The Fastest Ways to Get Your House Sold

In their May issue, Money magazine lists the best fast fixes to get your house sold as follows: Boost curb appeal Update a bathroom Spruce up the interior Revive a dated kitchen After looking at probably 50 to 75 homes over the past couple of years, I think I'm at least reasonably qualified to comment on these. […]

The Personal Finance Hour, Episode 6: Vacation and Travel

Summer’s approaching, and that means family vacations. What are your best tips for travel and lodging? That’s the topic this week on the sixth episode of The Personal Finance Hour, a BlogTalkRadio program all about personal finance. You can catch it live at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern) every Monday. During this episode, Jim and I will be discussing our travel experiences. […]

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt: A Success Story

I love success stories, and so when I read that one more personal finance blogger has finally squelched her debt load, I had to share her story here. Tricia from Blogging Away Debt has announced that she has eradicated her credit card debt and finally has a $0.00 balance on her card accounts. Congratulations to Tricia! […]

Review: Throw Out Fifty Things

Every other Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal development, personal productivity, or entrepreneurship book of interest. Whenever I see clutter, I see money lost. For one, the clutter itself is usually made up of unused items that have value. Books, decorations, games, DVDs, and so on - they all cost money to purchase and many have at least some degree of resale value. […]

Podcast 1: Recession Tips and Shrinking Your Bills

It’s finally here! Welcome to the first edition of the Consumerism Commentary Podcast. Today Tom and I discuss tips for surviving financially through an economic and personal recession. […]

Win a Copy of Sound Mind Investing!

I've reviewed the book Sound Mind Investing and now it's your opportunity to win one for yourself! Here's how this giveaway will work: 1. All you need to do to enter is to leave any comment on this post. 2. In addition, you'll get a bonus entry if you follow me on Twitter (all my Twitter followers are automatically entered in the giveaway.) 3. […]

Eyes on the Prize

Right now, in our driveway, sits the oldest, most beat-up looking vehicle on our block. It’s a 1997 Ford F-150 with about 150,000 miles on it. It has some rust spots on the back bumper and a patch of rust near the door. […]

The Neighborhood Plant Swap

This is a guest post from Kris. Earlier this month, I shared the notion of SwapLucks. Kris recently participated in a similar event, trading plants with friends and neighbors. Last weekend, my friend Rhonda hosted a Plant Swap. It was so successful that she’s decided to make it an annual event. […]

Saving Versus Hoarding

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here's why. Recently, I had a reader leave the following question on my post titled The Story of Joseph: The problem for me is not necessarily developing a surplus but recognizing when there is surplus surplus (i.e., I am hoarding more than I need and not giving generously). […]

Economic effects of pandemic flu in a recession

By Philip Brewer While health authorities worry about the human cost of pandemics, other policy-makers have tended to focus on the economic costs. Economic impact takes many forms--drops in production as workers stay home, drops in commerce as shoppers avoid crowded places, drops in tourism as travelers avoid affected areas. […]

The Lure of SkyMall

For me, the best personal finance lessons are the ones I learn first-hand. When I actually experience something, I get a lot more out of it than simply by reading about it. Last week I flew to San Francisco. To kill time on the early morning flight, I browsed the SkyMall catalog. Big mistake. There’s some cool stuff in there — cool stuff that I don’t actually need. […]

Thoughts on Work, Personal Life, and Frugality

I strive quite hard to create a dividing line between my “work life” and my “personal life.” Generally, that means setting pretty strict hours for work and for personal time and striving as hard as possible to not let either side cross that line. Let me give you an example of what I mean, drawn from a day last week. […]

21st Century Real Estate: Use a Blog to Sell Your Home

David Hobby at Strobist recently posted an interesting article describing how to use a blog to sell your house. Hobby and his wife have outgrown their townhouse in Columbia, Maryland, and are looking to move on. But typical real-estate brochures and marketing are often woefully inadequate. […]

Six Social Security Issues

I recently ran a series of guest posts on making the most of Social Security that was very well received. […]

myFICO Score Watch: Equifax Credit Score Monitoring

Why Watch Your Credit Score? For many people, credit monitoring is an afterthought as they don’t bother checking how their credit is doing until something unpleasant happens. I’ve also discovered that a lot of people I know don’t realize that they can save money by doing a better job with managing their credit and tracking their credit history. […]

Five Frugal Food Tactics from Trent’s Kitchen

I love to cook. Along the way, I often discover excellent shortcuts and money-saving tactics for home food preparation. I get excited, and I immediately want to share the idea, but it’s simply not enough to warrant a full article on its own. So, I usually save it. […]

Free Resume Examples with Resume Tips

This article is part of a series called How to Write a Resume. To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. At some point during this How to Write a Resume series you’re going to laugh (hopefully), and say, “I need to look at sample resumes” to really get a grip on this resume writing stuff. I couldn’t agree with you more. […]

2008 Money Stats and How I Fared

In their annual "What People Earn" issue, People Magazine gave some national numbers on general finances of Americans as well as key unemployment numbers. […]

Should you skip a mortgage payment to get a bank's attention?

By Xin Lu The Obama administration announced a foreclosure prevention and mortgage reduction  program about two months ago, and as of April less than 1000 loans have been refinanced under the program.  One of the reasons that this program is getting a slow start may be  that banks are hesistant to work with struggling homeowners who are still making their payments. […]