Repair the Car or Spend the Cash?

Over the past few months, I've been seeing cars in various states of disrepair. Big dents, dings, damaged windows and doors, bumpers scraping along the ground, you name it. And it got me scratching my head and wondering...are people choosing to take the insurance money and spend it on something other than the car repair? […]

Do You Need Medigap Insurance?

There are few experiences in life more daunting than navigating our health-insurance system — especially when multiple policies are involved in a complex mix of public and private coverage. Such is the challenge for Medicare recipients who find themselves in need of supplemental insurance. […]

Three Reasons to Build a Financial Database

It’s no secret that I’m a big (huge!) fan of keeping close track of our finances. In fact, I’ve been tracking and balancing our accounts in Quicken (and now Moneydance) since January 1st, 1997. […]

Best Money Tips: Strategies for Saving Year-Round

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on strategies for saving year-round, money management tips, and tips for traveling on a budget. Top 5 Articles 5 Strategies for Saving Year-Round — Save year-round by going for the package deals. […]

Ideas for Cheap Summer Vacations

Money Talks News suggests visiting your state capitol as a great way to take an inexpensive summer vacation. […]

Carnivals for the Week of July 11

For those of you interested, I just added a list of the latest credit card offers and deal. Currently up are offers featuring two free flights on Southwest and $150 on certificates.Now here are some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week: Festival of Frugality Carnival of Personal Finance Carnival of Wealth Enjoy!P.S. […]

Need Life Insurance? Set Requirements For Different Life Stages

Who should have life insurance? Lots of people. We cover a few scenarios that explain why we would need life insurance. Let’s follow a couple through various stages of their lives to see how they set their insurance requirements through the years. Let’s look at different situations where this type of insurance could be advantageous. [...]Need Life Insurance? […]

Eight Inexpensive Family Outings

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. I got enough great responses that I’m going to fill the entire month of July – one post per day – addressing these ideas. On Twitter, Robert asked “How about “Family outings that dont cost and arm and a leg” ?” This is obviously a major goal for our family, too. […]

Six Steps to Cut Pet Costs

In the August issue of Consumer Reports magazine they list six steps to curb pet costs as follows: 1. Don't pay a premium for "premium" pet food. If your pet needs special food (and most don't) shop around as you would for anything else to get the best price.2. Consider new options for flea and tick protection. […]

10 Free money podcasts worth a listen

What’s playing on your iPod? My iGadget thingy boasts a sizable playlist of 80s bands, a mishmash of modern and classic tunes, and a multitude of money podcasts. Yeah, I like to rock out with hair bands after listening to intelligent banter on bank accounts, the economy, credit cards, and retirement savings. I doubt I’m alone. […]

Debt Ceiling, U.S. Default, and What’s Next

If you are at all interested in finances, chances are that you are aware of the current debate surrounding the debt ceiling, and the possibility of a default on U.S. sovereign debt obligations. Right now, there is a great deal of wrangling going on, accompanied by partisan grandstanding on all sides. But what does it mean? What is likely to happen if the U.S. defaults? […]

Four Dog Expenses to Consider Before Adopting Fido

When my husband and I got married, the first big decision we made together was to adopt our first dog, Miss Doxie.  A few years later, we adopted another dog, Mr. […]

Paper Savings Bonds Going Away?

Last night while noodling around on the web, I ran across a press release from the Treasury stating that they will stop over-the-counter sales of paper U.S. Savings Bonds at the end of the year. […]

Municipal Bonds Explained

Chances are that you have heard about what some think is an impending crash in the municipal bond market. Doomsday predictions about the municipal bond market prompted a drop in issuance for the first part of 2011. Dire predictions about mass defaults have largely failed to pan out this year, though. […]

The Latest Wedding Trend: Giving to Charity

Here's an interesting trend I didn't know was starting to pick up momentum. From Smart Money: When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in March, the royal couple asked that their wedding guests donate to charity instead of giving them presents. […]

Reader Mailbag: Stevia

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Handling a massive pay cut 2. Balance transfer concerns 3. Saving for down payment 4. Moving or staying put? 5. What about TSP? 6. 403(b) rollover to Roth IRA 7. Checking account sign-up bonuses 8. […]

The Blurry Line Between Experiences and Stuff

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. A few months ago I wrote a two-part post about a study on how money, if spent correctly, can buy happiness. […]

Man Gives Derek Jeter’s Baseball to Team, Criticized for Everything

The other day, Derek Jeter achieved his 3,000th hit, a major baseball milestone. The hit happened to be a home run, and the fan who recovered the ball, Christian Lopez, has been in the news — well, the sports news, anyway. […]

Money Leaks: Too Much Cash in Checking Accounts

How much money do you currently have sitting in you checking account? Is it too little? Or is it too much? If you’re fortunate enough to be in the second camp, this week’s money leak is for you. […]

7 Summery Ways to Protect Your Skin

I’m not going to lie — I love tan skin. Naturally “blessed” with a speckled Scottish complexion, I’ve always been jealous of people whose skin browns beautifully in the sun, rather than simply burning to a crisp like mine. Darker skin is slimming, darn it, and I just love the way it looks. That said, I’m absolutely against tanning, even though I love the way tanned skin looks. […]