Ask the Readers: Help! I’m Overwhelmed! How Do I Get Started?

I’ll admit it: I’m way behind on posting reader questions. I get tons of questions, and can never reply to all of them. I do ask a handful of folks if they’d like to put their problems to the general readership. […]

Our HSA Investment Options are Horrible

Not quite a year ago we made the decision to switch to a high deductible health plan (HDHP). In our case, it was a no-brainer. The quality of the coverage was just as high as with our old plan; the only difference was a $3000 family deductible. Because we opted for an HDHP, we were also able to open a health savings account (HSA). […]

Avoiding the 10 Most Common Investor Mistakes, Mistakes 8-10

The following is an excerpt from 20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now. This is the last post in the series listing all 10 most common investor mistakes. Mistake 8: Not Understanding the Downside Many investors are just convinced that their investment portfolios should always go up. When returns don’t meet these unrealistic expectations, they tend to throw in the towel and give up. […]

Carnivals for the Week of Sept 20

Reminder: FMF is on Facebook. Every weekday I post a couple pieces that usually aren't on FMF. […]

Developing Financial Goals: The First Step To Control Your Finances

When you embark on a trip, the first thing you do is map out your journey towards your destination. In the same way, when you begin the journey of taking control of your finances, you must figure out where you want to go. Financial goals are keys to determining this. […]

Mighty Bargains for 23 September 2010

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Treasury Department to Help Under-Banked Citizens at Tax Time

Every week, I’m bombarded by press releases from companies and publications wanting me to share their products and stories. I’d love to be able to pass this info on to you — at least the stuff that’s both relevant and good (actual subject line from one irrelevant press release this morning: “Rev. Jesse Jackson holds Automotive Summit in Detroit Sept. 30 - Oct. […]

13 Books Well Worth Reading: The Cream of the Book Review Crop

Every week, I review a different book on The Simple Dollar (those reviews appear on Sunday afternoons, for those who are new to the site). Over the years, that’s amounted to a lot of book reviews – 259 as of today. Here’s a full list of all of the books I’ve reviewed on The Simple Dollar. Obviously, I don’t currently own all of these books – 259 such books would overstuff a bookshelf. […]

Money on Wheels: How to Maintain the Value of Your Car

The following is a guest post from Miles Walker, a freelance writer and blogger who usually compares car insurance deals over at Car Insurance Comparison. Maintaining the value of your car is an important aspect of car ownership especially if you wish to protect the investment that you have in your car. […]

Dynamics Inc. Card 2.0: Multi-Use Secured Credit Cards

One of the biggest misconceptions about credit card security is that the sensitive information is located on the front of the card. While your card number, your name, and its expiration date are important bits of information, the magnetic strip contains that information and more. Dynamics Inc. […]

Get Your Free FICO Score From

You may have noticed a change in the way merchants are advertising credit reports and credit scores and that stems from new regulations enacted by the Federal Trade Commission. The ubiquitous commercials have been surreptitiously replaced with commercials, though the new commercials share the same attitudes. […]

Big Italy from Pizza Hut: Small, Bad Pizza

The other night we were headed back from car shopping and needed a quick meal. I suggested we pick up a new Big Italy pizza from Pizza Hut. We had just seen one advertised on TV and it looked great. It's billed as three toppings on an "almost 2-feet" in length pizza for only $12. What's not to love, right? So we ordered one, picked it up, and took it home. […]

Reader Mailbag: Reader Music Recommendations

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to five word summaries. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Ratios and your money 2. Dealing with reality of debt 3. The “merging money” conversation 4. Credit cards or student loans 5. Long-term care now or later? 6. Long term investing books 7. Cooking brown rice 8. […]

Health Care Reform Changes That Take Effect September 23

Health Care Reform is Here and So Are Changes to Your Health Insurance It seems like it was just yesterday that we were debating health care reform, but on September 23 we hit the six-month anniversary of this reform and it also signals milestone where some changes begin to take effect. […]

Startup Capital with Fewer Strings: A Look at Royalty Based Financing

A mere whisper of the words "venture capital" or "angel investor" can inspire a shudder in some entrepreneurs. While an infusion of capital can breathe new life into a fledgling business, there's often an equally powerful concern that accepting investment capital means ceding control of your vision. Meet a concept that's working to carve ou […]

Winter Blues: 13 Proven Ways to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

It's that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and my energy is getting lower. Am I worried? No. Unlike last winter, this winter I am prepared with an arsenal of tips and supplements that will shake those winter blues away. 1. […]

Best Sites to Trade in Used Video Games

Surprise! I enjoy video games. That makes me just like one of the many millions of, mostly male, gamers who spend countless hours each year in front of a television or computer monitor trying to blow the heads off other, mostly male, gamers trying to do the same thing. In the last few years, I’ve noticed a pattern to the games that I buy and play. […]

Being Evasive About Your Salary Can Backfire

If there is one thing you can expect in any job interview, it is to be asked your current salary. Even if your current job shares little in common with the one you’re pursuing, hiring managers want to get you pigeonhole yourself.Most companies treat employee salaries as confidential information, so it’s unlikely what you say will be verified. […]

The Prioritized Spending Plan

I don’t often get to listen to Dave Ramsey’s radio program. For one thing, I don’t know when it’s on. For another, the only radio stations I usually listen to are my satellite radio channels. (Those would be dance music on xm81, chillout music on xm84, classic country on xm10, and 1940s music on xm4. […]

Do What You Love: A Sure Fire Recipe for Small Business Disaster

Even though the economy is challenging, you might be looking to change your career. Maybe you’ve even thought about opening your own business. I’m with you. But tread carefully. Common wisdom can be both helpful and dangerous. For example, it tells us that most small businesses fail because they don’t have enough cash flow or are under-capitalized. That’s true and helpful. […]