The Simple Dollar Time Machine: March 6, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is a weekly series that highlights the five best posts from one year ago this week, two years ago this week, and three years ago this week. […]

Your Parents' Estate Plan Part 2: What You Need to Know

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. A thoughtful estate plan can make your heirs' lives easier. But it is your parents' estate planning that will make your life easier. Not every family has fostered the ability to speak openly in love. But if you have begun that process, here is an outline of what grown children need to know about their parents' affairs. […]

Friday Fiscals: Flush valve edition

We’re in our new home (albeit with boxes and such).  Tonight I started tackling one of the toilets in an attempt to replace a shot flush valve.  It won for tonight until I can get a bigger wrench. Squawkfox explains how to make a budget in an “unboring” way. Wise Bread reveals the one question that might get you free money if you’re shown the door by your employer. Free Money Finance asks, “When […]

My Stock Trading Strategy: Using Options to Enhance Returns

Can this interesting stock trading strategy help you beat the market? Let’s see what Stephen Jeske, an independent option trader, has to say. He’s come up with themeatballeffect, a complete swing trading option strategy. […]

Interview Notes

Earlier today, I did a lengthy interview with Dean Voelker on his Improving Your Financial Health radio show. […]

You CAN Entertain – Dinner Party For Dollars!

If you need to tighten the purse strings and think entertaining on a tight budget is out, think again. Here is our solution for keeping the party going. […]

Dallas’s Smart Power Meter Problem

I wrote last November about a rollout in my city to upgrade everybody’s power meters to the “smart” kind which should allow the power companies to operate and communicate remotely with our electricity. […]

Top Tools for Analyzing Your Salary

The following is a guest post by Raine Parker, who writes about online accounting degree programs. I like this post because it gives resources that tie in nicely to point #4 in my post titled How to Demonstrate that You Deserve a Raise. […]

5 Tips to Acing An Interview

By Kate Luther Before I embarked on my new life as a freelancer, I had both feet firmly planted in the Corporate World. With my DayPlanner in one hand and my resume in the other, I had big visions of the corner office, the corporate expense account, and business cards with some impressive executive title. Needless to say, I have had more than my share of interviews. […]

How to Report Visa and MasterCard Violations

In the past week, I’ve written up the credit card acceptance guidelines for both Visa and MasterCard. But what if a merchant doesn’t follow the guidelines? What recourse do you have? In short, you can report them to Visa or MasterCard and (hopefully) corrective action will be taken. […]

Best deals for Friday 03/05/2010

Tyson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib for $110 + free shipping Daughtry "Leave This Town" MP3 album download for $4 Cook N Home 9.5 Quart Stainless Steel Juicer Steamer $60 Ships Free! Free sample of Rachael Ray's Nutrish Dog Food Timberland footwear and apparel up to 80% off this weekend! […]

Free Money Finance March Money Madness, Round 2, Posts 17-20

Here we go with the second round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (if you wonder what's going on in these posts, see my article announcing March Money Madness and/or click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed each "game" (one post versus another) in segments along with the wording provided by the author when […]

Frugality and Moving On to New Values

Over the last few days, I’ve had several interactions with readers who are heavily concerned about the healthiness of their food and other chemical items they bring into their home. In general, these people subscribe to the “five ingredients or less” school of eating, meaning they don’t bring home any food item that has more than five ingredients in it. […]

Precision Plastic Reduction Part Three

By Myscha Theriault It’s been a while since my last plastic reduction post. That’s because the further I explore the process, the more difficult I discover the next phases to be. I’ve persevered however to find new successes and frustrations. Ready to find out how this next phase of plastic reduction has gone? […]

When Your Friends Become Social Sellers and Multi-Level Marketers

I can’t completely fault companies like Amway, Mary Kay, and Lia Sophia. They know that friendship results in two important qualities: trust and guilt. These two qualities are important to companies because they make the process of selling products much easier. […]

Your Take: Does Unemployment Insurance Reward Laziness?

The Huffington Post shared the thoughts of Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) on unemployment this week: Unemployment insurance “doesn’t create new jobs. In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work,” The title of the article is a little misleading. […]

Living Like No One Else

This post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a quote from J.D.’s review of The Total Money Makeover: Printed on the bottom of every page…is the book’s motto: “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” My husband and I recently made an unusual decision, and I’m in need of a motto that I can repeat to myself every time I questi […]

MasterCard Credit Card Acceptance Guidelines

Last week I wrote about Visa’s credit card acceptance guidelines. This week, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at MasterCard’s merchant guidelines. MasterCard credit card rules What follows is a synopsis of MasterCard’s rules regarding card acceptance straight from their merchant guide. […]

Save Money! Get a College Degree In Three Years

The following is a guest post from Cheap Scholar. As money gets tight and your budget for educational expenses is shrinking quicker than a used Arm & Hammer Magic Eraser, you start to think about different approaches to decreasing your costs for college.  This brings us to a widely used but under marketed practice of completing your undergraduate degree in three years instead of four (or ugh.. […]