Family Road Trip To Las Vegas: Photo Album

Last week was fantastic. We packed up the family into our minivan — there were five of us minus the cat. It was the first time we attempted to go on a road trip that would take us longer than a day. Our trips usually take us to areas like Monterey, Carmel, Marin County or even Los Angeles (that’s roughing it as a Californian!). […]

Daily Links: Facebook Fan Page Edition

Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake. It took me a long time to start using Facebook to stay in touch with my friends, and it took even longer to set up a Facebook page for Get Rich Slowly. And it’s taken me even longer to mention the page exists here on the blog! Sheesh. […]

“Someday, My Ship Will Come In”

On page 227 of my book, I recount a short tale of a woman dreaming a negative dream: “Someday, things will change for me and my ship will come in,” Helen said. Helen and I had each just gone through a trial by fire at our respective new jobs. […]

How to Buy and Sell Physical Gold and Silver, Part 3

This is part 3 of my interview with Doug Eberhardt, author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely: The Only Book You Need to Learn How to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver. As with yesterday's post (and the one two days ago), I'll include my questions in bold/red and Doug's answers below each one. […]

Review: The Weekend That Changed Wall Street: An Eyewitness Account

I’ve read a lot of books about the credit crisis from Hank Paulson’s On The Brink to Michael Lewis’s The Big Short, so I’m pretty familiar with the behind the scenes weekend activity that precipitated the collapse of Lehman Brothers on September 15th, 2008. In both books, the weekend itself was a tent pole in the larger story but not the sole focus of the book. […]

Debt Settlement Companies Can Easily Skirt New Rules

A new regulation goes into effect today, potentially limiting the profitability of debt settlement companies. […]

The Test

In the foreword to the book The Buckets of Money Retirement Solution: The Ultimate Guide to Income for Life, Ben Stein paints an interesting picture of the financial "test" we all go through in life. His words: Try this on for size. You are having a test for the first 40 or so years of your work life. The test is on the subject of financial planning and getting your retirement right. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Printing Photos Edition

I’ve been experimenting with photo printing at home (related to an upcoming post). I’ve lost quite a bit of money simply mis-printing photos and trying new things. My conclusion? If you’re printing a wide variety of stuff, you’re probably better off using a service. A one-off photo is fine. A bunch of photos? Find a service. Cheap Things You Never Use Are No Bargain Excellent article. […]

Should Life Insurance Be Purchased as an Investment?

ShareThisBefore purchasing life insurance as an investment, a potential investor should understand a few things about the types of life insurance and how they work. […]

8 Frequently Under-Budgeted Air Travel Costs

Over the next few months, many people will hop on an airplane to visit friends or family for the holidays. At some point in my life, I read about why airline miles are much more popular than hotel points (even though hotel points are more valuable). The reason is that our minds plan out trips sequentially. […]

Should You Use Your Employer’s HSA Custodian?

I’ve written in the past about how unhappy I am with my employer’s choice for our HSA custodian. In terms of accounts fees and service, they’re fine. When it comes to investment options, however, they’re awful. Every single fund has a load and a high expense ratio. All of this got me to thinking about going out and finding my own HSA custodian. […]

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

It's a few days before Halloween, and while I have put up Halloween decorations, I have given barely a thought to what I'll wear as I hand out pencils and candy to the little witches and goblins that visit my door. […]

What’s In My Wallet?

People seem to have a curious fascination with what other people carry in their wallet or purse, and various personal finance memes have gone around highlighting what bloggers carry in their wallets. Well, even though I’ve been doing this for over four years now, I realized I haven’t taken part in any of them. […]

How to Buy Foreign Government Bonds

Reader Sam asked me if I could write a post about buying foreign government bonds as a way of diversifying your portfolio. The idea of buying foreign government bonds is appealing on several levels because you get to invest in a foreign currency, you get a regular coupon, and it definitely diversifies your portfolio. I don’t foresee myself investing in foreign government bonds. […]

The Quest for the Best Budget

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He contributes one new article to Get Rich Slowly every two weeks. We can do two things with our money: spend it or save it. (Actually, there are other possibilities — eating it! smoking it! […]

The Five Community College Myths

I have been reading the best book I've ever read on preparing financially for college. […]

APR, APY, and Mortgage Math: A Real World Example

I have lots of readers here in the central Iowa area, so it came as no surprise to me that when I began hearing an ad frequently on local radio advertising a particular mortgage product in terms that were a bit on the confusing side, I received an email about it. Jim writes in: I just heard an ad on the radio offering a 3.99% mortgage. That makes sense to me. […]

Waste Less Food, Save More Money

Coming home after more than three weeks in Europe, our refrigerator was practically bare. Kris and I love food, and our fridge is usually filled to the gills with tons of good stuff, so seeing the vast emptiness was almost shocking. But in a good way. One of the drawbacks to keeping a full fridge is that we sometimes lose track of what we have on hand. […]

How to Buy and Sell Physical Gold and Silver, Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with Doug Eberhardt, author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely: The Only Book You Need to Learn How to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver. As with yesterday's post, I'll include my questions in bold/red and Doug's answers below each one. […]