The Personal-Finance Continuum

This is a guest post from Paul Williams, a fee-only financial planner and the founder of Provident Planning, Inc. He regularly writes about personal finance from a Christian perspective at Provident Planning. About a year ago, there was nearly an epic battle between Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich and Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar. […]

Balancing Career Satisfaction With Financial Security

Earlier this week, I attended a career development seminar that talked about how to find a satisfying career. In general, this was a pretty low level presentation, and it was largely based on a diagram similar to the following. Breaking it down… Simply stated, we each have a unique set of passions/interests as well as a certain skill set. […]

Is the Cost of a Movie Worth It?

Here's a piece from the Wall Street Journal that says some tickets to a recent Shrek movie went for $20 each. Yikes! If you have a family of four and wanted to see that movie, it would run you $80. […]

Looking for Job Opportunities Overseas? Rent An Expat

I have a ton of friends and a handful of relatives who are now expatriates who live in different countries around the world. While I’m based here in the U.S. today, I’ve had the chance to work in my native country as well, in another life. And what they say is true, the expatriate’s life [...]Looking for Job Opportunities Overseas? […]

Impressed With New Battery Powered Cordless Electric Leaf Blower And String Trimmer

It’s rare that I’m impressed enough by a product to actually mention it here on No Credit Needed – so you know that I must really dig my new Black & Decker Battery Powered Cordless Electric Blower Sweeper and Black & Decker Battery Powered Cordless Electric String Trimmer.  Both tools are powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery.  I like them so much that I’ve given away my gas […]

Getting Things Done: Corraling Your Stuff

This is the fifth entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings through July 16. Last time, we discussed what exactly you need to have in place to get yourself organized (time, a bit of space, and a few supplies). […]

Now You've Heard Every Money Saving Tip Possible

Ok, I thought I had heard every money saving tip in existence -- but this next one was new to even me. It says that you can save money on your computer printing costs simply by using the correct font. And it's not a small savings either. Their claim is that you can save 31% on ink cartridge costs if you use the "right" font over the standard font. […]

Review Purchase Categories for Credit Card Rewards

One of the reasons why we put 99.9% of our spending on credit cards are for the rewards. A few percent back in cash or reward points isn’t going to make anyone rich, but it’s a little better than getting nothing back if you are responsible. […]

9 Weird Crap You Can Buy on

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a fun post (or any post for that matter). So let’s take a look at some of the weird stuff you can buy on […]

7 Ways to Generate New Leads for Your Side Business

ShareThisComing home from a day job and starting work on a side business is a lot more common today than it was in the past. […]

The Biggest Secret to Becoming Wealthy

Yahoo lists the five secrets of self-made millionaires. But the real gem in this piece is at the end where they share the "biggest secret" of self-made millionaires. Want to guess what it is? Simply "stop spending." Their thoughts: Every millionaire we spoke to has one thing in common: Not a single one spends needlessly. […]

Make Money Online with Free Videos

Do you want to make money online? If so, you’ve probably seen a lot of products that will apparently tell you how, with their product, you’ll become a millionaire by next Friday. Last year I bought one of these online courses. […]

Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics

What is a Health Savings Account? Health savings accounts (HSAs) allow individuals to save money for health care expenses on a tax-deferred and tax-free basis. This law was signed into law on December 8, 2003 and became effective on January 1, 2004. The tax deferred money can be invested into mutual funds, stocks, cash or bonds and can earn interest. […]

Saying “I Will Do It In The Future” Is an Excuse for Failure

My office is a mess. I don’t feel like cleaning it – I’d rather play with the kids right now. So I say, “I will clean it in the future,” and I go play. A week later, my office is still a mess. You’re not saving for retirement. You’re also spending as much as you bring in because you’re going out a lot and you just picked up a big HDTV and those car lease payments are whittling you down. […]

Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Say the words "estate planning" and what typically comes to mind are extravagant estates worth millions of dollars. Estate planning is for celebrities and the very wealthy, right? […]

Second Quarter Estimated Tax Payments Due Today

This is just a quick reminder that second quarter income tax payments are due today. I almost forgot about this myself, but remembered at the last minute and have just written the state and federal checks. If you’re wondering what this is all about, estimated tax payments most commonly apply to the self-employed and/or those with significant investment earnings. […]

Your Plans for the New iPhone 4

We recently asked you to take a poll about your iPhone upgrading intentions, including your contract situation and which hardware features you found the most tempting. The results were sometimes surprising.162 people answered the poll, and 48% of you are planning on upgrading within two months from today. […]

Financial Guide for the Unemployed

Many of us are currently dealing with financial and/or economic challenges. One devastating problem that some of my neighbors and friends have recently faced is unemployment. Surviving with one less source of income due to a job loss can cause a lot of financial and personal stress. As of right now, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that approximately 15 million people are unemployed. […]

Seven Money Lies from Monopoly

When it comes to games, Monopoly is probably one of the most iconic. While I haven’t played a game of Monopoly is years (the last time was on a cruise to Bermuda many years ago), the game and its rules are still fresh in my mind. […]

Taking Care of Business: Expense Reimbursement

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. Most employees have to submit expense reports at some point — be it for out-of-town travel, client dinners, special events, or other expenses you incur due to your job responsibilities. […]