New $100 Bill Design With Extra Security Features

Today’s news is all about the Benjamins. The United States Treasury has redesigned the $100 bill, and it is sporting a number of technically and visually impressive features. Just like the movies, currency is going 3-D. The new bill has a blue 3-D security ribbon woven into the paper. The ribbon displays alternating and moving images of bells and 100s. […]

The Little Book of Big Dividends Review

If you’ve been interested in dividend investing and unsure where to begin, I recommend reading The Little Book of Big Dividends by Charles B. Carlson. […]

Can You Afford to Go Green?

This post from staff writer Sierra Black is in honor of Earth Day. As soon as you start thinking about how to live more lightly on the earth, your eyes start opening to the myriad ways you can do that. You can eat only organic food. You can bike to work instead of driving. You can insist on high-efficiency appliances. […]

Don’t Take a Vacation From Your Budget

My wife and I spent the first eleven days of this month enjoying our debt free vacation. Although we didn’t exceed our budgeted vacation spending, we found that the unstructured life of vacation could easily spill over into our every day financial lives when we got back home. Vacation spending When on vacation, it’s common to approach spending in unfamiliar ways. […]

Social Security Math

Here's an interesting look at 20 years of Social Security payments versus what else you could have done with the money had it been yours. The summary: If you paid in the maximum amount for the past 20 years and your employer did the same, you would have paid in $231k into the system. If you had taken that money and invested it yourself in an S&P 500 Index Fund, you would have $739k. […]

Will You Buy An iPad?

I had this post all set to go when I suddenly saw a similar one pop up in my reader: guess we’re all swept in the buzz . Will You Buy An iPad? So who among you have gone out to buy an iPad yet? I’m not an early adopter but I am surrounded by MANY who are. My spouse, brother-in-law (BIL), dad and a bunch of family friends are gung ho about anything that comes out of the Mac factories. […]

How to Get a Career Award

In How to Ask for a Raise, I listed "after you get an award" as one of the best times to ask for a raise. But then you may wonder, "How do I get an award?" Well, I happen to have some thoughts on that. ;-) Of course there's the "old-fashioned" way of getting an award -- having someone recognize your accomplishments and give it to you. […]

What About Freezer Bags?

After seeing more than a hundred comments and several dozen emails about the rewashing Ziploc sandwich bags article from last weekend, I felt it was appropriate to address the most common follow-up question: You’ve mentioned yourself in the past that you re-wash Ziploc bags! What gives? I do, in fact, rewash those large, ultra-durable gallon-sized Ziploc freezer bags. […]

Best Money Tips: Bake a Baguette

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to make a baguette, discuss tenure in today's economy, and give you all the tips you need for a lush, green lawn! Top 5 Articles Bake a Baguette — It seems so simple! Follow these easy tips for a killer bread for your next dinner party. […]

New $100 Bill Unveiled

Even though ordinary people hardly ever receive or spend one, with the number of $100 bills in circulation in the billions it's worth putting the effort into making them extremely secure. With that in mind, the US Treasury today announced a new $100 bill with new security features. The new bill still looks a lot like the old bill. […]

New $100 Bill

If you’ve wondered why Benjamin Franklin’s expression on the $100 bill never changes, it’s because he’s been getting regular botox injections. He would love to show emotion, but unfortunately he can’t. This year, he’ll be getting a little more work done, his first since 1996. […]

AmEx Gold Card 25k Signup Bonus

It’s back! American Express has offered a 25k point signup bonus in the past, but not for awhile. I recently received word, however, that they’ve revived this promo, offering a 25k point signup bonus for the AmEx Rewards Gold Card. This bonus is good for a free plane ticket, or up to $250 in store gift cards. […]

SmartyPig Raises Interest Rate, Adds Tiers

If you have a savings account at SmartyPig, you’ll be happy to learn that in a month they’ll be increasing the interest rate on those accounts. It’s a variable interest rate with two tiers that applies to your aggregate goal totals. If your balance is less than $50,000 then the rate will increase from 2.00% APY to 2.15% APY. If your balance is over $50,000, you will earn 0.50% APY. […]

A Few Good Money Tips

Money Magazine recently listed what they call the "100 best money moves you can make" and described it as "our annual guide to the best stocks and funds, credit cards, career moves, retirement strategies, and much more." Really? If this is the list of "the best", I'd hate to see "the worst" list. As you can tell, I was less than impressed with their list. […]

General Motors Paid Back Bailout Loans in Full

Earlier today, General Motors announced that the company paid $4.7 billion to the U.S. government and $1.1 billion to the Canadian government, fulfilling its obligation agreed to when it received its initial bailout funds. In total, GM received $52 billion from the U.S. government, but only $6.7 billion of this amount was considered a loan. […]

Payday Loans – Ripping You Off One Fee at a Time

Payday Loans Can Cost You Thousands Payday loans go by a variety of names: payday loans, cash advance loans, check advance loans, post-dated check loans, or deferred deposit check loans. They sound harmless, because in most cases you’re just borrowing money to get you through to pay day, but under the surface they are one of the most destructive loans available. […]

Book Review: Your Money—The Missing Manual

Your Money: The Missing Manual by J.D. Roth. Books about managing your money succeed or fail at the point when the author chooses what to present as unbreakable rules versus what to present as hints, tips, suggestions, or examples. Happily, J.D. […]

Save Money on Appliances at any Time of Year

Dealista MP3:  Dealista #34: How to Save Money on Appliances ShareThisThis article shares tips from the newest episode of Dealista, our new podcast that'll help you get more for less. […]