Save Money On Lawn Care

When I was a kid, I never thought I would type the following sentence: I really enjoy yard work. Seriously.  I look forward to mowing the lawn, planting plants, raking leaves, and just spending time around the house, sprucing things up. I also like sharing money saving tips, and here are a few of mine, for saving money on lawn care.  These are things I actually do (or have done) to save money and […]

How To Get A Car Loan: Evaluate Financing Options

Do you need to finance a car purchase? If so, how do you plan to go about it? It’s always better to pay in full when you’re buying a car, if you can help it (it is a depreciating item after all). But for many people — especially during current economic times — this has been a tough thing to do. […]

The 4-1-1 on 401K withdrawal penalties

This guest post is brought to you courtesy of Leon Harris. He writes for Financialized, an investing and finance blog that offers an unbiased perspective on personal finance topics. Everyone knows that a 401K is set up almost exclusively as a retirement plan, and as such, it comes with some pretty hefty penalties for early withdrawal (which is to say, before the age of 59 1/2). […]

Checking Accounts: New Rules, Old Rules, Your Rules

This is a guest post from Richard Barrington, a freelance writer and novelist who spent over 20 years as an investment-industry executive. Barrington is a regular contributor at MoneyRates. […]

Pay More for These Meaningless Words and Phrases!

Every time I go shopping for a food item or a household item, I’m always bombarded with all sorts of nonsensical and largely meaningless terms plastered all over products. […]

Nine Myths of College

I have been reading the best book I've ever read on preparing financially for college. The book is Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching off My Parents and I'll be sharing a bit of it over the next several days. Today I want to share what the author says are the nine myths of college: 1. […]

Ask the Readers: How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Family? (Chance to Win!)

Those of you with kids are probably feeling the recession the hardest.  In fact, many people are putting off having kids in the recession because of the "costs" involved with feeding, clothing, and gifting to a child.  Our good friend, Kimberly Palmer, understands what those who want to be financially secure may not be aware of the expenses […]

Work At Home Scams

With so many people out of work, “Work at Home” type of scams are probably on the rise as people scramble to replace incomes they lost when their companies downsized. […]

Convert to Vanguard Admiral Shares Now

Last week, Vanguard decided to offer its lower-cost, more exclusive Admiral Class of fund shares to more investors. For most Vanguard index funds, any customer with a balance of at least $10,000 can convert their investment from the standard Investor shares to Admiral shares. Most managed funds require a $50,000 minimum to qualify. […]

Boo-Hoo -- This Couple "Only" Makes $250k

As if the couple who couldn't make it on $100,000 a year wasn't bad enough, here's a piece from the Wall Street Journal where a University of Chicago law professor and his wife, an oncologist, make more than $250,000 a year and they're having trouble making ends meet. […]

Making It All Work – The Process

This is the third entry in a twenty part series discussing the wonderful time and priority management book Making It All Work by David Allen. New entries in this series will appear on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings through December 10. Making It All Work opens with what I would call three “introductory” chapters that precede what I would call the main section of the book. […]

Q&A With Kimberly Palmer, Author of Generation Earn

Kimberly Palmer is the author of Generation Earn: The Young Professional’s Guide to Spending, Investing, and Giving Back, which was published by Ten Speed Press this week. I spent a little time speaking with her about the book and did a short question and answer session to learn more about the book and why she wrote it. Why did you write this book? […]

The Case for Expensive Shoes

Scrimping and saving tend to become art forms during bleak economic times. […]

A Mortgage Crisis Solution

The latest twist in the ongoing saga of the mortgage crisis is that some fraction of the banks (and other owners of mortgages) didn't manage the paperwork well enough to be able to prove that they actually own each particular mortgage on each particular house. […]

Save Money by Making Your Own Mustard?

I use a lot of mustard. Before embarking on this project, I took a jar count in the refrigerator. I already owned five different kinds. However, I can easily rationalize this. You need different types of mustard. I use Dijon in many sauces. Whole grain on a ham-and-Swiss panini is great. French's is a necessity on a hot dog. […]

Today’s Top Three Consumer Mistakes

This is a guest article by Kimberly Palmer. Kimberly Palmer is the author of Generation Earn: The Young Professional’s Guide to Spending, Investing, and Giving Back, which was published by Ten Speed Press this week. The following post has been adapted from the book.I’ll admit it: I was recently suckered into spending more than I should have on a can of paint. […]

I Like My Bank Because They Haven’t Screwed Me Over Yet

A couple of weeks ago, I was in San Francisco and my friends and I were heading to the delicious Volcano Curry, where you can find decent portions of Japanese-style curry being served for a relatively good price. On the way to the restaurant, I withdrew some cash from an East West Bank branch. […]

Overpayment Scams

Kim Palmer at US News wrote about how Farrah, on MTV’s “Teen Mom” show, fell for a classic overpayment scam. An overpayment scam is one in which the scammer sends you a check for more than the required amount, then asks you to send the balance back. Online it usually involves the sale of something expensive, a notebook computer or perhaps even a car, to someone in another country. […]

How to Maximize Your Salary

This guest post comes from Kimberly Palmer, author of Generation Earn: The Young Professional’s Guide to Spending, Investing, and Giving Back, which hits bookstores today. She’s also the Alpha Consumer blogger at Every time I’ve ever gotten close to a job offer, my Dad sits me down for a little practice negotiation session. He acts like my potential employer, and I act like myself. […]