Online Budget Planner: PocketSmith Review

We’re please to offer a limited time discount this week for those looking to try out the “You Need A Budget” personal finance tool. If you wanted to take this great desktop budgeting tool for a spin, you can take up YNAB’s 30 day trial offer, or download the software for a 10% off discount by using this link. This offer is only good for a week. […]

Premium Gasoline Possibly Switched With Ethanol E-85

When I drive up to a gas station, I have a number of expectations. First, if I see a price advertised for regular-grade gasoline, that’s the price I expect to pay for regular-grade gasoline. […]

Link Roundup – Limping Man Edition

In my last roundup, I noted that I recently decided to start running. I’ve been taking it slow, but have still managed to develop some hip pain. I’m thus currently taking a week off to recover. The good news it that I’ve identified the problem. The main issue is that my feet supinate (roll slightly outward) when I run, so I picked up some new running shoes to better stabilize my feet. […]

How Being Late on Mortgage Payment and Foreclosure Impact Your Credit Score

CNN Money lists the following as the hits your credit score will take if you have trouble paying your mortgage (or worse): 30 days late: 40 - 110 points 90 days late: 70 - 135 points Foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu: 85 - 160 Bankruptcy: 130 - 240 Ouch! Those are painful! And when I say "painful", I mean painful to your pocketbook. […]

Can You Actually Make Money Chasing Rates?

One common tactic I see on personal finance blogs is what I like to call “rate chasing.” This tactic usually involves carefully watching the yield rates on savings accounts over at (or a similar service), always signing up for one of the top accounts, and transferring their savings to that highest-yield bank. For me, at least, I don’t find this tactic of much use at all. […]

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! by Catey Hill

Shoo, Jimmy Choo! is a complete personal finance guide focused on guiding women towards making sound financial choices. While the language speaks to women, my feeling is that this book speaks to a lot of people who have just graduated and are considered part of the “young professional” group. […]

The Eight Money Ratios, Part 2

The book Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security lists eight money ratios that are designed to help us all determine where we stand financially. They're so good that the Wall Street Journal called them "some of the best tools we have seen for gauging where you stand." So I thought I'd list each of them as well as tell you where I stand on each measure. […]

Reader Mailbag: Packing Books for Trips

My wife and I recently had a long discussion about how many books we should pack for a trip. I usually tend to read more when traveling, so I usually pack one book for every two days’ worth of a trip. So, let’s say we go on a ten day trip. That would mean five books. Does it make sense to tote that many books back and forth? Our idea is this. […]

7 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Yard Sale

ShareThisWarm weather invariably means spring cleaning, and spring cleaning means yard sales. There's nothing like declaring open season on clutter and taming those closets, attics, and garages (if only to fill them again next season). […]

Essential Services for the Road

Link: ShareThisIn order to run your business from the road, you need to have some infrastructure in place to keep things going smoothly. […]

How to Get Burglars to Rob Your House

Being robbed is almost never a good thing. The idea of someone breaking into your home, rummaging through your stuff, and taking all the choice bits… it’s unpleasant. Most people who have been robbed will tell you that the worst part isn’t the loss of stuff, that can be replaced, but the loss of their feeling security. But what if you wanted to be robbed? Why would you want to be robbed? […]

In Search of Hotel Bargains

As a man who foresees a lot of travel in his future, I’ve become interested in ways to save on airfare, hotels, and so on. (I’ve also become obsessed with packing light, but that’s another story.) No surprise then that I was keen to receive the June issue of Consumer Reports, which contains eight pages of info on this very subject. […]

Making Money Taking Surveys: Worth It or Not?

Here's a piece from Smart Spending about earning extra income taking surveys. Their summary of the potential money-making opportunity it provides: You can't retire on this kind of income. Some sites offer low payback relative to the time involved. […]

Why I Bought A House at the Age of 24

This is a guest post from RJ Weiss, who is an aspiring financial planner. RJ writes about financial planning for twenty-somethings at Gen Y Wealth. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. Want to start a fight on a personal finance world? Just ask someone if it makes more sense to buy or rent a home. […]

A quick lesson in Guitar Center-ese

I recently purchased a keyboard at Guitar Center:  an open-box Yamaha DGX-230 Portable Grand.  I’ve been working with a trumpet player who has a need for a keyboard player that can back him in a performance all by himself; a keyboard like this can do the trick.  I played it in the store, asked a few questions since I wasn’t 100% sure the keyboard had all of the featured I’d need, […]

Join Our Tweetchat at 4:00 CDT For a Chance to Win Prizes

Link for teaser title: twitter-logo2_0_0.jpg Join our Tweetchat today from 4:00 – 4:45 pm CDT for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! We are talking about advice for new graduates! Do you have any? […]

Tracking Your Personal Net Worth

Glad to be able to finally say that we hit the 4,000,000 unique visitor milestone just yesterday. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue the trend, so here’s to our next 4,000,000 encounters! […]

Daily Links: Outsourcing, Intentional Default, and The Simple Dollar

It’s been a long time since I share links to other sites. That’s a shame, because there’s a lot of great stuff out there. Lately, I’ve been impressed with some articles from some of your fellow GRS readers. For example, Tim at the Seattle Bubble blog just posted an article on misguided ethics and walking away from a mortgage. […]

Help a Reader: What to Do with a Condo

Here's a question I recently received from a reader: We own a condo, but we had to relocate to another city two years ago. Today we are renting in the new city, and after almost two years we haven't sold the condo yet. We did rent the condo, and we have tried to sell it while is rented. Mission impossible! […]

Separating Your Goals and Choices from Other People

Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people. - Nido Qubein I spent the first twenty five years of my life mostly pushing forward on goals created by other people. When I was in school, I was told that grades were the only thing that mattered. […]