Help a Reader: Advanced Financial Information

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: My question is, what resources are available to help someone after they’ve mastered the basics of personal finance? A little background, I’m mid-30’s, no home, no debt, ~$300k in my 401(k) and another ~$200k in taxable accounts, income of $150k per year and obviously living well below my means. […]

The Egg Nog Dilemma

This past week, we spent quite a bit of time visiting Sarah’s parents. Her mother kindly bought several items that I would be able to eat or drink throughout the week in advance of our visit (yes, I actually like my mother in law!). One of the things she picked up for me was a quart of soy egg nog. On my first day there, I tried it… and I liked it! […]

What are Bank Stress Tests?

During the financial crisis, government officials often talked about performing “stress tests” on the financial institutions to see how they would fare if the financial crisis worsened. I didn’t really understand what they meant by “stress tests” because I didn’t see how you could do traditional stress testing, as you would on like a chair, on a bank. […]

How To Lose $10 Million Fast

On Thanksgiving, the New York Times published a story about a man who had a check for $14 million ten years ago — $10 million after taxes — and who now has little to his name (Nick Martin). It’s not the sort of uplifting, family-focused feature article you usually see around the holidays, but people do seem to enjoy reading about the misfortune (quite literally, in this case) of others. […]

Online Shopping Gone Horribly Wrong

Over the weekend, I ran across a fascinating – and somewhat disturbing – account of a new approach to e-commerce. You can read the full article from the NY Times. […]

Six Strategies To Make Sure You’re Getting Credit For Your Work

Mint lists six strategies to make sure you’re getting credit for your work as follows: Give presentations when possible. People don’t just remember great presentations and ideas; they remember the people who delivered the message. Send status reports frequently. When it comes to increasing your visibility, the name of the game is repetition. Get favorable testimonials. […]

The Best of Money Carnival

The Best of Money Carnival is up. Congrats to all participants and especially the winning post, How To Teach Your Kids To Budget. Enjoy!!! […]

How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments With Your Kids

An Easy Salt Dough Ornament RecipeThe holidays are a time where creativity is encouraged.  Trimming your tree can be costly if you opt to purchase each and every one of your ornaments from the store.  Rather than incur these unnecessary costs, think about other festive ways to decorate.  In fact, with a little bit of imagination and a few ordinary kitchen supplies, you and your children can mak […]

Reader Mailbag: Black Friday Results

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Car trade-in math 2. Putting others at ease 3. Safe savings 4. Refinancing timing question 5. Board games for young ones 6. Retirement account diversity 7. Personal finance intervention 8. Mortgage readjustment 9. […]

Why I Still Write Paper Checks

I know plenty of people who write essentially no paper checks any more. I know students who pay everything with debit cards. Others manage their financial lives with electronic payments. I do neither. I get by with a mix of cash, credit cards, and paper checks. Now it's really just a matter of inertia. […]

5 Reasons to Change Traditional Holiday Gift-Giving

Some traditions are worth keeping. Others almost beg for you to stomp all over them, perhaps none so much as traditional American holiday gifting. If the recession has taught us anything (and this is a big "IF"), it's that many of us are spending way more than we should be. […]

Best Money Tips: Feel Better, Look Younger

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share an easy way to feel and look better, a strategy to convince your spouse to help manage your finances, trips for growing basil at home, and more! Top 5 Articles WOW – What An Easy Way To Feel Better And Look Younger! […]

Should You Walk Away from Your Mortgage?

A lot of people are “underwater” on their mortgages, that is the value of their home is below the amount they still owe on their mortgage. Other people simply can no longer afford their monthly mortgage payments and are on the verge of being foreclosed on. […]

Making Work Pay Credit Extension

The 2009 economic stimulus came to the middle class in the form of the Making Work Pay credit, which provided a $400 credit for single taxpayers or a $800 credit for married taxpayers filing jointly across two years. […]

More Than Just The Numbers

Sometimes, money management is about the numbers, the percentages, and the rates.  Often, however, it is about attitudes, choices, and behaviors.  When it comes to staying motivated, and moving forward, here’s what works for me: I consult the Scriptures and pray about our finances.  As a Christian, every area of my life is important to Jesus, including my family’s  finances.  It’s always comforti […]

How to Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

This post is from staff writer Sierra Black. Sierra writes about frugality, sustainable living, and getting her kids to eat kale at The chilly season is upon us. If you live in North America, you’ve probably had at least a few cold nights by now. Up in my neck of the woods — in the Boston area — we’ve had our central heat running for a few weeks. […]

Six year-end financial tasks

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Books that Make Great Gifts: FMF Readers' Edition

A couple weeks ago I Iisted books that I think make great gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. I asked readers to suggest the books they would add to my list. […]

Monday’s Money Deals: Electronics, Bikes, and Free Burgers

It's Cyber Monday! There's a lot of savings out there today, but as always, we've got ways to save tomorrow. Check out great deals on video cameras and bicycles, and grab a few coupons. […]

Travel Rewards, Health Savings Accounts, and One-Salary Families

As I mentioned a few days ago, Consumerism Commentary is matching your charitable contributions. Please take this opportunity to give to your favorite charity. Here’s how to make your charity count twice. In other news, I have returned from visiting my family in California for Thanksgiving. […]