Follow-Up: Taking a 20% Pay Cut

I get a lot of requests for follow-ups to reader stories and reader questions. People want to hear how things turned out. Because I want to know how things turned out, too, I’ve started a semi-regular feature at Get Rich Slowly. […]

Dinner With My Family #13: Fajitas Bonitas

Each week, I’ll present a low-cost meal (or a meal that demonstrates a lot of options for cutting costs) that my family eats for dinner and enjoys. Many of the recipes will be vegan or vegetarian, with options to add other ingredients for non-vegetarians. This is one of those dishes that’s surprisingly quick, but tends to be very impressive when it hits the table. […]

What Effect Will a Federal Government Shutdown Have on Tax Refunds?

As a followup to yesterday’s post on how to check the status of your tax refund, I just wanted to post a quick update with info on what impact the impending Federal government shutdown will have on your tax refund… In general terms, there shouldn’t be much of an impact on e-filers. […]

How to File a Free Income Tax Extension

I finally provided my tax details to my accountant yesterday. As I expected, there won’t be enough time to work out the details before today’s tax filing deadline, so I’ll be filing extensions. In years past, when I filed for myself and my taxes were simpler, I usually waited until the last day. My procrastination has been helped by the availability of online filing. […]

How to Steal a House – 4 Steps to Buying an REO

Money Talks visits a city where houses that used to cost $250,000 are now selling for $70,000. But if you want a bargain, forget the home-buying process you learned from your parents. […]

Performance Reviews and Career Advancement

This is a guest post by Financial Uproar, a mid 20s finance blogger who writes about investments and general money topics. […]

His Debts, Her Debts, or Our Debts?

You’re in a relationship. That relationship is starting to get serious. You’re contemplating marriage or some other form of long-term commitment. Now what? Quite often today, people are bringing significant debt into relationships with them. Credit card debt. Student loan debt. Auto loan debt. I often get emails from readers asking me how to deal with them. […]

Ink℠ with Ultimate Rewards℠ $100 Bonus Cash Back

You may have noticed that I’ve reviewed a few different versions of the Chase Ink℠ small business product line, including a charge card designed for ultimate purchasing power and a cash back card offering big bonuses for maximum spending. Chase is also provides a version of this card for business travelers. […]

Your Take: Study Shows Materialism & Security Linked

There’s an intriguing study out of the University of New Hampshire that shows a relationship between how secure you feel and how you value possessions. People with heightened feelings of interpersonal feelings, which is defined by a sense of being loved and accepted by others, seem to value their possessions less than those who don’t have those same feelings. […]

Ask the Readers: I’ve Tracked My Expenses — Now What?

At the end of August, a very patient Stephanie sent me an interesting question. When I didn’t answer her e-mail, she sent it again in January. I replied, promising to post her question while I was in Africa — but I didn’t get to it. Now it’s April. I think it’s time to set things right. […]

10 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Use Vinegar

What comes to mind when you think of Easter? Baskets, probably. Or perhaps the Resurrection. Maybe even cute little bunnies. Not for me. I think of vinegar, much more so than any other time of year. […]

What to Know When Renting a Moving Truck

As you might have inferred from my post about thanking friends who help you move, I recently made a move myself, driving from the East Coast to the West Coast over the course of eight days. […]

Are You Better Off than Your Parents?

This piece from CNN Money says that what was once the middle class has now become the underclass. […]

Carnivals for the Week of April 4

Here are some of the carnivals Free Money Finance was in this week and my posts that were included: Cavalcade of Risk - How to Prepare for a Major Home Disaster   Carnival of Personal Finance - Over $1k to Be a Bridesmaid?   Enjoy! P.S. Carnival Hosts -- If my post is in your carnival in a given week, please send me the URL to the carnival and I will include it in my weekly roundup. […]

The All You Can Eat Food Buffet: Is It Worth Your Money?

Sure, you want to stretch your food budget, especially when you’re eating out. One way you can do it is with an all-you-can-eat buffet, which seems like a great deal. The thought that you’ll be paying a flat rate for eating as much food as you can handle seems very, very appealing, particularly for a [...]The All You Can Eat Food Buffet: Is It Worth Your Money? […]

Spare Change: Contest Reminder Edition

Here’s your weekly reminder that the 2011 Get Rich Slowly Video Contest is under way. We have a few entries, but to be honest: If you’re willing to take the time to produce a two-minute video about money, your odds are pretty good right now that you’ll win something. With three $500 prizes and only a handful of entries, you have a much better chance than by playing the lottery! […]

The Old Green Chair

One of the big fixtures of the first apartment that Sarah and I shared was an extremely bright green chair. This chair had ancient floral-print upholstery, done almost entirely in shades of green and green-yellow, and looked like it walked straight out of the 1970s. […]

Two Pet Peeves I Have with Vanguard

As most of you know, I'm an index fund investor. And my company of choice for investing is Vanguard. Overall, I like the company, its philosophy, and its low-cost investments, but I do have a couple pet peeves with it as follows: Their website stinks. I've used it for many years now and I still can't figure out how to navigate through it much of the time. […]

When Will I Get My Tax Refund?

Every year around this time I get inundated with questions from people wondering when they’ll receive their tax refund. If you’ve been wondering about this, then be sure to check out the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on the IRS website*. To use the tool, you’ll need your Social Security number, your filing status, and the whole dollar amount of your expected refund. […]