Give Local Insurance Agents A Shot

My wife wrote an article last week about how you can save money going local for balloons and flowers, but here’s another reason you might want to go local - superior service. In working for my how to buy term life insurance post yesterday, I emailed my insurance agent, Deborah from State Farm, to get some updated quotes on term life insurance. […]

How Much of Your Portfolio Should Be in Stocks When You Enter Retirement?

March 9, 2009 was a bad day to retire. On that day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its bottom of 6,547, a low not seen since 1997. […]

Update on My Chase Freedom Credit Card

I received my Chase Freedom Visa bill last night and I did NOT receive the notice that others are getting about the reduction in benefits. […]

Making Money With Lending Club and a Review of Peer-to-Peer Lending

Does Lending Club Work? Peer-to-peer lending has been around for a few years now, and two of the biggest players are Prosper and Lending Club. I’m going to talk a little bit about Lending Club since that’s the service I’ve been using and have the most experience with. To give you a quick primer on peer-to-peer lending, it’s a relatively simple concept. […]

Best Deals For Wednesday 5/27/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Up to 65% Off Cole Haan Shoes And Handbags at (dealnews) cuts up to 65% off select Cole Haan shoes and handbags, with prices starting at $58.08. Pay $6.95 for shipping.   1. FREE Logitech Webcam Today Only (refurbished, but it's FREE). […]

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Slight Redesigns Edition

Over the last week, I’ve been rolling out little changes to The Simple Dollar, mostly in an effort to make the site useable, and more are to come over the next few weeks. I don’t want to make a radical change to the site, but there are a lot of little things I’d like to add to the site - and some elements I want to remove. If you notice anything broken, please let me know. […]

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

I read a lot of personal finance books. Most possess a certain sameness. They offer good advice, yes, but there’s nothing special about them. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to two specific types of financial books: narratives and histories. If a book can combine both of these elements, it’s a good bet I’m going to like it. […]

Tracking the Economy By Looking at Underwear

According to Alan Greenspan, this is of the first types of spending that consumers give up when a recession is felt personally. When men come to the point at which they need to save more money than usual and decide to cut bank their spending, underwear is at the top of the list of possible reductions. […]

How to Compare Mortgage Refinance Offers

With mortgages once again at historic lows, I’ve once again considered refinancing our mortgage. A few months ago we weren’t sure how long we’d be living in our current home and so we put off refinancing, despite rates being as low as 4.75% APR. […]

Beware the “No-Cost” Mortgage Refinance

As a followup to last week’s post about finding the best mortgage rates, I just wanted to remind you that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I mention this because those of you that are in the market for a new mortgage are likely to be confronted by offers for a “no-cost” refinance. […]

Do You Have Financial Goals? Do You Declare Them?

Here's an interesting piece from Newsweek about whether or not you should tell others about your goals in life. A summary of the situation: Traditional thinking has held that it's best to make a public declaration, maybe even more than one. Enlisting others in your hopes will shore up your intentions, and motivate you to work toward your new-found goal. But is this folk wisdom sound? […]

55 Best Ways To Save Money: Frugal Ideas From Our Readers

A few days ago, I had the chance to offer a free book giveaway for copies of the Wise Bread team’s book called 10,001 Ways To Live Large On A Small Budget. I’m happy to announce that the winners have been selected and they’ll be receiving copies of the book shortly. For this giveaway, I asked the question, “what is your favorite money saving tip”? […]

Do You Shop at Dollar Stores?

Consumer Reports tells us that dollar stores are growing in popularity as the economy has people looking for values wherever they can find them. And nothing says "value" more than "it's only $1", right? :-) We shop in dollar stores when there is a specific need for something at a low price where quality isn't an issue. […]

Daily Links: Health, Investing, and Disasters

I had a colonoscopy today. Though 40 is young to elect to have this procedure, my family has a history of cancer (including some colon cancer). The older I get, the more I come to understand how important my health is. I used to say that your career is your most important asset. It’s not. Your health is. And so I’m becoming more concerned with preventive measures. […]

Six Great Healthy, Inexpensive, and Quick Summer Meals

My kitchen is often a laboratory around dinner time. I’m constantly striving to prepare a tasty meal for my family with healthy ingredients as quickly as I can. My kids and my wife combine for the ultimate test - if they both like it, it’s a success. […]

What's Your Favorite Broker and Why?

Smart Money recently came out with their list of the top brokers as follows: 1. Etrade2. Fidelity3. Schwab4. TradeKing5. TD Ameritrade6. Muriel Siebert7. Scottrade8. Firstrade9. OptionsXpress10. Banc of America11. Just2Trade12. WellsTrade13. ShareBuilder14. WallStreet*E15. Zecco16. SogoTrade Here are my thoughts on this list and brokers in general: 1. […]

A Restaurant Where You Pay What You Can Afford For The Meal?

By Paul Michael It sounds like something out a movie, but it’s actually right out of Denver, my home city. And this wonderful idea is not only incredibly innovative and generous, it’s also working well and making thousands of needy people happy in the process. So All May Eat Café (SAME Café) was founded by Brad And Libby Birky, a couple who moved to Denver from Illinois. […]

Seven Simple Tips for Romance on a Dime

By Myscha Theriault When budget constraints hit, dating and romance take a serious back seat to a mortgage and general necessary living expenses. Whether you are single and dating, or married and maintaining a home, here are seven simple ways to bring on the romance without breaking the bank. (Warning: This article contains a couple of rather racy suggestions. […]

Researching Life Insurance

I’m 28 and I don’t have any life insurance. For many people, they don’t begin thinking about life insurance until they start a family and I’ll be no different. […]

Un-broke TV Special on Friday, May 29th

I’ve often written here about the disappointing lack of financial education in schools, and it’s this same dearth of vital information that has apparently led to a new special airing on ABC this Friday: Schools teach us almost everything, but not “Money 101.” For the basics on finance, turn to UN-BROKE: What You Need to Know About Money. […]