Buying Foreclosures Can Be Risky

This is a guest post form Carson Brackney of Personal Finance Analyst. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to their RSS feed. There’s always someone trying to find a silver lining when the skies are gloomy and gray. So it is with home foreclosures. […]

Details on Cash for Clunkers

The following is a guest post from Bob Meighan, CPA and VP of TurboTax. For more info on Cash for Clunkers, visit their site. Driving around in a clunker and ready to move up? Doing so could help the environment and save you up to $4500. Sounds too good to be true? Nope. […]

$298 Walmart laptop: Dirt cheap, or just cheap?

(UPDATE: Walmart responded to this post.  Read it here.) This weekend at Walmart there was a laptop for $298.  This was the lowest price I’ve seen for a new non-netbook-sized laptop. The specs weren’t bad:  Windows Vista, 3 GB RAM, wireless, 3 USB ports, 160 GB hard drive.  Three gigs is probably enough to keep Vista from crawling too badly. I’ve bought a desktop computer from Walmart before.  It […]

Credit Scoring Variations: FICO vs Vantage Score

What’s the difference between your FICO credit score and all others? Credit scores can be pretty confusing. It’s because when you go hunting around for them, you’re bombarded with many options. […]

The Simple Dollar Podcast #9: The Realities of Freelancing

The ninth episode focuses on the realities and challenges of freelancing, a topic requested by podcast listeners and Simple Dollar readers. […]

Now's the Time to Buy a House

The following is a guest post from Marotta Wealth Management. For years I've been annoying local realtors by claiming that real estate values were headed lower. Over the past few years, I've been advising young clients to rent and wait for better deals. […]

Do Experiences Lead to Greater Happiness Than Material Purchases?

The August issue of the Journal of Consumer Research arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It contains an interesting article from Nicolao, Irwin, and Goodman entitled “Happiness for Sale: Do Experiential Purchases Make Consumers Happier than Material Purchases?” This is a topic we’ve skirted at Get Rich Slowly, but never fully explored. […]

Ask The Readers: Are You Getting Your Tax Refund this Year? (Answer to win $10!)

By Linsey Knerl Winners update!! -- Congrats to the following winning submissions: No Refund.. Submitted by Misty (comment #32):  "We aren't getting a refund this year, we adjusted our tax form so we paid a little bit and got more money to use during the year." @coloradoeyes: "I plan yearly with accountant 2 get as close 2 $0 refund as possible. […]

What Are Refundable Tax Credits vs. Non-Refundable Tax Credits?

Last year, I wrote about the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction. Like marginal tax rates, it’s a tax topic that is often misunderstood because, well, our tax code is confusing! Today, I want to talk about refundable tax credits vs. non-refundable tax credits, because it’s been in the news a lot lately after the big stimulus bill was passed. […]

The Good Life After Being Fired

Here's an interesting article from Parade magazine. It's written by Lee Child, a man who was fired from his job at 39 and had to deal with all the financial and emotional issues associated with it. The firing gave him the opportunity to change the course of his career and he's gone on to become a best-selling author. […]

Best Deals For Tuesday 7/28/09

By Paul Michael Today's WISEBUY. Travelocity INTERNATIONAL ROUND TRIPS FROM $260! (dealnews) Amazing deals, with domestic one-way flights starting at $49 and international round trips (Jamaica) from $260!   1. FREE Movie Ticket With Any Cost Plus World Market Purchase Offer good on in-store purchases only. […]

Makers and Managers: What You Are, and How It Can Help Your Career

And now for something a little different… I recently read a fantastic article by Paul Graham entitled Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule, in which Graham outlines that people who “make” things run by a much different work schedule than those who “manage” things. A key excerpt: There are two types of schedule, which I’ll call the manager’s schedule and the maker’s schedule. […]

Stealing Entertainment, Revisited

A week ago I wrote a post called “Is it Ever Okay to Steal Entertainment?”, which produced great comments from our readers, many of whom were clearly incensed that I would ever try to rationalize stealing from content creators. I’ve been thinking about the criticism and understanding that was added to the original article. […]

Saving Money on Everyday Stuff

I haven’t made the time to piece together a “links roundup” lately, which is too bad. I’ve collected a lot of articles worth mentioning, even if they don’t merit full posts of their own. I try to share many of these stories on Twitter, but I’ve collected three that deserve special attention. […]

Managing Your Short-Term Money

By Philip Brewer It's easy to find books and articles on how to manage your money to support your long-term goals. You can read a lot about stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, investing in gold, real estate, options and futures. But managing your day-to-day spending money tends to get short shrift. […]

Where To Invest $1,000

Every once and a while I get an email from a reader that asks where he or she should invest $1,000. My answer? An online savings account or a certificate of deposit. Unfortunately, $1,000 just simply isn’t enough for you to invest in the stock market. […]

How to Get Off Junk Mail and Telemarketing Lists

Do you receive a lot of junk mail? What about annoying calls that interrupt your evening? If you do, you’re not alone. Read on for some tips for reclaiming your solitude. An ounce of prevention I used to work at a call center that tried to get people to try out a time share. […]

Five Steps to Branding Yourself and Growing Your Career

Over the past week we've talked about branding yourself and have taken the initial steps in explaining how it can help you grow your career. Today we're going to get into the details a bit by focusing on a piece from Parade Magazine titled How to be Indispensable at Work. […]

Savings Account Rates: Where Are The High Returns?

We take a close look at high yield savings rates. I’ve been wondering when this slump will end — I’m not just talking about the economy and the stock market; I’m actually referring to the low interest rates we’ve been experiencing. Not that it’s a bad thing…. […]

10 Hidden Costs & Rules of Pet Ownership

By Frugal Duches Here's my list of what adoption agencies and pet shops don't tell you about your future pet. After we adopted our adorable dog, (that's Scruffy in the main photo), purchased the hamster(s) and accepted the turtles, we discovered these hidden rules & costs of owning pets.   1. […]