8 Frequently Under-Budgeted Air Travel Costs

Over the next few months, many people will hop on an airplane to visit friends or family for the holidays. At some point in my life, I read about why airline miles are much more popular than hotel points (even though hotel points are more valuable). The reason is that our minds plan out trips sequentially. […]

Should You Use Your Employer’s HSA Custodian?

I’ve written in the past about how unhappy I am with my employer’s choice for our HSA custodian. In terms of accounts fees and service, they’re fine. When it comes to investment options, however, they’re awful. Every single fund has a load and a high expense ratio. All of this got me to thinking about going out and finding my own HSA custodian. […]

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

It's a few days before Halloween, and while I have put up Halloween decorations, I have given barely a thought to what I'll wear as I hand out pencils and candy to the little witches and goblins that visit my door. […]

What’s In My Wallet?

People seem to have a curious fascination with what other people carry in their wallet or purse, and various personal finance memes have gone around highlighting what bloggers carry in their wallets. Well, even though I’ve been doing this for over four years now, I realized I haven’t taken part in any of them. […]

How to Buy Foreign Government Bonds

Reader Sam asked me if I could write a post about buying foreign government bonds as a way of diversifying your portfolio. The idea of buying foreign government bonds is appealing on several levels because you get to invest in a foreign currency, you get a regular coupon, and it definitely diversifies your portfolio. I don’t foresee myself investing in foreign government bonds. […]

The Quest for the Best Budget

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He contributes one new article to Get Rich Slowly every two weeks. We can do two things with our money: spend it or save it. (Actually, there are other possibilities — eating it! smoking it! […]

The Five Community College Myths

I have been reading the best book I've ever read on preparing financially for college. […]

APR, APY, and Mortgage Math: A Real World Example

I have lots of readers here in the central Iowa area, so it came as no surprise to me that when I began hearing an ad frequently on local radio advertising a particular mortgage product in terms that were a bit on the confusing side, I received an email about it. Jim writes in: I just heard an ad on the radio offering a 3.99% mortgage. That makes sense to me. […]

Waste Less Food, Save More Money

Coming home after more than three weeks in Europe, our refrigerator was practically bare. Kris and I love food, and our fridge is usually filled to the gills with tons of good stuff, so seeing the vast emptiness was almost shocking. But in a good way. One of the drawbacks to keeping a full fridge is that we sometimes lose track of what we have on hand. […]

How to Buy and Sell Physical Gold and Silver, Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with Doug Eberhardt, author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely: The Only Book You Need to Learn How to Buy or Sell Gold and Silver. As with yesterday's post, I'll include my questions in bold/red and Doug's answers below each one. […]

Going from Two Incomes to One

How to Live on Just One Income Households with dual incomes are at a significant advantage. Typically, a married couple will share many of the same resources (housing, insurance, groceries, utilities, etc.) yet have two sources of income to pay the bills. As long as spending doesn’t get out of control it can really help a family save money. […]

Opt For A Deferred Payment Plan When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Job losses, out of control mortgage payments, and being overextended are just a few reasons why people are walking away from debt in droves and becoming debt averse. Isn’t that the silver lining behind economic downtrends, recessions and a high unemployment climate? […]

Energy Savings with LED Light Bulbs (and a Giveaway!)

I’ve long been a fan of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs because of the energy savings. They are more expensive than incandescent light bulbs but they use up far less electricity. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Save? (Chance to win $20!)

Save 3-6 months of income for an emergency. Have plenty on hand for retirement. Don't send your kids off to college penniless. These are all good goals for storing up, but putting them into practice can be difficult. Do you have a tip for socking cash away for a rainy day? […]

Recent Changes in My Personal Finance Plan

It’s easy to fall into financial habits. Even people who consider themselves inflexible can grow accustomed to a financial change after time. […]

Another Key to Selling a Home

Yahoo lists a key to selling your home as follows: Attention desperate home sellers. Don't want to lower the price on your house? Consider better photos. […]

Making It All Work – Getting Control: Organizing

This is the seventh entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings through December 10. So, you’ve dumped all of the stuff out of your brain and you’ve put it into appropriate places, but how do you use those places? […]

Share Your Thoughts: Consolidating Student Loans

From time to time, I receive questions from blog readers. I know that, like the “Ask the Audience” lifeline on the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the collective wisdom of many can often be very valuable. To that end, I have decided to periodically put these questions I receive to you, the reader. […]

How to Handle Debt Collectors

I hate debt collection agencies. This distaste is mainly because of past personal experience. A few of years ago, a collection company called me repeatedly about a medical bill that my insurance company had already paid. I sent the proof of payment through fax and mail, but they refused to accept it. I decided that enough was enough, and I finally stopped communicating with them on the phone. […]

The ABC’s of DIY Moving

The thought of moving is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the bravest souls. Relocating on-the-cheap (without the benefit of a team of professional movers, a sea of boxes and bubble-wrap, and a small fleet of vans), well, that’s just plain hard. […]