3 Easy Steps to a Greener Kitchen

Home sweet home – I’ve always love that saying. There is something wonderful about coming to place where you can feel safe, peaceful and rejuvenated. With all of the known dangers out in the big world, home can be a wonderful respite. Sadly, we are bombarded on a daily basis with the news of things that can harm us. Unfortunately some of those things can be found in our safe haven…our home. […]

Best Deals for Tuesday 03/09/2010

Dell Mini 10v Netbook for $149 with the purchase of a Dell laptop or netbook happygreenbee Clearance Sale: Organic kids' clothing from $2 + $6 s&h Barbie Superstar Doll for $3 + $4 s&h Get a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Cert. for $4 + receive a $50 Orbitz Gift with code BONUS FREE sample of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers […]

The Legal Way to Avoid Getting Taxed on Your Investments

By WC Porter Tax time is coming, and that means trying to keep as much of our hard-earned money as we can. […]

How to Make the Most of Your Career

In a few weeks I'll be speaking on "how to make the most of your career" to several hundred people. I want to give them tips on how they can grow their careers and get better than average raises over the course of their working lives. […]

Personal Savings from American Express Review

We’ve covered some of the best high interest savings accounts in the past, and I’d like to add a few more savings products to the list. While I associate American Express with top of the line credit cards, they actually also have a banking arm through which they’ve been offering a couple of high yield savings account options. […]

Sallie Mae Bank Savings Account Opening Review

At the beginning of March, the banking arm of Sallie Mae, a publicly-traded corporation whose main business is student loans, began offering high-yield savings accounts. […]

How to Plan Your Garden

By Dina Marie Our family has made a major life change in leaving the corporate world to begin a vineyard in west Texas. With a large family (10 children, 8 still at home) living on savings until our house in Alabama sells, frugal living is a necessity. Having never been a gardener, I have learned from those who have had successful gardens by asking many questions. […]

Mortgage “Half” Payments: How Much Do They Save?

One frequent question I’m often asked is whether or not paying half of a mortgage payment twice a month versus paying a full mortgage payment once a month is actually worthwhile. Let’s say, for example, you’re in the situation that Paul, one of my readers who wrote in recently, finds himself in. He just took out a $219,000 mortgage. His monthly payment on that mortgage is $1,300.89. […]

How to Succeed as an Online Student

By Julie Rains If you’re considering online studies, don’t underestimate the workload, discipline, and communication skills needed to succeed. Here are tips on excelling as an online student. Choose courses carefully. Make sure that you have the time to commit to classes, especially if you are pursuing a degree. […]

The New Credit Card Statements Are Here!

I never thought I’d put an exclamation mark on a sentence about credit card statements, much less be sincerely excited about it, but here we are. You have to pick your battles in life, and clearly-displayed information is one of mine. Educating people about credit card danger is another. Today, I feel like I’ve won a battle, or at least helped.In addition to the rest of the recent changes to U.S. […]

Consider Self-Insurance Against Calamities

Last week, as I was research the “catch” on a return of premium life insurance policy, I wondered if it was possible for you to self-insure your life. The idea behind self insuring is that you take a lower level of insurance protection and save the difference into an account. […]

The High Cost of Clutter

This post is from new staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at Childwild.com. Last week, J.D. wrote about Stuff; today, Sierra shares her thoughts on the costs of clutter. Do you have piles of papers lurking on your desk? Mountains of laundry looming beside your bed? Shelves double-stacked with knick-knacks? […]

Saving Money on Car Insurance?

Our homeowners insurance (and now life insurance) agent gave called last week. He wanted to see if we would let him price an auto insurance policy for us as “rates have gotten more competitive.” He seems determined to get us to use him for all our insurance needs. I told him that would be fine; we’re always trying to get a good deal. […]

Is Now the Time to Sell Unwanted Gold Items?

Here's a recent comment left on my post titled Anyone Ever Been to a Gold Party? I think selling your old BROKEN jewelry is a great idea! I am planning on doing a gold party and I love the idea. Getting cash for old jewelry is a great opportunity for some people, who are in a bind and need cash. In this economy any option like scrap gold is great! […]

Daily Links: Inbox Zero Edition

I did it! After months of struggling and hours upon hours of typing, I’ve finally reached that mythical state of Inbox Zero. My inbox is empty — or nearly so. […]

Financial Retirement Planning For A Life Expectancy of 100

So how long do you think you will live? I am thinking I will make it to age 81. Well, if I’m lucky. My grandmothers lived to be 88 and 93 so that’s pretty good. The men in my family have all passed in their 60s or 70s. Uplifting thoughts, huh? Morbidity aside it really [...]Financial Retirement Planning For A Life Expectancy of 100 Copyright 2011 TheDigeratiLife.com All rights reserved. […]

College Debt Run Amuck

Here's a piece a reader sent me that shows people with the amount of their college debt written on signs. […]

The Cult of the New

2010 has seen a ton of books released already that I’d love to read, from The Politician by Andrew Young to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. […]

How Not to Act Old in an Interview

This piece from CBS MoneyWatch made me chuckle. It tells older workers looking for a job how not to act/appear to be old to younger hiring managers. They list 11 tips in all including: 1. Don’t play the wisdom card2. Drop the corporate formality3. Stay away from the slang4. Don’t be an ageist5. Drop the name-dropping6. Stifle the unsolicited advice7. Don’t get too personal8. […]

How to Handle a Missing W-2 Form

This is a guest post from Jim at Bargaineering. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. If you haven’t yet received your W-2 form, which reports your wages for the past year, chances are the post office monster ate it. […]