because they are needs; but like most needs, costs can range from the inexpensive, no-frills version to the outrageously expensively extravagances seen on some reality TV shows. […]

The 5 Best Measuring Spoons

Whether you cook every meal or only cook once a week at home, your kitchen arsenal needs a set of quality measuring spoons that will last. They should be sturdy enough that they won’t bend when you squeeze them into a spice jar, attractive enough to match your kitchen decor, and affordable... […]

5 Best Co-Branded Airline Credit Cards

Would you like to take a free trip? With that question, the credit card industry has been getting millions of customers to apply for their co-branded airline credit cards for decades. But at some point in the last ten years, the value of your frequent flyer miles has plummeted due to a phenomenon... […]

Seven-point checklist for healthcare credit cards

Pets are expensive.  Not as expensive as children, but still expensive.  Costs can vary widely, but a cost of five figures over the 12- to 14-year lifetime of a dog is easy to hit. One of our dogs had a leg injury recently that will set us back a bit.  When we asked our vet about payment plans, she gave us a brochure for a healthcare credit card. On the face of it, the healthcare credit card offer […]

Best Money Tips: Smart Ways to Save on Restaurant Meals

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart ways to save on dining out, how to make the most of your spare change, and why it might be time to stop couponing. Top 5 Articles 3 Savvy Ways to Save on Your Next Restaurant Meal — Know the margins... […]

6 Back-to-School Shopping Hacks for Big Savings

Back-to-school season has many parents pulling out their child's school supply list and dreading the impending costs. But never fear: whether it's the simple pack of pencils, or the expensive laptop computer, here are six shopping tips to help you maximize your savings. 1. Avoid Cartoon... […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 08/04

Link for teaser title: Sports Authority Sale: Up to 60% off + 20% off, Patio Furniture / Decor at Home Depot: Up to 75% off, Converse... […]

Ask the Readers: How Would You Like to Spend Your Retirement?

It can't be stressed enough how important it is to save for your retirement. But how much you need to save really depends on how you want to spend your golden years. Some people want to travel, some want to stay home and spend time with family, and others want to continue working some of the... […]

Eight Things to Think About Before You Get Married

The key to a good marriage is honest communication, and that should begin long before the wedding. Photo: J.K. Califf One of the most upsetting and painful arguments that my wife and I ever had came a few months before we got married. We had been dating for six years at that point and had been planning our marriage for more than a year. I was fairly apprehensive about getting married. […]

7 Things Successful Millennials Do

Who doesn't want to be successful? People spend millions of dollars a year trying to learn how to do it — whether in business or for their personal lives. (The most popular books on Amazon are, you guessed it, books on how to be successful.) Even successful people scour resources to learn how... […]

Why you should avoid sales tax holidays

This article is by staff writer Lisa Aberle. It sounds good, doesn’t it? For one day per year, skip paying sales tax on — depending on the state — school supplies, clothing, computers, hurricane supplies, and other essential items. After all, depending on your state’s tax rate, you could save up to 7 percent off your purchases. […]

5 Terrible Things Science Says You Do to Your Mind Everyday

Are you tired of your brain working at its optimal level every day? Are you too emotionally balanced? Are you sick to death of your good memory? If you are one of those people who suffer from having too much personal bandwidth, good news: You can stop having full cognitive function today! Here are... […]

13 Embarrassing Mistakes Everyone Makes But Doesn't Talk About

We all make mistakes. That's part of being human. But while we'll cop to some faux pas, there are others we'd rather keep to ourselves. What are they? Take a look at these 13 little mistakes (through the lens of my own revealing anecdotes) that everyone makes but doesn't like to talk about. 1.... […]