Warning: TurboTax Missing Minnesota Tax Info (Updated With TurboTax Response)

By Elizabeth Sanberg [Editor's note: See TurboTax's response.] Rarely do I get to a point where I’m so frustrated I could cry. But that’s where I sit right now. I have spent 120 minutes trying to help a company I like (TurboTax) fix a glitch in their system. But, after these two hours I failed at helping them understand the problem and was even hung up after waiting on hold for 45 minutes. […]

Best Places to Invest for Retirement

A reader named KC recently wrote in with a question about investing for retirement: I’m 28 years old with a wife and a six month old baby. We’ve always been money-conscious, but would really like to focus our efforts. We both have Roth IRAs, but are not satisfied with them. They are heavily loaded, and we weren’t that familiar with them when we were advised to set them up. […]

Best of Personal Finance: How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir

By Linsey Knerl Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we give you stunning detail into how to make your own coconut milk kefir, some tips for saving money when you move, and 3 easy ways to create a greener kitchen! Top 5 Articles How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir — If you wanted to know about Coconut milk kefir, this is the article to read. […]

American Express Purchase Protection Perk

Did you know that if you buy something with an American Express card and it’s lost, damaged, or stolen within the first 90 days, American Express will replace the item or reimburse you up to the amount of the purchase price? My friend Michelle just came back from a skiing trip with her family in which she managed to get an oil stain on her brand new ski jacket. […]

Earn $200k More by Waiting to Take Social Security Benefits

CBS MoneyWatch weighs in on when to take Social Security benefits. Here's a summary of their thoughts: Today, most people who qualify for Social Security are eager to get their hands on a check as soon as possible. A full 70 percent of recipients sign up for Social Security between age 62 and the normal full retirement age, which is between 65 and 67, depending on the year you were born. […]

Best Deals for Wednesday 03/10/2010

Up to 58% off GUESS Handbags and Swimwear Bruce Springsteen Video Anthology 1978-2000 on DVD for $5 + free shipping 33% off Dooney & Bourke Bags at Nordstrom: Deals from $110 + $8 s&h Panda Express printable coupon: Free Honey Walnut Shrimp Free Sample Dunkin' Donuts Turbo Coffee […]

Top 10 Real Estate Tax Write-Offs

By Brian Davis As real estate values have fallen and foreclosures have swamped the market, increasing numbers of would-be sellers are deciding to lease their properties instead of selling. These new and reluctant landlords often miss out on massive tax deductions available for investment properties, which can save thousands of dollars in taxes. […]

Free Money Finance March Money Madness, Round 2, Posts 25-28

Here we go with the second round of Free Money Finance March Money Madness (if you wonder what's going on in these posts, see my article announcing March Money Madness and/or click on my March Money Madness category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject.) I've listed each "game" (one post versus another) in segments along with the wording provided by the author when […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Single Weekend Edition

A weird sequence of events has caused me to find myself all alone over the coming weekend. My wife is visiting her sister, while my two children are visiting their grandparents. […]

6 Slick Tools to Save Money on Car Repairs

By Linsey Knerl This article shares tips from the newest episode of Dealista, our new podcast that'll help you get more for less. Click play to listen, or subscribe via iTunes to take the episode with you! It’s happened to all of us — a car repair we didn’t budget for, and that nearly left us cash-strapped or without transportation. It really doesn’t have to be this way! […]

3 Possible Market Bubbles on the Horizon

This is a guest post by The Financial Blogger: I’m working in the financial industry and I am specialized in personal finance. I’m always trying to find way to make money differently than receiving my pay check every two weeks. I recently hit a 6 figure income at the age of 28 and I am currently building my own online business while working 4 days a week at my day job. […]

Bank of America Ends Some Overdraft Fees

Last year, Smithee reported that Bank of America was the first major bank to allow customers to opt out of overdraft protection and the associated fees. […]

How to Survive a Tax Audit

Now that we know how the IRS picks who to audit, we need to know what we can do to prepare for it. […]

The Hidden Cost of Spending While In Debt

This article is by staff writer Adam Baker, who recently released an 83-page guide entitled Unautomate Your Finances. Courtney and I are big fans of what we call “mental filters”. These are simple little tips and tricks that we can use to increase our financial awareness. (J.D. […]

Money Hacks Carnival: Middle Name Pride Day Edition

Happy Middle Name Pride Day, everyone!  There seems to be a bit of inconsistency as to what the proper day to celebrate MNPD is – Holiday Insights says that it’s “always March 10th” whereas the Wikipedia article says it’s on the Friday of the first full week of March as one of a number of festive days of Celebrate Your Name Week. But no matter.  In the spirit of Middle Name Pride Day, whether on t […]

Four Good Ways to Maintain Good Savings Habits After the Recession

This is a guest post from Richard Barrington, who is a banking analyst for MoneyRates.com. Richard previously spent over twenty years as an investment industry executive. Many people got religion about saving money during the recent recession. This reversed a trend of steadily climbing U.S. […]

Where the Jobs Are Now

The following is an excerpt from Where the Jobs Are Now: The Fastest-Growing Industries and How to Break Into Them. Maybe there was a time when you could post your résumé on Monster.com and sit back and wait for the offers to come flooding in, but that time is long gone. In today’s economic climate, that’s like waiting for the job fairy to come and tap you on the head with a magic wand. […]

Bye-Bye Cubicle, Hello Children: Why I Quit Corporate America to Be a Stay-At-Home Dad

This is a post from Jeff Bogle, one of our first contributing blogger here at StopBuyingCrap. Back in 2008, Jeff left his steady corporate job at Vanguard to be a stay-at-home dad. […]

Free Budget Worksheets: Household Net Worth Spreadsheet

The free Household Net Worth Spreadsheet is part of a financial planning series called How to Make a Budget. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. I’ve put together a bunch of free budget worksheets for this series, starting with the household net worth spreadsheet. […]

Weddings Cost Much More than You Imagine

The Wall Street Journal says that weddings are much more expensive than people think, stating the following: Your $18,000 wedding? It may really end up costing you between $90,000 and $200,000. That's because the biggest cost of every dollar you spend is invisible. It's all the money you'd accumulate if you saved it instead. […]