Getting Started – Review of the Signup Process

On Tuesday, I wrote that I’ve decided to track my finances again. I’m doing fine financially, but after a few months of not watching my income and expenses closely, I feel a little lost. I miss the ability to know exactly where my money’s going. I had intended to install the new desktop version of Quicken, which is what I’ve been using for years. […]

Why I Think Gold is a Loser Investment

In my recent interview with a gold and silver expert, I tried to get at the fact that it seems easy to buy gold at full retail price (or even higher -- much higher when you add in some fees) but not as easy to sell it at a good price. […]

Let’s do the curbside hustle

A couple of weekends ago, a guy was walking around the subdivision looking for customers.  He was painting house numbers on the curbs in front of people’s houses. He was a bit older than I was.  Under typical circumstances, painting house numbers on a curb isn’t an unusual job for a teenager.  But it isn’t a typical job for someone in his late forties or early fifties. I accepted […]

How To Gift Wrap A Cat For The Holidays

We’re getting there! I haven’t seriously started yet, but many people already have: working on that Christmas list. Since I absolutely hate to procrastinate, I am beginning to get that panicky feeling. Shopping is something I would normally enjoy as a leisurely activity, but these days, it’s rush, rush, rush. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on 11/18, 4:00pm CST for a Chance to Win Prizes

Link for teaser title: twitter_bigger.png Welcome to the Wise Bread weekly tweet chat! This week we're discussing frugal Thanksgiving ideas. Share your favorite recipes and decoration tips. […]

Advice from a Billionaire: What to do With a Windfall

A long-time GRS reader named Andy dropped me a line the other day to point out an article on the Forbes website. Forbes interviewed billionaire Mark Cuban (best known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks pro basketball team) about his secrets to building and keeping a fortune. Andy particularly liked Cuban’s answer to the penultimate question, which is about what to do with a windfall. […]

Real-Life Example of Going from Two Incomes to One

This past summer I posted pieces on how two different families were going from two incomes to one (see How One Family Went from Two Incomes to One -- And Developed a Business in the Process and How to Go from a Two-Person to One-Person Income for specifics.) I know that many more would like to do this, but they are often weighed down by two major issues: they have a huge amount of debt and they re […]

Can Investing in Collectibles Really Work?

Kevin writes in: I have a small collection of vintage baseball cards from the 1930s that have a list value of about $30,000. I started collecting when I was a kid and my grandpa gave me some to start with, but over the years I’ve bought many more, almost completing a Goudey Heads Up set. I have had them all graded. What I’m wondering is whether I should continue holding on to these or not. […]

Chase United Mileage Plus® Signature® Visa Card Review

With more than 48,000 employees, United Airlines is one of the largest commercial airlines in the world. Partnered with Continental, United Continental Holdings is a founding member of the Star Alliance and offers more than 1,000 different destinations in 170 countries worldwide. I’ve flown on United and I’ve never had any problems like delays or poor service. […]

Don’t Work Hard to Save Very Little

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Kim Palmer, my biased review of her book Generation Earn is probably proof enough (though Trent also praised her book in his review), but her latest list of money saving tips, culled from fellow bloggers, has some horrible and dangerous suggestions. For example, turning off your car while it’s still moving is dangerous. […]

How to Save a Third of Your Income

The Bucks Blog details the experience of how one author used to save a third of her income: The biggest thing was where my husband and I chose to live. We lived in a one-bedroom apartment long after we could afford to live in a two bedroom or three bedroom. We basically never upgraded our lives after school and just continued living like college students.  . . . […]

Beware of the Phrase "We Can Cut Your Debt In Half!"

You have no doubt heard that deceptive little saying hundreds of times over the last few years. It’s the rallying cry of debt settlement firms. They seem to be everywhere these days, and there’s a good reason for that. […]

Ally Bank 0.25% CD Renewal Bonus

Two years ago, I set up a CD ladder at Ally Bank, though they were still technically GMAC Bank at the time. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Fringe Edition

A few weeks ago, thanks to a Simple Dollar reader, Sarah and I discovered the television series Fringe. We’ve started slowly catching up on it, using Netflix and getting a disc at a time. […]

Extreme Boomerang: Heidi Montag

I am completely disconnected from the genre of television shows called “reality.” The fascination with people whose celebrity status stemmed from reality television, or most celebrities in general, seems to be built on a foundation of schadenfreude. […]

8 Ways Convenience is Screwing Your Finances

Our collective hunger for more is great, motivating us to keep pushing the limits and never settling for the status quo. Because of this desire, we've found ways to make everything from finding the nearest gas station to staying in touch with a distant relative easier and easier, but all that convenience comes at a cost too. The U.S. […]

What to Do With 100 Tomatoes

Recently I tried my hand at being a little bit more self-sufficient by growing some veggies at home, a great way to eat well for less money. You can certainly get your produce from Safeway or even your local farmers market, but a garden can be a fun family project to tend to, especially when your kids are participating. […]

6 Alternatives to Expensive Household Cleaners

Laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach, furniture polish, disinfectant: how many different cleaning products do we really need? Save space and money with these tips for homemade cleaners. […]

Why I Don’t Care About Inflation

In my post Growing Your Tax Refund much earlier in the year, an anonymous commenter noted that I didn’t account for inflation in my comparisons. I bring this up again (this has been brewing in the drafts for quite some time) because with the Federal Reserve opening the spigots with QE2, a lot of people are thinking about how inflation might be affecting them. […]