Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® MasterCard® Review

There’s a class of consumers who have worked credit card usage into a fine art, maximizing rewards across a variety of cards depending on the type of spending. It can get difficult managing several cards when you have one for better rewards on groceries, one for better rewards on travel, and one for more cash back on office supplies. […]

5 Frugal Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day leaves a lot to the imagination.  In fact, frugal guys and gals find all sorts of ways to celebrate February 14th.  You don’t have to rely on overpriced chocolates and flower arrangements to make your sweetheart happy.  With a little imagination and even less money, you can make it a day to remember without all the clichés.   Here’s how you can make the most out of the upcoming hol […]

Watch Your Mail

Here's a useful reminder from the Bucks Blog: As employers and banks mail out your year-end and tax documents this month, you shouldn’t just be thinking about preparing your taxes. […]

Securing Financial Documents on Your Computer

Last week, I wrote about protecting your passwords and other sensitive financial data, like account numbers. Today I want to go a step further and talk about protecting electronic documents – tax returns, Quicken files, bank or brokerage statements, etc. – that you may be storing on your computer. Going paperless I’ve been gradually transitioning over to a paperless financial system. […]

Free Money Finance March Money Madness, Round 1, Posts 41-44

Here we go with the first round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (to follow all the action click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed each "game" (one post versus another) in segments along with the wording provided by the author when the post was submitted. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Little Changes Edition

Over the next week, I’m going to be making several tiny changes to the site. There’s a good chance you won’t notice them at all, but if you see something that looks completely wrong, don’t be afraid to let me know. Why the changes? Mostly, I’m trying to find ways to improve income from the site, mostly by improving the availability of links to good banking services. […]

Sensuous Value is the Worst Kind

This is an article by The Weakonomist, an anonymous blogger responsible for everything at As a banking insider he’s witnessed the economic implosion from inside the bubble. […]

Super Bowl Commercials: It’s All About the Money

The Super Bowl really is all about the money. Indeed, the Super Bowl seems to be a money maker for every one. Tickets to attend the Super Bowl — a single seat — cost between $2,400 and $23,730, according to Fox Business. Parking costs money, and the ads cost money. Indeed, many of us (especially those of us not really rooting for either team) just watch for the commercials. […]

Nine Lessons in Wealth-Building from The Millionaire Next Door

This is a guest post from Robert Brokamp of The Motley Fool. Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and the adviser for The Motley Fool’s Rule Your Retirement service. He contributes one new article to Get Rich Slowly every two weeks. Want to become a millionaire? Then perhaps you should start by studying the behaviors of people who have done it. […]

How to Sell Your Crap: A Book Review and Tips

Do you want to sell your crap? Although it may seem daunting at first, it’s cathartic and well worth the effort. Four years ago, I sold everything I owned to capture my dream of traveling the world with an open itinerary and no return date in sight. […]

Lower Interest Rates with Credit Sesame and Lending Club

It used to be that only savvy technophiles would extol the virtues of online financial tracking software, but nowadays, it's not uncommon to use websites to track banking, investment, and debt information. […]

14 Valentine’s Day Desserts That Hit the (Sweet) Spot

Everybody knows that the best part about dinner is dessert. That’s never truer than on Valentine’s Day, when reaching confectionary euphoria is required to call the meal complete. (See also: Valentine's Day on a Budget) Here are 14 no-sweat recipes that all end with the singing of your praises. 1. […]

One Insurance Not Worth the Money: Term Life Insurance

WalletPop lists seven insurance policies that aren't worth the money and to my surprise, they included term life insurance in the mix with divorce insurance, car rental insurance, and others. Their thoughts: Some insurance agents may disagree, but Canton says term life insurance can be a big waste of money. […]

Get cash back for flowers and more this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that brings out the procrastinator in guys.  And boy — any place that sells flowers knows this.  The prices double at our local grocery store for flowers on Valentine’s Day. But I’ll admit I don’t get soaked for flowers on Valentine’s Day for a couple of reasons, and it’s not because I don’t procrastinate.  First, our wedding anniversary is Groundhog Day, s […]

Citi ThankYou Preferred Rewards Card Review: $150 In Gift Cards

What’s on your wish list for a new credit card? If your requirements include good introductory rates, a rewards program, and lots of bonus points, then take a look at the Citi ThankYou Preferred Rewards Card, a great addition to our list of Citibank credit cards. […]

Citi Replacing Driver’s Edge With ThankYou Rewards Card

Earlier this week, my wife and I received notice that our Citi Driver’s Edge Card is being replaced with the Citi ThankYou Rewards Card. It appears that they’re phasing out the Driver’s Edge program entirely, which is fine with me since we pretty much never use this card anymore. With the Citi ThankYou Rewards Card, we’ll be earning ThankYou points on a 1 point per dollar basis. […]

CompleteTax Review #1

In January I selected several readers to receive free copies of various income tax software programs. In exchange, they agreed to use the software to do their taxes and write an unbiased review. The summary below was written by FMF reader RA and contains her thoughts about CompleteTax’s Premium MVP product. By day, I am a Web Developer at a small company (fewer than 15 employees). […]

Does Home Photo Printing Really Save Money?

During the fall of 2010, I posted a series of articles on homemade Christmas gifts. Among these were personalized photo cards and stationery and photo cubes, both of which required a pretty solid supply of photographs. Thus, I had the opportunity to print off quite a few photos at home in order to make these projects happen. […]

Bank of America Settles Overdraft Fee Lawsuit

If you qualify for the Bank of America overdraft lawsuit, you may have already received a postcard in the mail from the bank. Here is information on the overdraft lawsuit. Like many banking institutions, Bank of America processes debit transactions not at the time they occur, but in a batch, from largest to smallest. […]