Couples & Money: How Financial Views Affect Relationships

According to marriage counselors, many divorces are caused by financial disagreements between the husband and the wife. You would think that opposing traits on handling money would cause the most problems. […]

The Center

When I first got started with personal finance, I began by cutting away at my spending. First, I trimmed away the obvious things – buying too many books and video games, for one. […]

Ten Pieces of Inspiration #23

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 1. Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson I re-read Emerson’s wonderful classic essay Self-Reliance again this week, and again I found it digging deep into my soul. […]

World Domination and the Pursuit of Happiness

My friend Chris Guillebeau never rests. Over the past few years, he’s written a best-selling book, visited every U.S. […]

Little Expenses Can Add Up

Here's a piece from Yahoo that says little expenses can add up. They took six expenses that many people face and set a value of them (or foregoing them, specifically) if the person had instead saved the money and invested it at 8%. […]

Merchants could take it on the chin for using Groupon. Should you care?

This post yesterday on TechCrunch highlights the story of Posies Bakery and Cafe in Portland, Oregon, after running a Groupon campaign last year.  Her shop’s aggressive deal campaign ($13 worth of merchandise for $6) set her back $8,000 and caused her to need to withdraw from savings to make payroll and rent.  She calls it “… the single worst decision [she has] ever made as a business owner thus f […]

GE Capital May Buy ING Direct

Update: Capital One has purchased ING Direct. A few weeks ago I mentioned that Ally Bank was considering buying ING Direct, the United States deposit bank arm of the Dutch ING Group. In exchange for a European bailout, ING was forced to agree to sell ING Direct by 2013. […]

Dinner With My Family #19: Slow Cooker Pot Pie

My favorite meals are ones that are flexible enough to incorporate whatever we have on hand as well as incorporating whatever might be on sale at the grocery store or at the farmers market. This way, we minimize the food we waste while also taking advantage of sales, minimizing our food costs. At the same time, convenience is a need for us, too. […]

Thanks to Delta

You probably haven't noticed, but I have been gone (traveling for work) the past three days. I was on the east coast visiting customers along with a few of my co-workers. As such, I haven't been as active on the blog (but I had articles saved up) and in the comments as I usually am. […]

Report: Credit CARD Act of 2009 Good For Consumers

According to the Center for Responsible Lending, the Credit CARD Act of 2009, which designated the Federal Reserve Board to introduce new regulations for the credit card industry, has been successful in increasing transparency for consumers. As a result of the new regulations, the actual interest rates cardholders pay is now closer to the advertised rates. […]

Citi Credit Cards Hacked: What It Means for Cardholders

In case you haven’t heard, Citigroup got hacked, and the hackers made off with approximately 200,000 credit card numbers, cardholder names, and e-mail addresses. That’s the bad news. […]

Do you suffer from costly data plan disease?

Symptoms are varied, but most suffers first report the sickness after buying a phone, gadget, game console, or an iPad-type thing with a mandatory communications package to make the dang gadget work. […]

Time and Again: Serial Mortgage Refinancing

I recently ran across an interesting story on CNBC about “serial refinancing” – the practice of refinancing your mortgage time after time as rates improve. On the surface, this makes perfect sense. If you can drive down your rate without incurring additional costs, why not? And yes, you can refinance without paying any closing costs. […]

Friday Finance Findings for June 10th

Just a heads up for your quarterly estimate tax filers, but the second quarter tax deadline is next week on the 15th. I know, it stinks. What can you do? You’ve gotta pay the man. Speaking of taxes, can you believe we’re already nearly half way through the year? That means you just have a little over six months to do what you can to minimize your tax bill. […]

Starting the Journey Right

Me, at approximately age two, in the kitchen of the house I grew up in This past weekend, I was cleaning out a drawer in my office when I came across a stack of photos from my early childhood. […]

Your Take: What Was Your First Credit Card?

I still remember getting my first credit card. It was an AT&T Universal card that still exists today, albeit in a different form. It was one of the first few days of school and I stopped by a desk outside of Doherty Hall at Carnegie Mellon. […]

Ask the Readers: I’m Getting Older — Should I Save or Should I Travel?

Long-time GRS reader Sheila (aka PawPrint) dropped a line earlier this year because she’s facing a financial dilemma. She and her husband want to be responsible — to save for retirement — but they’re afraid that doing so means they won’t be able to pursue other passions, such as travel. Sheila writes: My husband is nearly 60. […]

Updated: Hackers Steal Credit Card Numbers From 360,000 Citi Customers

The latest big business security breach affected Citigroup and about 1% of the company’s credit card customers. Hackers were able to access the customer database, finding customers’ names, credit card numbers, and email addresses free for the taking. The hackers were not able to gain access to other personal information, like Social Security numbers, card verification numbers, or birth dates. […]

5 Tips for Remembering Names

My husband has always said that I am great at remembering many details about the people we meet. One of the most important and basic things you should remember about someone new is his or her name. Here are some of my personal tips for remembering names; hopefully they will help you avoid an awkward "I know you from somewhere" moment. […]

How to Buy Like a Pro at Country Auctions

To the uninitiated, auctions can be intimidating. When you combine big crowds, a fast-talking auctioneer, a jumble of items, and a competitive atmosphere, it’s easy to lose your cool. Country auctions, in particular, have a more informal feel and dynamic pace than the auctions we typically see portrayed on TV or in the movies. […]