How We Paid Off Our Mortgage in Under Ten Years

Guess what? We paid off our mortgage. That means we have now have no debt. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. And do you know what? […]

Eight Great Movie Rentals That Will Pay You Back

Kiplinger lists eight (the headline says "10" because two extras are added in the descriptions of the others) great movie rentals that will pay you back (along with what you'll learn) as follows: MAXED OUT: HARD TIMES, EASY CREDIT AND THE ERA OF PREDATORY LENDING (2006) CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC (2009) MR. […]

Carnivals for the Week of Jan 11

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. And before I get to this week's roundup, I wanted to say that I have two giveaways going on right now. You can win access to Sound Mind Investing's website and a free copy of You Need a Budget. […]

Free Personal Finance Software Giveaway!

This giveaway has now ended, but if you’d like to purchase YNAB 3, you can do so for a 15% discount. Just visit this link and enter the coupon code “digerati” (without the quotes). Well, on the heels of the big giveaway by Money Crashers, I’m continuing the trend this week with a giveaway that is sponsored by YNAB (You Need A Budget). […]

10 Things Not to Buy in 2010

Smart Money lists 10 things not to buy in 2010 as follows: DVDs Home telephone service External hard drives Smartphone also-rans Compact digital cameras Newspaper subscriptions CDs New college textbooks Gas-guzzling cars Energy-inefficient homes and appliances Here's my take on each of these: 1. I don't think we've purchased more than a few DVDs in our lifetimes. […]

10 Ways to Cut Your Fitness Membership Costs

I’ve seen the signs. Fitness clubs and gyms are working it hard and flexing their marketing muscles to get you sweating in their facilities. […]

Trimming the Average Budget: Gasoline and Motor Oil

This is part of an ongoing series about how to trim the budget of the average American. As this series focuses on such broad-based tips, some will work for you and some will not. […]

Join Our Tweetchat at 4:00 CST For a Chance to Win Prizes

By Will Chen Join our Tweetchat today from 4:00 – 4:45 pm CST for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes!  We'll be discussing delicious ways to make your grocery money stretch. Include both "@wisebread" and "#WBChat" in your tweets to join the fun. […]

Lawn Mower Maintenance

After two weeks of very cold weather (for us), the temperatures have returned to “normal”.  It’s in the mid-50’s and perfect weather for doing a little yard work. Back in April, I purchased a lawn mower.  I really, really like my lawn mower, and since it has mulching blades, I use it to mulch pine straw and leaves in the yard.  Unfortunately, when I opened my shed this morning, t […]

Should Speeding Tickets Cost More for the Wealthy?

I recently ran across an interesting article about a Swiss Court fining a speeder $290,000. Apparently the court decided to base the fine on the offender’s $20M net worth. Apparently he/she is a repeat offender and was traveling at a little more then 1.7x the posted speed limit (137 km/hour in an 80 km/hour zone). […]

Don’t Pay to File the 1040-EZ

Did you know that millions of Americans pay a tax preparer to file their 1040EZ? It’s a single page with ten blanks! According to the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 20 million Americans pay someone to file their 1040EZ (courtesy of Red Tape Chronicles). It’s pretty amazing right? […]

Considerations Before Doing a Roth IRA Conversion if You Are Using Account Assets to Pay the Taxes

Everyone loves the Roth IRA. If you read any personal finance blog, website, or listen to any financial guru they will rave about how the Roth IRA is the best thing since sliced bread. What makes this investment vehicle even better is that back in 2010 anyone could convert their Traditional IRA (therefore pre-taxed) accounts to a Roth IRA regardless of their income. […]

How to Get a Raise or Promotion

Here's a piece from MSNBC that talks about how to get a raise or promotion in 2010. This article is full of stories that illustrate many of the principles I regularly talk about. Let's start with this one: He also just promoted two employees. “Both guys were often the last ones at the office at night and among the first here in the morning,” Sweeney said. […]

How to Support Haitian Relief Efforts

As you’ve likely heard by now, Haiti recently suffered a devastating earthquake. If you’re interested in helping the relief efforts by donating money but don’t know where to start, please check out the following non-exhaustive list of options: The American Red Cross has pledged an initial $1M in support. […]

The Cheap Lazy Foodie: 3 Frugal Dishes Without Compromise

By Christina Willis If you're like me, you like to eat, and you like to eat good stuff — no frozen, re-heated, preserved, fast, or junk food (if you can help it). But again, if you're like me, you're also broke. Paying at a restaurant for all the scrumptious delicacies you crave isn't in the cards (or your wallet). […]

Best Deals for Thursday 01/14/2010

30% off Lavazza coffee at Deals from $13 + free shipping EMU Australia Women's Stinger Hi Sheepskin Boot for $50 + free shipping 6 piece 100% Eqyptian Cotton Towel set for $24.99 Free Sample Mariani Dried Plums Ecko Red Footwear- 50% off All Styles Today Only! […]

You did WHAT with my SSN?

By Andrea Dickson Like many idiots, I bought my house at the peak of the real estate bubble, locking in a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 6.375%. […]

Addresses, Corporate Changes, and Paying Attention to the Details

A few days ago, in the mail, I received a notice from my homeowners insurance company notifying me that they were cancelling my policy as of January 18 due to a lack of payment. I was shocked, to say the least. Back when we first bought our home and arranged our mortgage, the mortgage company offered to set up an escrow account for us. […]

Avoid EMail Bankruptcy with Inbox 0.5

As someone who makes their living off the Internet, I get a lot of email every day and some days it’s very difficult to keep up. While I’ve never gotten to the point of declaring email bankruptcy, there are times when I’ve forgotten about emails because they’ve fallen off the page in Gmail. Lately, I’ve been trying to be better about it and part of that involves learning from others. […]

Discounts Via Social Media: A Surprising Way to Save

This article is presented by Kelly Whalen, Consumerism Commentary staff writer. Kelly is celebrating her one-year blog anniversary this week.Everyone loves a good deal, but finding time to comparison shop at various stores can be time consuming. […]