Reader Mailbag: Debt Ceiling Thoughts

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Guilt for every little purchase 2. Handling partner without money skills 3. Auto insurance challenges 4. Handling elderly relative in decline 5. Preparing for a growing relationship 6. […]

ING Direct Now Offers Paper Checks

The internet is a-twitter with the news that ING Direct is now offering paper checks to accompany its Electric Orange “paperless checking” account. Apparently, customers have received emails from the bank confirming this long-needed enhancement, but I have not received an email yet. […]

Money Leaks: Buying vs. Brewing Coffee

It’s most commonly referred to as the Latte factor – it’s that morning cup of coffee that many of us rely on to jump start our mornings. For many, that cup comes from a machine at home. For others, it calls for a stop by your local Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks (or wherever). […]

Extreme Early Retirement in Practice: How Two People Did It

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He also has a blog, Twittering thing, and other things that are supposed to be important but he often forgets about, such as hygiene. […]

Shhhhh: How to Block Out Noise

As I’m writing this, the apartment to my left is having its kitchen smashed out with a sledgehammer, the apartment across from me has power tools running with the door open, and in the hallway, a couple of chatty fellows are spraying the ceiling down with something — pssst, pssst, pssst, talk, talk, talk. I am the last tenant on the fourth floor of an apartment building that is being completely re […]

How to Make Your Own Power

Have you ever wondered how to power your home, small electronics, or a generator using natural resources? I know I have. Countless times I've forgotten to charge my cell phone and wished I had a solar powered source to trickle-charge it throughout the day. While riding my bike I've pondered how to harness my own pedal-power and charge a laptop, especially when I'm no where near an outlet. […]

Syncing Your Savings

In this economy, it seems harder than ever to make your money work for you. Is a money market account the way to go, or is a long-term CD worthwhile? Should I open a basic savings account instead of an IRA? We work hard for our money. […]

Best Money Tips: Alternatives to Classic Wedding Registries

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on alternatives to classic wedding registries, what the S&P debt ratings mean for the U.S., and how to stay cool on a hot summer day. Top 5 Articles 5 Alternatives to Classic Wedding Registries — Instead of opting for a classic wedding registry, consider going for a honeymoon registry. […]

Slow Down to Save on Gas Mileage and Car Insurance

Let's just say I'm a faster-than-average driver. I don't think I'm a full-time speeder, but I do drive faster than most. Nothing outrageous, maybe 5 miles-per-hour over the limit on average.That is, until we go on vacation. Then it's a challenge for me to see if I can make a normally nine-hour drive in eight hours. At this time the speed can creep up a bit. […]

What to do with an old cashier’s check

Yesterday I received an unexpected surprise: a cashier’s check for $87.50.  It was for a gig I played almost a year ago, and I had since practically forgotten about it. What was a bit unusual, though, was that the check didn’t have a recent date on it.  The date was in September of 2010.  The check had gotten lost in the mail for over ten months. So, I took it to our credit union to see if I could […]

Small Steps to Buying a House (and More)

A week or so ago, a friend of mine purchased a house with cash. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but it’s more than roomy enough for his needs. How did he manage to come up with the cash to just buy a home without a loan? Small steps. Nothing more, nothing less. He doesn’t go out to eat very often. Instead, he makes most of his meals at home. […]

Be Sure to Put Your Passwords in Your Estate Papers

Here's a piece from the Wall Street Journal that reminds us to include our online passwords with our estate papers/plans. The details: He is encouraging clients to fill out a free form that includes user names and passwords to online accounts. […]

Verizon Wireless Roaming Charges Class Action Lawsuit

I received a notice in the mail stating that I could receive benefits from Verizon Wireless as a result of a class action settlement. The lawsuit alleges that the mobile phone company failed to provide free roaming as part of Verizon’s “America’s Choice II” calling plan. […]

Paypal: Beware Sending Money as a Gift

Earlier this week, I wrote about how Popmoney was now available in my Ally account and that it’s a great alternative to paying fees to Paypal to do the same thing. As it turns out, Paypal has a “Personal” option that lets you pay back your friends without paying fees. […]

Investing 101: The Importance of Diversification

Whenever you invest, you run the risk of loss. No matter the investment, there is a chance that you will lose your money. Part of building a successful investment portfolio includes managing the risk that comes from investing so as to limit your losses and enhance your gains as much as possible. […]

Capital One Buys HSBC Credit Card Business

Recently, Capital One announced they would purchase ING Direct, and from the feedback I’ve seen, most ING Direct customers are not to happy about this arrangement, primarily due to their experiences with Capital One credit cards. […]

Six Ways to Fill Up a Resume Gap

Have you ever had a big resume gap -- something like a year or more where you were unemployed? I haven't, but I've looked at enough resumes that have, and I tell you that it leaves a bad impression. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Catching Up Edition

I spent several hours yesterday just catching up on some of my favorite personal finance and personal growth blogs, bookmarking interesting posts and the like. These are (some) of my favorite articles that I found along the way. Athletes Are Not Overpaid, Stop Whining About It I completely agree with this. Athletes are paid what the market will bear for them. […]

Are You Credit Rich?

The other day, while chatting with an acquaintance, the topic of the economy came up. We talked a bit about the recent market turbulence, the debt ceiling debacle, the S&P credit downgrade, etc. […]

Miles by Discover Card Review

Although it may not be apparent immediately, an airline miles credit card has a number of differences in the structure of its rewards than a travel rewards credit card. Airline credit cards reward loyalty to one particular airline while travel rewards are generally much more flexible. […]