The Cost of Bad Credit

The October issue of Money Magazine had a chart in it (I can't find it online) that compared the cost of various loans for people with excellent credit and those with below-average credit. […]

The Best Credit Cards 2012

If you follow credit card offers like I do, you might have noticed that this past year was particularly exciting. Credit card issuers have been heavily marketing products in search of customers, spending more advertising dollars per customer than they have in recent years, and increasing rewards for the best customers. […]

2012 Resolution #2: Finish a Novel and Write Another One

For the rest of this week, I’m going to discuss the goals I’m setting for 2012 and the plans I have for achieving them. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had made some changes to how The Simple Dollar is managed in an effort to free up time for other writing projects that I’ve wanted to take on. […]

Chase Freedom Reward Categories for 2012 – Plus a $200 Bonus

With New Year’s Day nearly upon us, it’s time to think about signing up for the next round of bonus categories on your rewards credit card. As you may recall, most cash back credit cards have moved to a base 1% level of earnings with rotating bonus categories, and you need to sign up for these on a quarterly basis. Looking ahead to 2012, here are the Chase Freedom 5% reward categories… January-Mar […]

Way to Spend Your FSA

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can be a great way for you to save up money to pay health care costs, while at the same time receiving a tax benefit. When a FSA is offered, you usually put in up to $5,000 a year, pre-tax. […]

How much is my gold chain worth?

I received a question in a comment on one of my more popular posts that describes how to figure out how much gold jewelry is worth.  Here’s the question: What is the dollar worth of an 18″, 14-karat, 14.38 gram weight gold chain?  No formulas please. Before working out the answer, it’s important first to discuss the sentence that follows her question. She doesn’t want me to giver her formulas.  Sh […]

The (Often Understated) Cost of Inflation During Retirement

Here's a comment a reader emailed me in response to my post titled Five Retirement Surprises: The most stark retirement (surprise) reality that I've had, and I was warned about it by a good friend, is "the inflation factor" which prominently figures into the retirement mix. […]

Tips for Returning Unwanted Gifts

With Christmas in the rearview mirror, it’s time to deal with the aftermath. Did you love your gifts? Or did some of them miss the mark? While it’s the thought that counts, you may be thinking about returning or exchanging one or more of your gifts. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few tips for returning unwanted gifts. Bring the receipt First and foremost, bring the receipt. […]

Best of 2011: Top 10 Squawks of the Year

It’s nearly time to close the books on another year of saving, spending, and money mumbling. […]

Money Planners Can Help You Take Control of Your Finances

Having ready many books about personal finance and money management over the last decade, I recognize most new books as offering nothing particularly new to readers. Some of the world’s favorite money gurus rehash the same ideas repeatedly, some on a predictable yearly release schedule, and these books become best-sellers due to the names attached. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Resolutions Edition

Over the last few weeks, I spent a lot of time thinking about resolutions. During that process, I did a lot of digging for articles on resolutions and goals from people whose thoughts I greatly value. Here are some of the useful articles I found in that search. Solving problems Leaning away from problems rarely pays off. […]

How I Lost 25 Pounds — And How It Can Help Your Finances

This is a post from staff writer Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. […]

Very Very Last Minute Tax Moves

It’s December 28th, there are just three business days left in the year and you’re just now thinking about last minute moves you can make to reduce your tax burden. Fortunately, there are still a few things you can do on the very last day of the year to reduce your taxes. […]

Why Your Big New Year's Resolutions Are Pointless

New Year's Resolutions — they're dumb. Yeah, I said it. What, you don't think so? You're wrong. Sometimes I think that the idea of a "New Year's Resolution" was invented by the media to have something fluffy to write about during the dead week between December 25 and January 1. […]

How Simplifying Your Accounts Can Improve Your Finances

With a sign up bonus here and a positive referral there, it can be easy to amass a small army of financial accounts. But if you start simplifying and closing the accounts you don't use often, the benefits can be substantial. […]

Best Money Tips: Get Rid of Unwanted Gifts

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on getting rid of unwanted gifts, New Year's Eve party ideas, and signs you may want to quit your job. Top 5 Articles The Art of Getting Rid of Unwanted Gifts — Have an unwanted gift you want to get rid of? Freecycle it! […]

10 Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home

One of the worst things about tightening your budget is giving up the little things. Spa treatments are definitely little things with a cost that adds up quickly. Fortunately, you can give yourself a number of spa treatments from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the price. […]

What If I Lost My Career? Envision, then Act, Part 1

The following is an excerpt from the book When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms by Cal Brown, CFP, MST. The excerpt is a digitally scanned reproduction of text from print. Although this excerpt has been proofread, occasional errors may appear due to the scanning process. Please refer to the finished book for accuracy. […]

Do You Regift?

Now that we all have been barraged with the annual trading of presents, including some we probably don't like, I think it's the perfect time to talk about regifting. Smart Money has an interview with Daniel Post-Senning, great-great grandson of etiquette maven Emily Post. They ask him about regifting -- and if it's appropriate. […]

2012 Resolution #1: Get Fit the Right Way

For the rest of this week, I’m going to discuss the goals I’m setting for 2012 and the plans I have for achieving them. A few months ago, when I was feeling particularly frustrated about the failings of my fitness goals, I scheduled an appointment with a personal trainer. I really do not like the idea of a “coach” to motivate my workouts or anything like that. […]