Government to Start Selling Off AIG

AIG, the giant global insurance company bailed out by taxpayers during the heat of a financial crisis, still owes the United States government over $100 billion. Part of the bail-out agreement involved the government receiving preferred shares in the company, becoming a significant owner.According to the news today, the company wants to start paying back this remaining balance next year. […]

Best Money Tips: Homemade Hot Chocolate

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you a simple recipe for homemade hot cocoa, a cool way to fold old paperbacks, and 10 deviled egg recipes to die for! Top 5 Articlesc Homemade Hot Chocolate — You haven’t had hot cocoa until you’ve had the DIY stuff. This recipe rocks! […]

New FTC Debt Settlement Rules

Earlier this week, new FTC rules aimed at debt settlement companies went into effect. These rules are aimed at preventing firms from mis-representing themselves to consumers. Over the past couple of years, as the country sank into recession, the debt settlement industry boomed. […]

5 Places to Save on Halloween Costumes Online

Halloween is one of those times that brings out the foolish spender inside so many of us. We can plan ahead and spend too much by picking the hottest costumes of the year from catalogs, or we can wait til the last minute and spend too much at those outrageously overpriced Halloween superstores. […]

Five Sources of Easy Money That Can Be Found In Your Home

Are you short on cash and need a quick solution that doesn’t involve taking on a second job?  Have you had a chance to inventory the stuff you have lying around your home? […]

The Expiring Bush Tax Cuts: What’s the Fuss?

ShareThisBack in the good 'ole days of budget surpluses (i.e., 2001 and 2003), the Bush administration was concerned that if surpluses grew too large, they would stifle the economy's growth. […]

How to Switch Your Main Credit Card

I had a reader Jackson email me the other day asking about switching credit cards. It turns out that his current main credit card is being phased out and replaced with one whose rewards structure is less rewarding for him. The one thing holding him back is the thought that switching credit cards would hurt his credit score. […]

A Crash Course in Financial Freedom

This is a guest post from Mary Hunt, author of Debt-Proof Living. She also runs the Debt-Proof Living website, and is an inspiration to many frugal folks. Recently, I got a message from Natalie who explained that as part of a financial preparedness night, she’ll have ten minutes to speak about financial freedom. […]

Seven Things You Should Always Buy Generic

Money Talks News lists seven things you should always buy generic. Here are their suggestions and my comments: 1. Pain relievers and other over-the-counter medications. Name-Brand Acetaminophen: $10.99. Store-Brand Acetaminophen: $6.99. Difference: $4.00 (57 percent) We buy OTC store brand medicines all the time -- almost exclusively. In particular, we buy the Equate brand from Walmart. […]

“Conservative” is not the same thing as “prudent”

A new user over at the Money StackExchange site asked a question about a particular portfolio: Is the Yale Portfolio by David Swenson too conservative for a twenty-something with a mid-sized portfolio … ? He asks if the portfolio is “too conservative.”  He’s been told (as we all have been, probably) that his investment allocation should be “less conservative” when he’s young and “ […]

Best Home Based Business Ideas: How To Make A Little More

Working from home can be a great way to generate some extra cash, and the truth is, everyone and their brother wants to try it out. Imagine a way to pay for your childcare expenses so you can have a little bit of time to keep up with the housework and other assorted stuff. Or maybe you just want to supplement your current income. […]

September 29th is National Coffee Day: Here’s Where to Get a Free Cup

Every day is a holiday somewhere. But for stressed-out workers, today means great deals on the drink that keeps America going. Here's where to find yours free. […]

Buying with Confidence: Reviews, Trust, and Accountability

A few weeks ago, in the July 2010 issue of Bon Appétit, Andrew Knowlton succinctly summed up the way I feel about trusted and untrusted reviews: If I’m curious as to whether a restaurant is worth trying out or not, I don’t consult sites like Yelp – I ask a friend. That way, I can hold the person accountable. Accountable is the key word here. […]

Help a Reader: Career Decisions

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I'm working for a wealth management company that is "new age" in their corporate ways. There are no cubicles, defined career paths, and it's a very young crowd. The department I'm in has about 150 employees. Supervising them is 1 senior administrator per team, and one Supervisor per team. There are 5 teams. […]

Lending Club Update – August 2010 Performance

Time for another Lending Club update… My net annualized return recovered slightly from 9.5% in July (thanks to another charged off loan) to 9.6% at the end of August. It has since creeped a few hundredths higher. As for my “real world” performance (calculated using Quicken) I closed out the month with a lifetime annualized return of 8.50%. […]

New 2011 Form 1099-K

Back in college, I used to sell all sorts of things on eBay for a little extra cash. Two of the more legitimate things I sold were John Deere hats, made popular by Ashton Kutcher and his Punk’d show, and Washington Wizards Michael Jordan jerseys, made popular when Jordan made his brief return to the NBA. […]

College Degrees, Earning Power, the Value of a Law Degree, and the Best Colleges

We've discussed the value of a college degree from various angles and perspectives over the past few years (even to the point of asking if any college degree was better than no college degree). I'm a big believer in getting a college degree (for most people and if done the right way). […]

For a Beginning Investor, the Costs of Investing Can Be Painful

I’m going to make a little illustration about investments using the stock of Verizon (VZ) as an example. On September 18, 2009, a share of stock in Verizon closed at 29.59. In the following months, Verizon issued four dividends of $0.475 per share. […]

3 Keys to Choosing the Right Contractor

If you’re hiring a contractor for a big home improvement project, chances are you’re going to be disappointed.  What you really need is someone who does quality work in a reasonable amount of time, understands exactly what it is you’re looking for, and that you can trust. You’re paying good money for the work so you expect whomever you hire to meet those specifications.  Unfortuna […]