Pack Smart to Save Money

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. Most of us travel with a lot of stuff. Even the evangelists of light packing (like me) usually pack our carry-ons and handbags to the hilt. […]

14 Effective Grease and Oil Stain Removal Tips

Oil is a worry in more ways than one. Not only is it rapidly rising in price and taking more each week from our budgets, oil is also the source of one of the toughest stains to remove from clothing, fabrics, concrete, and more. But it doesn’t have to be. Armed with these handy tips, you can at least bring down the oil stain in a fight. […]

6 Things You Can Look Forward to When You Have Money

You work hard to make money, create multiple income streams, and live below your means, which allows you to diligently save every month. At a certain point, you will accumulate enough money to be financially free. But then what? What really happens when you finally reach a goal that you've worked years, perhaps even decades for? […]

Best Money Tips: Free Food On Your Birthday

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on where to get free food for your birthday, saving money on purchases when traveling abroad, and retirement tips for twentysomethings. Top 5 Articles Free Food on your Birthday -- Want to get free food on your birthday? […]

Six Ways to Teach Your Kids To Be Money Savvy

This is a guest post from Ed Avis. You’ll teach your kids thousands of lessons as they’re growing up, but make sure you don’t overlook one key area: how they can be money savvy. Kids who learn the value of money when they’re little are far more likely to make smart financial decisions as adults. […]

Cinco de Mayo Giveaway: $75 and a Smartphone Cover

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m continuing Giveaway May at Consumerism Commentary today with some help from Sustainable Personal Finance, another great money-related website. SPF is helping me increase the giveaway for today. […]


The following book excerpt is reprinted with permission from Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money. Copyright © 2011 by Kate Levinson, PhD, Celestial Arts, an imprint of Ten Speed Press, a division of the Crown Publishing Group, Berkeley, CA. Philanthropy comes from the heart. […]

Graduating with a good job lined up? Here’s a tip

Are you graduating from college with a great job waiting for you?  If so, congratulations!  Not all of your peers are so fortunate. I went straight to graduate school after college and was a “poor student” for quite a while: another six years after graduating from college.  I quadrupled my salary when I left to get my first real job.  All of that money!  It was pretty hypnotizing.  I really can’t […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thu 5/5, 12pm Pacific for Chance to Win Prizes

Join our Tweetchat this Thursday at 12:00 pm Pacific for lively conversation and a chance to win prizes! Use #WBChat to participate. This week's topic: How to celebrate a frugal Mother's Day. Can you show mom you care without breaking the bank? Do you have any unique gift ideas that doesn't cost a fortune? […]

Your Credit Card Benefits and Features Are Changing Rapidly

The credit industry is sure resilient. Before the financial crisis hit, we were seeing a time when it was incredibly easy to secure a credit card or a loan. When you faced a lender, the only requirement you really needed to fulfill was that you had a pulse. […]

Financial Media, Press Releases, Hype, and Your Money

When I first started writing The Simple Dollar, I was a big proponent of financial publications like Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s, SmartMoney, and so on. I read them. I referenced them in posts. I even suggested that people subscribe to them. For a long time, though, I’ve scarcely mentioned them. […]

Money Commandment #9

The book The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy lists money commandment #9 as follows: The old-school rules: The husband should be in charge of the money. The wife should live within the budget he sets. The bubble economy rules: Talking about money isn't worth the fight. […]

Technical Glitch: Comments Not Working

This is just a quick note to say that the commenting system here on FCN isn’t currently working. We’re aware of the problem and are working on a solution. If you’ve been trying to post a comment, I apologize. Hopefully we’ll have things straightened out shortly. Oh, and special thanks to those of you that notified me of the problem via e-mail and/or Twitter. Have a great day! […]

Spare Change: Fitness Fanatic Edition

For me, last year was The Year of Fitness. I spent all of 2010 focused on losing weight, building muscle, and generally improving my overall health. I had great success. And since the end of the year, I’ve managed to maintain my fitness with very little effort. […]

How to Get a Bank Fee Rescinded

When it comes to making money for a bank, there are few items as effective as a fee. Whether you have an overdraft on your account, are seeing a new annual fee on your credit card, or if you now have to pay a monthly service fee on your savings account when you balance drops, it is no fun to pay fees. […]

Federal Government Sues Deutsche Bank for Mortgages

As the real estate market was starting to crumble, more banks were using the Federal Housing Authority’s guarantees to continue offering mortgage loans, when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were tightening the reins on their guarantees. This was common practice among banks. With loans fully backed by the FHA and therefore the United States government, they were able to sell these mortgages. […]

Help a Reader: Invest or Pay Off Debt

Here's an email I received from a reader: I graduated from pharmacy school last summer and currently working in retail pharmacy.  I have absolutely no clue when comes to finance so I've been getting some knowledge thru your blog :) I'm 25 right now and planning to start investing for future but don't know whether I should focus on paying off my student loans first. […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Back Pain Edition

On Sunday, I twisted my back stepping out of the shower, pulling a muscle. By Tuesday, my back felt mostly better. I’m my son’s soccer team coach and the boy was so excited to play, I went out and jogged all over the field with him and his team during the game, even though I knew I should rest. Tuesday night, that muscle popped again. Ouch. […]

Lending Club Limits Investor Questions

As I noted in my March update of my Lending Club performance, I haven’t been adding new notes to my portfolio. […]

Citi Diamond Preferred Card Review

When looking for a new credit card to place in your wallet, there are a variety of factors you should always consider. First of all, credit cards are not for everyone. In order to take advantage of the rewards that some credit cards provides, you should honestly evaluate whether increasing your use of credit cards will lead to increased spending. […]