Where to Buy Discounted Designer Clothing Online

I've always been a bit of a clothes horse and madly in love with all things fashion. When I began writing, my first ever magazine article covered Valentino's retirement. Lucky for me, I'm also frugal and would never, ever pay full price for designer clothing even in my dizziest daydreams. […]

Best Money Tips: Ace Your Next Job Interview

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on acing your next job interview, signs you've taken frugality too far, and unexpected tax deductions. Top 5 Articles 10 Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview — Stand out at your next job interview by asking the interviewer at the end of the interview. […]

17 Ways to Serve Potatoes on St. Patrick's Day

Boiled, baked or fried, I love a good potato. The Irish have myriad ways of preparing the revered root, but you don’t have to hail from the Emerald Isle to enjoy these carb-packed treats. From mainstays served across the pond to Americanized versions of the starchy snacks, here are 17 ways to stuff your face with tubers on St. […]

Protect Your Information With These Types of Paper Shredders

Apparently, there’s treasure in my trash. No, it’s not what you think, though I wish this were a true story of how I stumbled upon a hidden valuable painting in the deep recesses of my attic. Instead, it’s about how my trash was suddenly considered monetarily attractive and became the target of interest for other [...]Protect Your Information With These Types of Paper Shredders […]

Interesting Retirement Income Alternatives

WalletPop recently listed six different ways to earn $1,000 per month while in retirement. Specifically, they wanted ideas that would produce $1,000 a month in steady income to augment a pension and/or Social Security, for a minimum of 20 years from retirement at 65. A summary of their findings: 1. Buy a Single-Premium Immediate Annuity. […]

First National Bank of Omaha Maximum Rewards Credit Card Review

Some credit card offers may have good introductory rates, but little in terms of a rewards program. Or maybe you’ve heard of a decent rewards program that doesn’t quite sport the APR you’re hoping to have. Instead of settling for one or the other, how about looking into a card that addresses both benefits? While [...]First National Bank of Omaha Maximum Rewards Credit Card Review […]

Spare Change: First 5k Edition

It’s been a while since I posted a fitness update around here. I’ve been a little scared to — some of you hate them! More than that, though, I’ve had a nagging injury. […]

How Much Money Do You Need To Be Wealthy?

How much money would you need to have before you’d feel “wealthy”? That was the topic of a recent survey of high net worth investors by Fidelity Investments, and the results were quite interesting. The survey was based on 1,000 millionaire households, where “millionaires” were defined as having a minimum of $1M in net investable assets, excluding retirement accounts and real estate. […]

Building Passive Income Streams

As time goes on, the value of having multiple income streams becomes more and more apparent to me. The more income streams you have, the less trouble your life will have if one of those income streams goes defunct or experiences a downturn. Thus, I’ve been thinking a great deal about developing more income streams for myself. So, let’s back up. […]

Rent Versus Buy Decision: New Rule-of-Thumb?

The Bucks Blog points to an infographic from website Trulia that attempts to tell when it's better to rent a home versus buy one (and vice versa). They give this as the conclusion of the pic: Trulia calculated the ratio by comparing the median list price to the median rent of two-bedroom apartments, condos and town houses listed on its site. […]

Best Dollar Store Deals

We live within walking distance to a dollar, it’s in the same shopping center as our grocery store, and we’ve found many a good gem in there, mostly by accident. When I saw this Kiplinger’s article on the best and worst dollar store buys, I was curious to see what they found to be a good deal and what they found to be a bad one. They force you to go through a quiz but I won’t. […]

Moving Away From Banks and Other Companies “Too Big to Fail”

The FDIC is progressing in its development of new rules that will apply to financial firms — not just banks — deemed “too big to fail.” The rules would establish procedures for unwinding companies whose failure would pose a threat to the economy, when that failure appears to be imminent. The government organization approved a set of proposed rules and is now looking for comments from the public. […]

PSA: File Your Past Tax Returns!

Filing your taxes is not fun. In fact, it’s so “not fun” that many people try to figure out whether they even need to file in the first place. […]

6 Great Places to Get Free Tax Advice

I’d like to update the old adage of “nothing is certain but death or taxes,” and clarify it to add “…and doing those taxes will almost always be confusing.” No matter how hard the letters “EZ” at the end of the simple 1040 form try to lull us into a sense that taxes can be easy-breezy, it’s likely that while preparing your taxes, you’ll run […]

Signs You May be a Victim of Tax-Related Fraud

Let’s face it. No one likes finding out that they owe money to the IRS come April. But for some Americans, tax payments will be the least of their worries this year when they learn that someone else has already filed taxes in their name. […]

Are Too Many People Going to College?

Here's a very interesting piece from the Huffington Post discussing the fact that too many people (according to a recent study) are going to college (and should be doing something different instead.) A summary: The current U.S. […]

Should We Become Named Guardians for Several Children?

A few days ago, Sarah and I went out to dinner with another couple that we’ve been friends with for a long time – we’ve actually known the female in the couple for almost two decades. […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Give to Charity?

With the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, charity and giving is on the forefront of everyone's minds. When tragedy strikes, it is important for people to come together and help those in need. However, sometimes people can't afford to donate money and give in other ways instead. How do you donate to charity? […]

How to Get and Give Honest Feedback

Most of us have been in situations where someone needs to give some honest feedback, but no one is willing to say anything critical. We’ve also been the ones in need of receiving those difficult words, even if we didn’t know it because no one came forward to speak. […]

Lending Money to Friends and Family

I try to keep the issue of money out of my personal relationships. Many people I know outside of those I know only online — my friends and family — read Consumerism Commentary. For the most part, they’re not interested because, I assume, they’d rather keep the issue of money out of our friendships — or they’re just not interested in the topics. […]