Six Dangerous Habits Learned from Short Term Traders

It would be hard to find anybody who believes that short term traders don’t have a place in the investment markets but that doesn’t mean that their methods are appropriate for retail or part time investors. As new investors, we often look at how others make money and try to emulate those actions. This can be dangerous to those with little experience. […]

Could Someone Guess Your Social Security Number?

Not too long ago, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study related to identity. They attempted to guess Social Security numbers using publicly available information. […]

Saving More Beats a Higher Yield

CNN Money addresses a question from a reader about how to best grow his retirement savings. CNN covers a variety of issues in their response, but they focus in on which is the better option -- saving more or having a higher return rate. Their thoughts: If you could do just one thing to improve your outlook, what would it be? […]

Net Worth as a Function of Age

By now you’ve likely heard about the growing wealth gap, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer while the middle class disappears. But did you know that the age structure of wealth is changing, as well? Not surprisingly, older Americans have a higher median net worth than younger Americans. But over the past 25 years, the difference has grown dramatically. […]

The Financial Planner Who Lost His House

Carl Richards is one of today’s best writers focusing on personal finance. Originally keeping a great blog at, The Behavior Gap has moved to the New York Times, and early next year, Carl will release his first book. Look for The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money on January 3, 2012. […]

How Does Your Money Measure Up Compared to Other Generation Xers?

Have you ever wondered how you compare to others like you when it comes to money? That’s to say, how your income and investing goals measure up. It’s an interesting question. Obviously, you can’t change what other people are doing, but sometimes it’s just nice to know where you fit in the puzzle. […]

Review: Lighten Up by Peter Walsh

In recent years I’ve made a concerted effort to reduce the amount of financial clutter (and real clutter) in my life. I’ve discovered that as my life gets simpler, I’m able to enjoy the things that I bring into it. […]

Do What Works for You

I’m writing this post in Lima, Peru, on the last day of my six-week South American odyssey. I’ve had a great time. I’ve climbed mountains, explored ancient ruins, petted llamas (and cats), mangled Spanish, and eaten more maracuyá (passion fruit) than is probably good for me. In other words, this has been a perfect vacation. But this trip wasn’t cheap. […]

Which Type of Rewards Credit Card is Right for You?

Everyone talks about rewards cards. We see them advertised on TV, plastered on the sides of buses, and stuffed into our mailboxes. In fact, we hear about rewards cards so often that they all begin to blur together. It’s become a buzzword used describe nearly every card under the sun. Yet it’s important to realize that rewards cards are not all the same. […]

Drive the Old Car or Buy a New Car?

When I was growing up, my mom drove a gray Oldsmobile Omega. By the time I was old enough to notice such things, it was an old car — much older, and clearly less luxurious, than those most of my friends rode to school in. When the plastic knob broke off the end of the shifter, it was replaced with a huge wooden one. When we hit a bump in the road, the radio hissed with loud static. […]

Best Money Tips: How to Get Out of a Ticket

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how to get out of a ticket, debt reduction tips, and ways to slash your spending now. Top 5 Articles How to Get Out of a Parking or Speeding Citation Ticket — To get out of a ticket, try being polite. [Bargaineering] 8 Easy Debt Reduction Tips — To reduce your debt, consider negotiating with your creditors. […]

10 Ways to Make Facebook Productive

I used to work at a bank and was resentful of the fact that Facebook was blocked at work. I had to resort to checking status updates during lunch on my phone, or waiting until I got home in the evenings (horror!). Having since left my job and returned to law school, I wish I couldn't access Facebook during the day. […]

Help a Reader: Investing Versus Paying Off Debt

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I want to start saving for a potential new home purchase.  What savings vehicle is recommended?  I'm not in a hurry to move and don't even have a particular reason to move yet, except my family is growing in numbers and our home is quite small.  At times, I desire a larger home, while also trying to just enjoy what we have and not 'keep up with […]

Getting better deals by giving business

Our new (to us) car is now in our driveway.  Pretty much everything is settled with this vehicle, and we sold the old one that had the broken transmission.  We continued “money lessons for kids” with our daughter by showing her a few — OK, two dozen — $100 bills and a cashier’s check with a bunch of zeroes on it. We had the opportunity to negotiate a couple of times during these transactions.  We […]

Reader Profile: KJ

The following is the latest post in my "Reader Profiles" series. Each post in this series details the financial situation and challenges of an FMF reader. […]

That “Someday” Thing

Someday, I’d like to finish my fantasy novel, and then follow that up by self-publishing it and promoting it myself starting with an electronic version and perhaps moving to a paper version. Someday, I’d like to move forward on a long-planned series of video reviews of board games and card games that my friend and I have long discussed making and posting to YouTube. Someday, I’d like to spend some […]

4 Tips for Loaning Money to Friends

If a friend or family member has ever asked you for money you know how awkward it is. Your money is something that you worked hard to get and your relationship with that person is important and valuable to you. […]

Kids & Money: Teach Your Children to Shop for Bargains

One of the best things you can do for your kids is to teach them to be savvy shoppers. Like many of us, children think it’s fun to spend money on the things they want. […]

American Express Blue Sky Rewards Credit Card

Reward credit cards are nothing new, and American Express has been offering great rewards cards for years. But there is one card out there that just might be a little better than what you’re used to. A lot of people think of travel cards simply as something for a frequent flyer or business travelers, but that’s not so. […]