Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension

Good news, everyone. The home buyer tax credit extension, after failing in the Senate last week, was finally passed by the House of Representatives earlier this week and the Senate late last night. […]

Reader Mailbag: Bad Books

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Planning for future relocation 2. Growing a blog 3. First time homebuyer advice 4. How to grill foiled potatoes 5. Refinancing a vehicle 6. Predicting Social Security’s future 7. Teaching the value of money 8. […]

Heat Maps Equate to Hot Property

I recently made the decision to continue renting as opposed to rushing into home ownership. Of course, my ultimate goal is to own my own home and I've been tenaciously working towards this goal for over a year. However, the more I research renting versus purchasing a home, the more resources I find that confirm I've made the right choice. […]

Attempts to Escape the Clutches of Online Data Aggregators

ShareThisThere's a new crowd of web sharks on the prowl: they are effective, they are legal, and they want your data. Not only that, but they want your data — including some very personal stuff — to be available to anyone who asks — or pays. They are called data aggregators. […]

Buy a Meal at Panera, Pay What You Want

In the movie Clerks, the convenience store cashier, Dante, occasionally takes a break from manning the counter. Rather than ensuring every customer paid for his or her items, he leaves a sign: “Please leave money on the counter. Take change when applicable. […]

5 Steps Toward Financial Independence

Whether you’re a brand new grad or regrouping after a layoff or other financial difficulties, you may find that it’s more difficult than you’d imagined to wean yourself from any monetary help you’ve been getting. Though most of the process is straightforward, it’s always good to remember what it takes to achieve financial independence. 1. […]

How to Dry Fresh Herbs

This year, we’ve decided to grow a bunch of herbs we enjoy on a regular basis because buying them in the store costs way too much and they lack the flavor of fresh herbs. Our basil, thyme, dill, mint and oregano are all growing like crazy in planters on our deck. If you’ve ever grown herbs, you know that you end up with far more than you could possibly use. Herbs get their flavor from their oils. […]

What Happens to Your Stuff When You Die?

Most of us have some sort of vague idea about what happens to our assets when we die. The stuff we own gets passed on to the people we specify — assuming we’ve jumped through the right hoops. But what happens to our debts when we die? That’s what Matt wants to know. He wrote recently looking for clarification: My parents are both in their sixites, and don’t have the best financial position. […]

Enough Excuses, Just Make it Happen

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, how are they working out for you? I ask because today marks the beginning of the second half of 2010, and the vast majority of people have long since broken their resolutions. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Since they’re often overly-ambitious and ill-defined, most resolutions are doomed from the start. […]

The Costs of Working

As I detailed awhile ago, the author of Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy found that she saved a TON of money when she stopped working. It wasn't as much as she lost in salary mind you, but it's not inconsequential. […]

Getting Your Greens on the Road: How to Eat Well While Traveling

Summer is in full force and you’re ready to hit the travel trails. You’ve got the time; you’ve saved the money; and you’ve picked the spot. You’ve also worked hard to stay healthy this year and you don’t want to ruin your health with too many rich foods. You’d rather nosh on the green goods. […]

BP Logo Design Contest: Win $200 By Making A Statement

With the oil spill disaster in the Gulf continuing to wreak havoc on our environment and the livelihoods of so many Americans, I continue to get visceral reactions to the images of this catastrophe that are reported by the media. So how have you been reacting to pictures of dirty beaches, toxic brown sludge in the waters and oil-covered wildlife? […]

Energy Savings with a Solar Blanket, Hair Clips, and Curtain Rods

Only very rarely do I pass along a guest post, but a reader sent me such a spectacular energy saving do-it-yourself idea (and wonderful writeup about it) that I just had to pass it along. The only change I’ve made to this article is highlighting a few key pieces. […]

Most Common Problems Identified by Home Inspections

Buying a Home: The Missing Manual lists the most common problems and issues identified by home inspections as follows: Improper surface grading and drainage. Improper and undersized electrical wiring. Older and damaged roofs. Deficient and older heating systems. Poor overall maintenance. Structural problems. Plumbing problems. Exterior items. […]

Best Money Tips: 9 New Uses for your Old iPhone

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you 9 ways to upgrade your old iphone, some inspiration for stopping "stupid" work, and clever ways to use up a wine windfall! Top 5 Articles 9 New Uses for your Old iPhone — Looking to get version 4 of the iPhone? Consider upgrading your old model first. […]

3-Month Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension

There have been a lot of news reports of a potential 3-month extension of the $8,000 Homebuyer Tax Credit and those reports are all correct, albeit a little misleading. The bill they voted on would extend the deadline for closing a home sale as long as there was a signed contract by the original signing deadline of April 30th. […]

Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension in the Works

In case you haven’t heard, the House of Representatives voted yesterday to extend the homebuyer tax credit by three months, but only in a limited fashion. More specifically, they’re looking to extend the deadline for closing on your new home if you went under contract before the April 30th deadline. […]

Help a Reader: Hates His Job

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: Since 2001, I've worked for the same transportation company. I make roughly 54K a year and have a pretty good pension plan. The problem is that I hate my job. I tried looking for something else but I haven't found anything. […]

Chase Freedom® Visa $100 Bonus Cash Back

The Chase Freedom® Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back has launched a $100 cash back offer that deserves serious consideration. All new cardholders can earn a $100 statement credit after being approved for the Chase Freedom® Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back and making $799 in purchases over the first three months of card ownerships. […]

Ask the Readers: What Makes You a Cheapskate?

**This giveaway has been extended until July 12th ** Remember when the title "cheapskate" had a negative ring to it? Thanks to people like Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate and author of the new book The Cheapskate Next Door, it's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you can now wear your cheapskate badge with pride! […]