Retirement Tips from an Early Retiree

I swim at a local high school pool four or five times a week. Since I've been doing this for almost two years now, you could probably guess that I know the lifeguards pretty well.One of the guards is a retired 61-year-old gentleman who has been working at the pool part-time for five years. […]

Low-interest and … slightly less low-interest

This Kiplinger feature on MSN has a number of good ways that we waste money.  Slide 12 of this series (these aren’t my favorite ways of presenting things, but I see how it generates more ad impressions for MSN!) has the following suggestion: If you’re stashing your cash in a traditional savings account earning next to nothing, you’re wasting it. […]

Free $100 Gift Card For

Giveaway May at Consumerism Commentary is going strong. Every weekday this month, this site is featuring prizes worth at least $50. Today is no exception. Consumerism Commentary has partnered with today to offer a $100 gift card to lucky winner. is the ad-free personal finance blog aggregator. […]

American Express Blue Cash Credit Cards: Everyday Card & Preferred Card

You can save money with the right credit card. I thought to bring focus to one of those ways you can actually save money, provided that you are highly disciplined with paying your bills and managing your debt. How about revisiting the topic of rewards credit cards? […]

Integrity and Your Goals

Have you ever noticed that, when you’re trying a new diet or a new exercise routine or new spending habits or some other significant restrictive change in your life, it often only takes one mis-step for the entire program to fall apart? […]

Reevaluating My MBA From the University of Phoenix Online

From 2003 to 2006, I took classes at the University of Phoenix Online with the eventual grant of a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree. After receiving the degree, I wrote about my experiences with the school in a five part series. For some background, read the series in these parts: The Decision, Admissions, Course Logistics, Curriculum, and The Team Experience. […]

Why I Like and Use Cash Back Credit Cards

As most of you know, I am a big user of cash back credit cards. Last year I netted over $800 using them (as I did in 2009). In fact, in the past six years, I've made an extra $3,400 using cash back credit cards. Not bad at all, huh? […]

The Credit Bureau VIP List

I was half-surprised to read about how credit bureaus have a two tiered system when it comes to their credit reports and how they resolve errors. […]

Get 25k Bonus Points ($250) from the Chase Sapphire Card (No Annual Fee)

On the heels of last week’s 50k point signup bonus for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I wanted to point out another deal from Chase… This time around, you can get 25k bonus points from the Chase Sapphire card (i.e., the non-preferred version). What’s the difference? Well, in this case, the bonus points are worth $250 vs. […]

How the Sausage Gets Made

No one wants to know how the sausage gets made. I admit that most people would find the last few years of my life somewhat strange. I started on a path to improve my finances about ten years ago. […]

Help a Reader: Taking a New Job

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I am currently in a job that for the most part I like, but I feel I'm underpaid for the skills I have developed since starting there several years ago.  The overall growth of the company is stagnant, but stable for the most part.I recently had several interviews at a company where I would really be able to grow my career and develop some new sk […]

Full-Time RVing: An Option For Many

The thought of vagabonding in this day and age is more alluring than ever. With the world as your oyster, you get to explore every crack and crevice contained within the Earth’s surface. You get to give up your inhibitions and try on a new lifestyle for a change. Best of all, you get to visit parts of the world that other people only see on TV or read about in books. Baker from Man vs. […]

The Best of Money Carnival

The Best of Money Carnival is now up at. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, How Having a Baby Made me More Productive. Enjoy! […]

Reader Mailbag: Weekend Switcheroo

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Car trade-in question 2. Preparing for marriage 3. Used car buyer’s remorse 4. Credit score questions 5. Child cost question 6. College savings question 7. Handling house sale profit 8. Preserving digital records 9. […]

Sell Your Stuff to Amazon

Do you have textbooks, video games, movies, or electronics that you no longer use? If so, you might consider selling them to Amazon via their new “Trade-In” platform. […]

Avoid These Big Money Wasters

CNN is offering a compilation of the ten biggest money wasters. These items would be obvious to most loyal Consumerism Commentary readers, yet it would not be out of the question to disagree with some of these money-wasters in some circumstances. ATM fees. You shouldn’t be surprised that banks will charge multiple fees for the same transaction. […]

Six Hobbies That Can Make You Money

Last year, I started picked up one of the most infuriating sports ever – golf. Some call it a sport. Some call it a hobby. Regardless of what you consider it, it’s one of those things that you do to pass the time but it’s one that costs a lot of money. The equipment is expensive. The rounds are expensive. […]

Finances in 55 Seconds: Free Credit Report

Your credit report is your financial reputation. The way that you handle your money is recorded in your credit file, and there are a number of people who check your credit report and use it to make judgements about your likelihood of paying back a loan, or judgments about other areas of responsibility. […]

Five Career Moves with Exponential Returns

This post is from staff writer April Dykman. One of my favorite topics to write about is ways to earn more money, though I don’t often cover it here at GRS. As most regular readers know, last summer I quit my day job to work full-time as a freelance writer. […]

The Enemies of Frugality

There’s a lot of talk today about embracing simplicity and rediscovering frugality, but what are the culprits — obvious and hidden — that undermine our efforts? At root, what are the emotional, logistical, and social forces that conspire to figuratively reach into our wallets and pluck our cash day after day? […]