Some Thoughts on Passive Personal Finance Barriers

In my most recent book, The Simple Dollar, I spent some time talking about passive barriers. A passive barrier is a small barrier that you set up that will make a particular bad habit more difficult to continue or, sometimes, make a particular good habit easier to repeat. […]

New Jersey Ranks Fourth for Innovative Companies

This came as a surprise to me. According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, New Jersey ranks fourth for entrepreneurial businesses based on emerging technology. That ranking puts my state, known across the world for Jersey Shore and The Sopranos, behind Maryland, Washington, and first place Massachusetts. […]

The Best American Express Credit Cards For Your Business

When starting or managing a business nothing can be more important than how you make purchases. Whether you’re just starting out and want a safe and secure way to purchase office supplies, to investing in expensive equipment with the ability to finance the purchase over time, nothing beats a good credit card. […]

Help a Reader: Worth Paying for Seminars?

Here's an email I recently received from a reader: I have a question regarding attending seminars or classes on handling money.  Is it worth the money spent to go through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University when there is so much free advice on radio programs, podcasts, websites, books, newsletters, etc on how to handle money?  I have borrowed Dave's book The Total Money Makeover from the l […]

6 Elements of a Killer Blog Post

This Small Business Series is brought to you by Every blogger has a unique style. […]

Best Money Tips: Relax Like a Cat

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we show you how to relax like our feline friends, ways you use your kids as a gym, and a 2-for-1 strategy for busy cooks. Top 5 Articles How to Relax Like a Cat — Cats don't rush unless it's fun or there's food at the end of the chase, so feel free to take it easy! […]

Financial Forgiveness

You are probably harder on yourself than anyone else is. You might still be blaming yourself (and feeling ashamed) for mistakes you made years ago. Here’s proof: Do you tell yourself that you are stuck now because you made the “wrong” career choice 20 years ago? Do you feel rotten about the spending binge you went on 5 years ago – because you are still trying to pay off credit card debt? […]

Reader Mailbag: Secret Santa

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Basic credit questions 2. How to make money blogging? 3. Favorite podcasts 4. Television compromise 5. Connecting with teens cheaply 6. Overly long “to-do” list 7. Maximizing credit card promos 8. Refinance or not? 9. […]

Getting Started in Indoor Cycle Class

You may be wondering how to get exercise during the winter. Indoor cycling (or spinning) classes are a great solution. Even if being led by an instructor who shouts commands may seem ridiculous, the benefits to fitness are tremendous. You can get a great cardio workout in a short amount of time within a safe, temperate environment. […]

3 Stellar Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

The world is awhirl in a sea of amazing, scary, and sometimes seemingly incomprehensible changes. In times like these, sometimes it seems like there just aren’t any good options. You don’t know where to turn or what to do. Or you’re whizzing around in a whirlwind of activity, but nothing’s clicking. […]

3 Invisible Savings Tips That Work

With money tight these days for so many people, it's worthwhile considering some subtle "invisible" savings tips to ensure you're meeting your financial goals. When money was tight as a fresh college grad, I had devised a few different ways to set aside money without really noticing it. […]

How Vanguard Calculates Historical Growth

If you’re a long time investor with Vanguard, chances are you’ve taken a look at their “Hypothetical growth of $10,000″ chart included with each of their mutual funds. If you’re like me, chances are you take a peek but never spend much time digging much deeper. […]

“Educational” Videos for Infants – A Waste of Money?

New research provides more evidence that educational media designed for children under age 2 is a waste of money, and might even delay a child's development. […]

Getting Started – Review of the Signup Process

On Tuesday, I wrote that I’ve decided to track my finances again. I’m doing fine financially, but after a few months of not watching my income and expenses closely, I feel a little lost. I miss the ability to know exactly where my money’s going. I had intended to install the new desktop version of Quicken, which is what I’ve been using for years. […]

Why I Think Gold is a Loser Investment

In my recent interview with a gold and silver expert, I tried to get at the fact that it seems easy to buy gold at full retail price (or even higher -- much higher when you add in some fees) but not as easy to sell it at a good price. […]

Let’s do the curbside hustle

A couple of weekends ago, a guy was walking around the subdivision looking for customers.  He was painting house numbers on the curbs in front of people’s houses. He was a bit older than I was.  Under typical circumstances, painting house numbers on a curb isn’t an unusual job for a teenager.  But it isn’t a typical job for someone in his late forties or early fifties. I accepted […]

How To Gift Wrap A Cat For The Holidays

We’re getting there! I haven’t seriously started yet, but many people already have: working on that Christmas list. Since I absolutely hate to procrastinate, I am beginning to get that panicky feeling. Shopping is something I would normally enjoy as a leisurely activity, but these days, it’s rush, rush, rush. […]

Join Our Tweetchat on 11/18, 4:00pm CST for a Chance to Win Prizes

Link for teaser title: twitter_bigger.png Welcome to the Wise Bread weekly tweet chat! This week we're discussing frugal Thanksgiving ideas. Share your favorite recipes and decoration tips. […]

Advice from a Billionaire: What to do With a Windfall

A long-time GRS reader named Andy dropped me a line the other day to point out an article on the Forbes website. Forbes interviewed billionaire Mark Cuban (best known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks pro basketball team) about his secrets to building and keeping a fortune. Andy particularly liked Cuban’s answer to the penultimate question, which is about what to do with a windfall. […]

Real-Life Example of Going from Two Incomes to One

This past summer I posted pieces on how two different families were going from two incomes to one (see How One Family Went from Two Incomes to One -- And Developed a Business in the Process and How to Go from a Two-Person to One-Person Income for specifics.) I know that many more would like to do this, but they are often weighed down by two major issues: they have a huge amount of debt and they re […]