Way to Save #147: Homemade Cleaners

Clean up on cleaners! You can often make your own cleaners that will save money and work just as well as their heavily advertised cousins. For example, combine 1/2 cup of ammonia, 1/2 cup vinegar and two tablespoons of cornstarch to a bucket of warm water and you’ll have a great window cleaner! And while [...] […]

Stating the Obvious

I think this post will be mostly stating the obvious, but it's been awhile since I talked about this issue, so here goes. The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even The Toughest Times talks about the negative impact smoking can have on your finances. […]

Get A Fixed-Rate Loan and Free $150 Amazon Gift Card

Lending Club has a timely promotion for the holiday season (as do a lot of companies and retailers during this particular time of the year). They’ve got an offer for new borrowers who join their peer to peer lending network, so if you’ve been on the fence about trying out this type of direct lending program, then perhaps this holiday deal may prove incentive enough to try them out. […]

Friday Fiscals: Two-dollar bill edition

The credit union had a bunch of two-dollar bills that someone had brought in.  No red seals, but they’re fun to spend anyway.  (Except at Best Buy.) Here are links of interest from my reader this week: New Consumerism Commentary staff writer Kelly Whalen writes on how persistence pays off. Five Cent Nickel writer Matt Jabs tells how to ask for discounts. Get Rich Slowly guest poster Mike Piper wo […]

Don’t Let Irregular Expenses Wreck Your Budget (or Drain Your Emergency Fund)

Right before our Thanksgiving trip to Big Bend National Park, the AC went out on our vehicle. $600 later, we had a functioning AC. Bummer, right? What a way to start a camping trip.  The good news was that we had the funds set aside for that specific reason—auto repairs. […]

Responsible Credit Card Use Phenomenon

Is it just me or have credit card companies been on a big “responsible credit card use” bandwagon lately? I think credit card companies, with the pending credit card legislation, have been on this responsible use kick because they see consumers in a bit of a revolt. For years, cheap credit has fueled American consumption and lenders have been eager to feed that hunger. […]

Most of Us Have Never Experienced a True Economic Meltdown

My grandfather and grandmother came of age during the Great Depression. They both passed away when I was a young child (not all that much older than my own son now), but many of my memories of them revolved around their extreme frugality. They would buy bottles of the most inexpensive wine they could buy, drink it slowly, then fill it with water to get those last drops of flavor. […]

Update on Jim Nantz

Ok, this is a bit old (I have been posting ahead a bit since vacation is looming), but I wanted to follow-up on my post listing money lessons from sports announcer Jim Nantz. Here's a summary of the divorce decree: CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz must pay $916,000 yearly in alimony and child support to his ex-wife and give up their Connecticut home under terms of a newly issued divorce decree. […]

No More Cable TV For Me

Well, we went and did it. As of today, the Verizon FiOS TV service we’d been mostly enjoying for almost three years is suspended. We’re not replacing it with cable or satellite television, either. The normal TV service is effectively turned off. I’m scared and nervous and excited all at once. […]

Best Deals for Friday 12/11/09

Ben Sherman Sale: Up to 70% off Blu-ray 3-Pack Sale FREE X5 Classical Christmas Sampler FREE Asian Painting iPhone App Woman Within Clearance: Up to 80% off […]

How to Minimize the Cost of Living When Moving: The Cost of Living Myth

By Craig Ford “You’re crazy. I can’t afford to move there — the cost of living is way too high.” When looking for jobs in new markets people correctly investigate the cost of living. Cost of living is an important consideration when moving to a new location. […]

Your Take: Charity Solicitations at Stores

With it being the holidays, a lot of stores have partnered up with local charities to solicit donations from customers. If you donate a dollar, you get your name on a balloon or a star that gets plastered behind the registers of a store. […]

Finding the Perfect Gift Without Spending Too Much

As I write this, I’ve spent about five hours online hunting down “perfect” gifts for various people on our Christmas shopping list. In almost every case, I wound up spending less than our target dollar amount on our list. […]

How to Finish Something Hard

By Sarah Winfrey Sometimes, life is just hard. None of us want to hear it, but there it is, plain and simple. And during the holiday season, it can be especially hard to deal with difficult things because we feel like we should be so happy. Different people respond to this fact in different ways. Some people give up because they feel discouraged, hopeless, and depressed. […]

Lending Club Defaults, Delinquencies, and Collection Details

Back in October, Lending Club hosted a webinar on “Credit & Collections.” Having had a couple of loans go late, and one actually wind up being charged off, I was naturally interested. While you’re more than welcome to view the webinar itself, it’s about 35 minutes long. […]

Friday Finance Findings for December 11th

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know it’s been a while since I did a Friday update, but it’s been pretty busy around here. The end of the year is always busy, but this time I’ve been gearing up to begin some work with a new startup company. They haven’t launched yet, but if all goes as planned we hope to see everything launch to the public sometime in January. […]

France Introduces Carbon Tax of $25 Per Metric Ton

President Nicolas Sarcozy of France revealed his plans for working to reduce his country’s carbon dioxide emissions. For each taxpayer’s metric ton of carbon dioxide emission due to use of oil, gas, or coal, the government will charge that taxpayer a fee of €17 (roughly $25). This rate would rise over time. […]

Suze Orman Jumps Aboard the “Pay With Cash” Bandwagon

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker. Baker recently listed the Top 10 Money Movies of the Decade. For years now, Dave Ramsey has recommended ditching credit cards and paying with cash. […]