Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card $150 Cashback Bonus

Credit card issuers seem to be getting more competitive with offers lately, and Citi has recently decided to increase their latest bonus. For a limited time only, the Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card will be offering $150 cash back after making $500 during the first three months of card ownership. The previous bonus was $100, but the criteria are still the same. […]

ING Direct to Add Remote Deposit?

As a followup to the recent news that Capital One is buying ING Direct, which was met with mixed reactions, I thought I’d share some positive news about ING Direct… According to a series of Twitter exchanges, remote deposit of scanned checks is on the way. […]

Eliminate Taxes With a Roth IRA

Rocketing national debt, unstable economy, high unemployment, and high inflation.  These are all factors that have Americans on edge right now.  What has the American public even more scared is the fact that the federal government has started to tap into public pension funds to pay for bankrupt social programs such as Social Security and Medicare. So what’s a scared American to do? […]

If You're Not Happy, Tell Someone

A month or so ago, our family went to see the movie Thor. The kids and I had been looking forward to it for some time since I often played Thor in our PS3 game Ultimate Alliance 2, and he was, as the kids say, "a beast." For those of you who don't know, that's a good thing.We researched the film to make sure it was appropriate for the kids. […]

Reverse Mortgages

Homeowners over the age of 62 have a unique option available for accessing cash. Reverse mortgages can help seniors access home equity without having to make monthly payments to repay a loan. […]

Visa Signature Perks

I read a lot of forums and deal sites, like Fatwallet Finance, and I’ve been noticing a lot more deals out there for Visa Signature cardholders. Visa Signature is a class of Visa cards, it’s not an actual card itself. […]

10 Ways to Build a Gift Closet That’s Both Deep and Cheap

This post is from GRS staff writer Donna Freedman. Donna writes a personal finance column for MSN Money. She also writes about frugality, intentional living, and life in general at her own blog, Surviving And Thriving. The holidays are about six months away. Why wait until the last minute to shop? Answer: You shouldn’t. And you won’t have to if you have a decently stocked gift closet. […]

Repaint Your Old Furniture for a Budget Décor Update

If you frugal shoppers are anything like me, you probably have a pile of hand-me-down furniture from your parents, siblings, in-laws, or college roommates. […]

7 Important Lessons Frugal Parents Teach Their Children

I have pretty strong and unswervable opinions about how I want to raise my kids; a key item being that I don't want to spoil them. But sometimes the Mom-guilt creeps up on me, especially when I compare myself to how a lot of people around me are raising their kids. […]

Best Money Tips: De-stress At Your Desk

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on ways to de-stress at your desk, how to succeed, and ways to be credit card smart. Top 5 Articles 7 Ways to De-Stress at Your Desk -- De-stress at your desk by taking a music break. […]

The Cost of Living in a Paid-Off House

About a year and a half ago, we paid off our mortgage. The issue of whether you should pay off your mortgage early or invest has always been a hot topic in financial circles, but I can tell you this much: We haven’t regretted our decision to pay off our mortgage. Not even once. Of course, just because we’ve paid off our mortgage doesn’t mean that we’re living for free. […]

Why You Should Have Renters Insurance

I've been a renter my entire adult life and have been fortunate not to have any reason to make a claim on my renters insurance. So why do I still carry it? Because accidents do happen, unfortunately. Though I've been lucky in the past, this doesn't dissuade me from wanting to make sure I'm covered in case of a mishap in the future. […]

Five Numbers You Need to Know Before You Get Married

Yahoo lists five numbers you need to know about your potential/future spouse before you get married as follows: Credit score. A score of 700 or more [is good.] Risk Quotient. […]

J.P. Morgan Misled Investors, Will Pay $153.6 Million

As the market was collapsing, J.P. Morgan Securities continue to convince clients to invest in a complicated investment made up of credit-default swaps, even though the underlying investments were selected by a hedge fund, Magnetar Capital LLC, that would benefit from seeing the investment fail. Allegedly, J.P. Morgan was knowingly selling an investment designed to tank. […]

Exploring Forex Trading Risks, Tips & Tools

If you’re an investor or business person, one concept that will keep surfacing is the concept of diversification. And one way for investors to diversify pretty effectively is by investing in foreign markets. For many investors, their exposure to such markets is confined to international mutual funds or stocks. […]

Some Thoughts on the Long Term

A few days ago, Donald left a provocative comment on my recent article How to Get Rich Quickly!. […]

Help a Reader: Caring for In-Laws

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My in-laws ran into some financial issues recently.  Father in Law is in his early 70's and and Mother in Law is in her mid 60's.  They are semi-retired as they still own a business that requires attention on a part time basis.  Due to financial concerns, the in-laws met with their children to discuss their issues (the meeting included children […]

Starting a Family Budget

If you like to know where your money is going or are trying to cut back a bit to save for something special, a budget may be a fantastic idea for you.  I personally created our budget so we could avoid lifestyle inflation and throw the extra money towards our long-term goals.  Families may want to create a budget to cover all of the normal expenses and family extras while still saving for long-ter […]

Kids and Money: Is a Prepaid Debit Card a Good Idea?

Payment with plastic has become the standard in our society. Even if you don’t use credit, chances are that you swipe a debit card. Getting used the idea of paying with plastic, and learning how to deal with money that is more abstract than cash, is important. Teenagers need to learn how to track their spending, even when they don’t hand over cash. […]