J. Money is a slacker

He really is. I’m not talking about his blog.  He’s not a slacker there.  The guy is a finalist for no less than seven Plutus Awards, one of which is for his PF Blogger Showdown series. […]

Skip Commercial Banks! How Cash Only Living Can Work

According to a recent U.S. government study, seventeen million Americans manage their money without the use of a bank account. This means that they have no savings or checking account. Many look down upon this way of life, but it is difficult for me to say it is a bad thing given the fact that [...]Skip Commercial Banks! […]

Quicken Essentials for Mac Released Today

Today, Intuit officially launched the first new version of Quicken for Mac in years. I do not own an Apple computer, so I have not seen this software for myself. […]

5 Ways Twitter Can Make You Rich

Please don’t call me a twit because I love Twitter. Sure, many have argued that Twitter is a massive waste of time and does little more than appease our narcissist tendencies, while others claim Twitter is changing the way we live. I’m on neither end of these “news media” extremes. […]

Needs Versus Wants: The Great Spending Debate

This article is presented by Kelly Whalen, Consumerism Commentary staff writer.It’s fairly straightforward to figure out the difference between a need and a want. Needs are basic: food, shelter, clothing, water, warmth. We can also add to that our emotional needs: love, friendship, and care.Wants seem easy to define. Wants are all the extras, the things that are not necessities. […]

Your Parents' Estate Plan Part 1: Why You Need to Know

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. For related content, see 12 Critical Things Your Family Needs to Know. We spend a lot of time helping our clients make sure their estate plans are as comprehensive as possible. […]

How to Save While Shopping for Children’s Clothes

This is a guest post from Gina Lincicum, a long-time GRS reader who writes about frugality and family finance at MoneywiseMoms.com. Moving to the D.C. area after my twins were born, we transformed from a family of three living comfortably, to a family of five struggling to make ends meet on one income. […]

Guess Who's Coming to My Town Tonight?

Yep, him. My son has a basketball game or I would be going. My plan was to buy the ticket that allows you a free dinner, VIP seating, and the chance to meet the man himself. I was going to snap pics all the way through and then blog about it like crazy. Oh well, I think the game will probably be just as much fun. :-) […]

Shopping When You Need an Immediate Replacement

Yesterday, while in the middle of a conference call, our home telephone dropped dead. The phone’s small screen went black, came back on, and then refused to connect to the base. I switched to another phone – and the same problem occurred. I called back into the conference call using Skype, but afterwards, I continued to investigate. […]

Beware New Credit Card Fees

The most recent issue of Money Magazine had an interesting article about protecting yourself from new “credit card traps.” In it, they highlighted a number of changes that banks have introduced to improve their bottom line in the face of recent credit card legislation. Three of the big fees changes that they highlighted were: Fees because you’re not spending enough. […]

Best Deals for Thursday 02/25/2010

Far Out Recordings Brazilian Music Sampler MP3 Album download for free Dillard's Sale: Extra 40% off clearance items Chicken of the Sea Genova Tonno 24-Pack for $18 + free shipping Select Gillette Fusion Razors: Deals from $4 + $5 s&h Babi Italia Scandi Convertible Drop Side Crib for $99 + $5 s&h […]

Homemade Dog Food: Recipe and Cost

By Elizabeth Sanberg During the "great dog food scare of 2007" when melamine was found in dog food made in China — leading to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pet deaths — many people turned to U.S. made natural dog food. […]

Information is Not Enough, Part 2

The following is excerpted from Mind over Money: Overcoming the Money Disorders That Threaten Our Financial Health by Brad Klontz, Psy.D. & Ted Klontz, Ph.D. Copyright © 2009 by Brad Klontz and Ted Klontz. Excerpted by permission of Broadway, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group. All rights reserved. […]

My Dining Out and Grocery Budget Compared to My Neighbors

Have you ever wondered how your spending stacks up against your neighbors? Maybe you think you have spending under control but since your friends are telling you exactly what they are spending it’s hard to say for sure. This is the fun thing about Bundle. […]

Money and Happiness

Does more money result in more happiness? As my wife and I lazily follow American Idol, we’ve noticed a common statement of hope uttered by many of the contestants, “American Idol is the best thing that has ever happened to me, it’s gonna change everything!” The contestants are not alone in their zeal to believe that happiness is a direct result of more money, fame, and/or success. […]

The First Time Home Buyer Credit: How Big of a Deal Is It?

By WC Porter After two years, over 80 viewings, and almost breaking up with our broker, we finally bought our first place. It's been a saga but we finally got it done. And as someone who has been looking for this long, I can tell you that we were pressured every step of the way to just buy something — anything — because it was the "perfect" time to buy. […]

Reader Mailbag: Debts and Exercise

Welcome to today’s reader mailbag! My husband and I are currently a two-car family looking to make the transition to one car for awhile. My husband will be telecommuting for work at least through the end of the year (we are moving to a different state where he will continue to work for his current company). […]

Book Review: Where the Jobs Are Now

By Xin Lu Currently the unemployment rate is hovering around 10% nationwide, and millions of people have been out of work for months or even years. […]

Take a New Inventory of Your Credit Cards or Pay New Fees

I’m growing more concerned about my relationship with credit card issuers. We’ve been getting along mostly well for several years. I charge many of my expenses, pay my bills on time, collect some rewards, and they don’t levy any additional fees. […]

Transferring Brokerage Assets from E*Trade to TradeKing

When I learned about E*Trade selling their banking business to Discover, I knew my days with them were numbered (I later learned that only bank accounts with no brokerage relationships were moving… but alas the ball was already rolling). […]