12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil

Ever since the mandatory conversion to digital TV -- the proverbial death knell to rabbit ear television antennas -- I've wondered if aluminum foil sales have plummeted. If you grew up with rabbit ears, you know what I'm talking about. […]

Rebooting Your Life

Henry writes in (I edited a few minor details to help with privacy issues, because I think without edits it might be possible for people to easily figure out who Henry is): Six months ago, I lost my six figure job as a database administrator. A month after that, just before Christmas, my wife left me, taking the kids with her. […]

Lending and Borrowing

The following is an excerpt from Your Money: The Missing Manual, an excellent book written by JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly. Copyright 2010 O'Reilly Media, Inc. All rights reserved. […]

The White House’s Tax Filing Tips

In the past 14 months, we’ve covered many of the ways the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act might affect your household finances, including home buyer tax credits and energy efficiency tax credits.If you still haven’t yet found the time to file your taxes, or if you’re the sort of person who makes it a sort of game to wait until the last possible second (I used to do that, though I can’t expl […]

Family Dinner Night

One of my readers recently wrote to me, telling me about the “family dinner night” they host. Here’s how it works. Once a month, on a set day that everyone knows about (they do it on the second Friday of each month), they have a “family dinner night.” Once you’re invited to this event, you’re always invited. […]

Friday Finance Findings for April 9th

Hopefully those of you who celebrate Easter had a nice holiday last weekend. I’m just glad spring has finally sprung around these parts. But you wouldn’t know it if you lived around here. It was 80 on Monday and it was snowing yesterday. Not cool at all. Thankfully, they said it’s supposed to return to normal this weekend. […]

Flexo’s Investment Portfolio, 1Q 2010

When I reported my net worth earlier this week, RetirementInvestingToday, a Consumerism Commentary reader, mentioned I should be reporting my investment performance as well, as raw changes in balances don’t tell the full story. […]

Your Take: Does a Gold Card Really Mean Anything?

I was watching a Frontline program, The Card Game, which talked about the recently passed CARD Act. It was broadcast in November 2009 but by then the regulations and rules that would take effect in March had already been written in stone. […]

Ask the Readers: Should I Stick With My Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

In February, Get Rich Slowly reader Abby wrote with questions about her adjustable-rate mortgage (or ARM, for short). She’s had an ARM for seven years now, and the rate is due to reset in 2010. She wants to know what her best course of action is. Abby writes: In Fall 2003, I began my career as a teacher and bought my first house at 23. […]

Are Used Cars Really Worth It?

The following is a guest post from Free Money Finance reader Spencer Mayes. Financial experts everywhere constantly espouse the virtues of buying a late model used car because they’re the best way to avoid the huge hit of depreciation while still being new enough to provide peace of mind. […]

Carnivals for the Week of April 5

For weekday updates of what I find to be some of the most interesting personal finance articles on the web, follow me on Twitter. […]

How Many Stocks Do You Need to Be Diversified?

This is a guest post from Philip (a.k.a., The Weakonomist) of Weakonomics. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. According to their latest annual report, Vanguard’s S&P 500 Index Fund holds 503 unique stocks. The S&P 500, of course, has just 500. […]

Your Guide to the New Wise Bread (Win $25 For Your Suggestions)

Welcome to the new Wise Bread! You have always told us that the best way to improve Wise Bread is to share more great tips. Your wish is our command. We're doubling the number of daily articles on Wise Bread in the next few months.  With our expanded layout, we'll be able to feature more money-saving tips than ever before. Need a tour? […]

Help a Reader: Retirement

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My husband and are 25 and 29 years old. As of right now we have nothing saved for retirement (well, aside from 1k in a Roth IRA that I'm about to take out because it's making like a penny a year in interest). We're self employed as wedding photographers. […]

Reader Story: Discovering the Power of Compound Interest

The reader stories I’ve been featuring on Sunday for the past three months seem to be a resounding success. Instead of being the only one to read your triumphs and failures, the rest of the GRS community can share them, too. I have no plans to expand this feature beyond Sunday, but I’m making an exception today. […]

Why Do You Buy?

What’s the single most important piece of personal finance advice you would give a person? I’ve heard this question (or variations on it) many times. […]

Wise Bread Launching New Design: No Commenting Until 7:00 pm PDT

By Will Chen We're switching over to a new design this afternoon.  You should be able to browse Wise Bread as usual, but the commenting function for the articles has been turned off until 4:00 pm PDT (update: 7:00 pm PDT).  Please check back at 7:00 to see our new exciting design! This week's Thursday afternoon Tweetchat has been canceled due to the upgrade. […]

Hottest New Money Maker: The Plunder Funnel

What happens when you take a pyramid and turn it upside down? That’s right… you have a funnel. A plunder funnel. […]

Plunder Funnel

Want a quick laugh this afternoon? Check out Consumerist's funny "Plunder Funnel" video! ;-) […]

Airline Ticket Pricing Flap: Extra Fees For Carry On Baggage?

Many thanks to Lazy Man from Lazy Man and Money for sharing his thoughts on airline ticket pricing and the extra charges that travelers may soon see at ticket counters! Maybe one budget travel tip should be to avoid airlines that charge for carry on baggage! […]