Five Challenges of Buying Used – and How to Overcome Them

I revel in used stuff. I use PaperBackSwap almost religiously. I love shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops. I look forward to yard sales and make a day out of “community yard sale day.” Undeniably, though, there are drawbacks. Sure, you get a nice financial bargain, but no purchase is a perfect one. […]

Everbank Offers Diversified Metals CDs

When it comes to interesting and innovative banking products, Everbank has always led the pack. With some banks you get the same vanilla options – checking, money market, savings, CDs. Reward checking is rare and “exotic” CDs are even rarer (how many banks offer one of the non-standard CDs?). Recently I received an email from them about a 5-year diversified metals CD. […]

0% Balance Transfers: 18 Months from Citi Platinum Select

As many of you know, the credit crisis of 2009 killed off the most attractive credit card balance transfer offers. […]

How Do You Count Cash?

Grab a few dollars out of your wallet and start counting them. Pay close attention to how you counted them because it may be a good indication of where you are from! People from different areas of the world count money differently. […]

Help a Reader: Discussing a Pre-Nup

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I'm a 26 year old who is considering asking my girlfriend of 2+ years for her hand in marriage.  My parents have put me in an enviable position by saving on my behalf and instilling in me the same work hard and save attitude they hold themselves.  I currently have roughly $1.2 million in assets ($800k in stocks, $200k in a rental property, $250 […]

Is It Time to Give Up On the Stock Market?

I’ll admit I’m nervous with my investments right now. Back at the beginning of May, the stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 and other indices, dropped sharply. This was around the time of the “flash crash,” and it appeared to me that the value of my primary vehicle for investment, VTSMX, fell irrationally.I took that as a signal to buy. […]

Why Does Hide Some Prices?

Why does hide some of the prices on their product pages? I saw it a lot when I was putting together my home theater a few years ago. It’s remarkably easy to buy electronics online because it’s everything is a commodity. […]

Reader Mailbag: You Vote With Your Dollar

If you like a particular film and want to see more like it, see that movie in the theatre or buy the DVD or at least check it out from the library or watch it on a streaming service like Netflix. […]

Secured Credit Cards: A Good Alternative in Times of Tight Lending

In this day and age, access to a credit card is virtually a necessity. It’s very impractical to carry bundles of cash and paying for things is so much more convenient with plastic. But using your debit card also carries a little added risk. Lately, the credit industry has been stifled and getting a credit card has become more difficult. […]

How to Examine Your Healthcare Plan and Save

I’ve been examining healthcare plans for a couple of decades, starting with sticker shock when I signed up for COBRA coverage in 1986 (over $300 per month). […]

Financial Fear Factors

Have you seen the latest headlines: “market down on fears,” “fears stoke market decline,” or “fear pushes broader market down”? Of course you have and in different forms, incessantly, constantly, for about the past three years. Last year in a special report titled Greed and Fear: The Future of Finance, The Economist attempted to examine wha […]

How to Close a Revolution Money Exchange Account

A few years ago, I opened a Revolution Money Exchange account because they were offering a $25 promotion for very little work. Revolution Money Exchange is a PayPal-like payment system clone minus all the fees. […]

Social Capital: More Valuable Than Money?

I’m back! After ten days boating through southeast Alaska (and two days of recovery), I’m ready to think about personal finance once again. Actually, it’ll probably come as no surprise that I never stopped thinking about personal finance. Even while we were skirting among ice floes, pulling up prawns, and admiring whales, my mind never strayed far from the topic of money. […]

Start a Business for Next to Nothing

ShareThisStarting a business is an intimidating prospect. It involves a level of commitment that few other goals require. Typically, one of the major commitments in business startups is a hefty financial commitment. However, there are ways to start a business for next to nothing. […]

Stop-Loss Orders Can Lose Money Quickly

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. After investors and their advisors experienced the precipitous market drop during the fall of 2008, many people searched for ways to protect their assets. After a year-long review of possible ideas, I decided to stay the course and not change our investment strategy. […]

Our House is Worth a Ton of Money – No, Really, It Is!

This is a guest post from Christian of Money Obedience. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. Mortgage rates hit bottom again at the end of last year, which is when we started the process of refinancing our mortgage – finally. (Note: Mortgage rates are currently at the lowest point of 2010). […]

8 Tips for a Successful Community Yard Sale

Picking the right time and a high-traffic location are the first rules for a community yard sale. But don't spend a lot of time writing out price tags. […]

Affording Student Loan Payments & College Tuition

Just as bad as our health care system woes are the financial issues faced by many college students who fall into serious debt due to student loans. […]

Lending Club Update – April 2010 Performance

I’m a bit late with this update, but I wanted to get it out there because I’m closing in on one year of lending money through Lending Club and will be doing a big, year-end post sometime soon. As April came to a close, my “net annualized return” (NAR) was 10.65% — not too shabby. […]

Credit Score and Credit History Basics

When it comes to staying on top of your finances there are few things that can have such a lasting impact as your credit history. Many people have heard the terms “credit report” and “credit score” before, but not everyone knows exactly what each means, and few are privy to the important details that make up each. […]